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Name: NefraI

Age: 39

Gender: Female

Profession: Authoress

Home: North Carolina

Religious Affiliation: Wicca - I would like to place a personal note here in reference to said affiliation. I have seen some people who state that they are 'part time' witches or what have you. I do hate to point out the obvious but being a witch, or Wiccan is not a forty hour work week. You are not 'part time' you are a wannabe if you even put those words in front of witch or Wiccan. It is a way of life, a choice in a belief system. You don't hear Christians running around saying they're part time because they believe in what they are. You are or you are not! Do not sit on the fence because it looks or sounds cool. It is a pet peeve of mine and has been for a long time. Do not insult those that came before you by saying such idiotic words, those of us that are the real thing know better.

Favorite Anime: Inu Yasha, Ai no Kusabi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragonball Z, Earthian, Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Utena-Revolutionary Girl, Naruto (the list keeps growing, lol)

Thoughts on fan fiction and flames: Being the age that I am, though it's not very old, I'm very set in my views on life. What really gets me sometimes is that some people will say or do stuff to 'try' making other people feel bad. When it comes to fanfiction I am very much the same way. Tell me honestly people, what the heck are flames anyway? If a person doesn't like the fic why do they waste their time sending a bad review? If they don't like it then they don't have to read it. It's not like we authors(ess) sit there and push the readers face to the screen. Flames, in my opinion, are actually downright funny because they're pretty much blaming the writers for letting them read it. Okay flamers, who are usually either underage or have no life or need to make someone else feel miserable because life isn't treating them fairly, what ever you say. I'll just sit back and laugh at all of ya. I think that's enough about my flamer rant.

I recently changed my pen name from Nefra-Jaxxia back to a more familiar one. My pen name is now Nefra I, similar to my old pen name Nefra1. I will NOT be posting lemons to this site any longer. For those of you that wish to get the links to my lemon chapters, just e-mail me. My web address is My mailing list is also open to anyone that wishes to be added. Send an email to address I just gave and I'll happily add you in.

For those of you that remember me from way back when...Dreams, Vengeance, Cracked But Not Broken and Changes for the Better will not be reposted to the site. I'm currently working on them one at a time, giving them a complete revamping. I'm taking out all aspects of said anime from each one, stripping them down to the bare bones plot and rewriting them for hopeful publishing into book form later. I know, some of you are saying WTF! Believe me, I have no desire to subjugate myself to the masses as a very good friend of mine did when she started to do so as well. There will be no time traveling, no mystical wells, old trees, jewels or anything else. The plot of each story that I came up with out of my own little head is all that will be left. Instead I am applying said ideas into a different genre. Magic will still be involved as will demons and humans but that's it; and that might even go too once I really get into it.

I have other stories posted on other websites but not here due to their content. No lemons on FanFiction dot net; again, you want me at the address I provided and I'll be more than happy to include you in where the lemon postings are located. Thank you all again!

Ja ne!

Nefra I

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