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There once was a young girl who lived with her parents, sisters and brothers in a small Suburb on the east coast of the United States of America. She was an imaginative girl. She liked to create stories. When she was six years old she wrote a story about dogs and rocket ships. Her mother told her it was brilliant. The young girl continued to write, every day. The girl also had an interest in art, but her drawing skills were not up to her own standards. The little girl decided that when she grew up, she wanted to be a writer.

Years pasted. The girl’s parents separated. She began to look to writing as a way out, to lose herself with ink and paper, or in her keyboard. She became interested in the Naruto Anime series. One day, she wrote a short story about the characters, Gaara and his elder brother Kankuro. Her elder sister, two years her senior, suggested she post it on a popular site called Fan fiction dot net. The girl did as she was told. People liked her story. They gave warm words and encouragement. She wrote more short stories. Many, many more. Many of them were funny, humorous drabbles invented to make her readers laugh. Eventually, she branched off of humor and began to write more serious topics. Her readers liked these sort of stories even more. They became very popular, and the young girl was pleased.

Then, one fateful day, the young girl picked up a copy of Ranma ½--the seventh volume, to be precise—and she was instantly inspired to again begin to draw. She designed her own special comic, in manga-style, to improve her drawing skills. Sadly, for her readers, her updates of chapters came slower and slower as she immersed herself in drawing, with the same vigor and passion she previously approached her writing. She joined the popular site, deviantART, to receive the same critique she got from Fan Fiction dot net. And then, one day, her updates came to a stop altogether. The girl had given up on fan fiction for a more serious adventure—the publication of her manga.

The young girl still enjoys the praise—and critique—of her fan fiction. She still loves and admires every one of her readers, and thanks them for their opinions on each of her posted works. She hopes that her readers will not grow bitter and angry for her “cliff hangers” and such, as she left her fan fictions, but hopes they will be as supportive of her new work as they were her old.

The girl had a screen name. A screen name many already knew very well. Her screen name was Sand-nin-gurl.

Thank you all for reading this, my last story. Please send all questions via a private message as per the link at the top of the page. Thank you.

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