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Poll: In The Rebound Arrangement: For those who have a preference, what direction would you like to see the story go? Continuing on the same path as planned, with drama, dumb choices and rekindling of old flames before the finale? Or Kurtbastian getting wise to the games and turning it on Blunter? OR something else? Vote Now!
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Okay, basics, basics...I'm from SCOTLAND! Home of the kilt, the bagpipes, Hogwarts and *rain* XD. Most of my writing is done in the early hours of the morning and normally takes a few hours since I get distracted by the weirdest of things. I usually have some kind of idea where a story is heading but I'm always looking for outside input to give me extra help and suggestions. I am a huuuuge Harry Potter/Glee/Hetalia/Ouran High School Host Club/Boys Over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango fan! I love Asian dramas, my favourite being HYD.

My favourite ships are (I'll update as I think of more) :

Harry/Draco (Harry Potter) - Kurt/Blaine (Glee) - Greece/Turkey - Australia/New Zealand - Scotland/England (Hetalia) - Yuki/Haru (Fruits Basket) Light/L (Death Note)

I love talking to people, so feel free to PM me or send me an e mail:


(Please bear with me, I have no idea how to actually work Tumblr so hopefully make it more appealing later...)


So, normally I have a section dedicated to fic ideas but lately I have been writing a lot of random ideas that you have not been privy to. Therefore, I have created 3 sections: the COMING SOON section, the UNWRITTEN BUT POSSIBLE FIC IDEAS section, and the NOT A CURRENT PRIORITY section. That way you can tell me if there’s any you’d like to see. Be warned...some are not Dark!Blaine. :O


1) Continuation of Dark!Klaine ficlets. Currently no new fics are planned but happy to hear of one-shot ideas that can fit into the collection.

2) Blaine decides to explore his dominant fetishes by delving into the world of BSDM (with Sam's support), and meets his submissive dream in the night club dancer Kurt. Trouble is, Kurt won't let just anyone dominate him, and Blaine has to prove he's worthy of having him. Very unlike my other fics. I've completed 3 chapters and it's been fun having controlling/NOT Dark Blaine for a change. Currently known to me as ‘Batman Seeking Robin’

3) A.U. Burt Hummel is the Lord of the Kingdom of Lima. His rebellious son is due his first suitor, much to the teen’s horror, so Burt is determined to find someone who Kurt would be drawn to. His mistake? Choosing the seemingly harmless orphaned son of the Duchess of Dalton, whom Burt sentenced to hang for her malicious massacres against his and other kingdoms. Blaine seems perfect, but unbeknownst to the Lord he has just placed his only child in the hands of a dark and vengeful young man. I wrote a chapter of this story then forgot all about it. I would happily continue. Untitled so far.


1) Cruel Intentions, Glee Style: (Blaine and Sebastian's roles could be reversed depending on shipping) There's nothing more dangerous than a bored, sex-driven rich kid except a bored, sex-driven rich kid who has made a bet with his equally sinister step brother that he can woo and bed notorious 'poster boy for virginity' Kurt Hummel. Cue the manipulations. But Kurt is not your typical teenage boy and Blaine soon discovers he'll have to up his game if he wants to wipe that smirk off of Sebastian's face and win the bet. Based on the movie, but with definite changes.

2) 50 Shades, Klaine. I haven't read the book or seen the movie but it was suggested by a reader so I'm throwing the idea out there in case there's people who would like it.

3) Funny Games III – if the ending to Funny Games II allows for it.

4) Dalton Academy Night Class: Kurt transfers to Dalton Academy because it is safe. Only, no one told him that Dalton also caters to another type of student: vampires. Consider the Warblers the Class of Vampires. Clueless Kurt finds himself the target of group leader, Blaine. Tagline: Surviving high school is a lot harder when your classmates want to tear into you...

5) Gotham!Style, Superhero!fic - Blaine and Sam - or Nightbird and Blonde Chameleon, as the city knows them as - are the masked dynamic duo who keep Fawkesbridge's streets clean. So when a series of bank robberies signal the work of a strange and intriguing criminal, the heroes must do what they can to catch the thief known only as 'Shadow'. Blaine just never expected to be so enraptured by him. Fortunately, a damsel-in-distress, son of a cancer patient awaiting treatment in Blaine's father's hospital has become a welcomed distraction. Sweet and shy Kurt, however, is not as he seems. This type of superhero idea is very UN-me, the genre has never interested me beyond a couple of excellent movies. However both this story and its sequel came to me full-fledged the other night when I was trying to sleep. Not dark!Blaine but there are many dark themes in it - especially the sequel.


1) Multi-chapter. The Andersons hire Kurt to take care of their home over the summer as they go on an extended vacation. Kurt sees this as easy money, but is horrified to learn part of his duties involve running around after the difficult, spoiled son and fellow teenager, Blaine, who seems to love tormenting him and making his life a living hell. Not sure what kind of atmosphere this would have yet.

2) Currently titled ‘Not While I’m Around’ – Inspired by Blaine singing the song on the show: One night, a frantic Blaine Anderson and his badly beaten unconscious boyfriend Kurt Hummel arrive at the emergency unit in a New York hospital. Blaine sobs over the sight of watching a gang attack Kurt yet suspicions are emerging that maybe his story doesn’t ring true. Not much of this is written but half a chapters worth. Dark!Manipulative!Blaine

3) After a summer of puppy love, Kurt drills himself to forget about the boy he only saw once at a show-choir competition - only to have Blaine transfer to McKinley seemingly to get to Kurt. Fun romance with dapper (and slightly manipulative) Blaine and a shy, guarded Kurt. Currently entitled either ‘Those Days Of Summer’ OR ‘A Year To Win His Heart’

4) Inspired by the ending of the fifth season: Kurt and Blaine broke up after Blaine insisted they keep their relationship secret whilst he achieved fame. Five years on, Blaine is part of Hollywood's elite and Kurt is still trying to catch a break. When they meet, Blaine tries to get Kurt back but Kurt can't just bring himself to forgive. Even if he's really...really tempted to. Not dark!Blaine, though he's no angel. Basically a drama/humour/romance fic with superstar Blaine trying to win back Kurt, and Kurt being very prissy about it. Currently titled ‘Forgive and Forget, Or Try To’

Please review or private message me if one or more of these excite you!

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Months after the horror which befell the step brothers, Kurt is still missing with Blaine. As Finn exhausts all avenues to find him - even going as far as requesting the help of the man who haunts his nightmares - Kurt is suffering his own torture as Blaine drives him to breaking point. But Blaine has ideas, and those ideas might just be the death of Kurt Hummel. Dark!Blaine
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