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Hello everyone!

Yeah, I know it's a lame greeting after all the time that has elapsed since I added the eleventh chapter to The Last Pillar. Guys, I'm really sorry I haven't been updating. Truth is, I'm a Biology student and academics have really gotten a bit worse, what with my thesis going on (CRAP!) and all those applications for medical school, blah blah.Sorry again!

But anyway, during those lonely days when I had nothing else to do (or waiting for something to happen to our research), I have written three new chapters. I've only got to upload them. Hope it gives you comfort to know.

But why am I using this profile to explain? I don't know.

Please, just keep reading my stuff. A lot of thanks to those who have been very supportive of my Rayearth fan fiction. It isn't easy to come up with new and exciting ideas for a story but you, beautiful people, make it so fun and worthwhile!

By the way, I write fantastical stories, as you might have noticed. The Lord of the Rings is just my favorite story of all time. Needless to say, reading it has caused me great pain (eyes, neck, and arm joints) and joy. Much of how I write and what I write has LOTR as its foundation. Although I can never be anywhere near as skilled as Tolkien, I do share his penchant for fantasy and things that are out of this world. That passion keeps me writing.

And yeah, I admit I'm one of those females who have been ensnared by a certain guy named Orlando Bloom/Legolas (who's an elf, really) but when I do write true and faithful (in terms of the story's essence) fan fiction, I will try not to take his male sexuality to astounding levels. So, please hang around and maybe the story'll pop out sometime.

Naturally, I'm inclined towards magic, as well and that explains Harry Potter. I also love Sirius Black that's why I still could not understand why he had to kick the bucket so soon and in such a stupid manner. Then again, Rowling has her plans and maybe I get to understand its purpose when I read the 6th and 7th books.

(Speaking of magic and fantasy, have you read any of Darren Shan's books? Cirque Du Freak? They're just wonderful and so exciting! It's one of the coolest and most thrilling stories ever written and I hope it'll get worldwide recognition someday. Even J.K. Rowling likes the story! Try it!)

How do I end this profile, then?

Ah! Maybe I can get a few linesas ateaser on the succeeding chapters of The Last Pillar...

Hikaru propped the gilded mirror against the wall and went to bed. But she could not sleep. Some invisible thought kept on throbbing at the base of her head. Something she could not place. Hikaru sat up again and somehow, her eyes were drawn to the mirror. No, her whole being, actually. She got out of bed and hurried to the mirror. The desire to touch it and look into it was strong in her. She gently touched the mirror with her trembling fingertips even as she broke out in a cold sweat, drops of salty water falling down her chest and drenching her clothes.

What was going on? she wondered. Hikaru tried to stop but could not. She had to be with the mirror. And as she bent her head closer to the flat plane of the mirror, a strong force pulled her towards it. Hikaru braced both of her arms on either side of the mirror to keep herself from crashing into it headlong.

An intense heat surged up through Hikaru's being. She could not scream as waves and waves of indescribable emotion flowed in her body. It was as if her blood had turned into some element more magnanimous than liquid fire. Hikaru's hand caught the mirror and as she fell to her knees, brought it down along. The mirror did not break and from where it lay by the folds of Hikaru's nightgown, she could see her face. Again, heat and the wild beating of her heart. She began to cry, silent but tears flowing from her eyes down onto her blurred reflection. Hikaru's muddled mind had finally understood what it was.

Unquenched desire...

That's it for now, guys! Hehehe!

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