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Dusk on the Horizon...

Welcome! Ah, hello. My name is Dusk Magnum (abbreviated DM); I'm new to this site but I'm a happy and once flourishing writer on Fiction Press (I quit and deleted all my old stories but am starting a new regime as of July 1, 2004). I have found that being a shipper for Harry Potter and Buffy is my strangest guilty pleasure, but I don't always do pairings, I really like doing What-if's and alternate universe portrayals, so expect those.

Picture This I'm a male of 14 years on the cusp of ninth grade; I'm 5 ft. 5 in., have shaggy brown hair that needs to be grown out in a less hobo type of way, deep brown eyes, and a good tan. I love writing, hate interaction with people, and have never appreciated books more than I do now... Driving is my thing, but I'm currently in the driving food chain I'm the rubber thingies that keep the ladder steady.

My Writing Regime I love writing both original works (see my FP profile, Agent Slayer: www.fictionpress.com/~agentslayer) and fanfiction, I'm probably the biggest Harry/Cedric shipper you'll ever find (yes, I know) and for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/Buffy, Riley/Xander, and Tara/Willow. I'm angry that not enough people appreciate the pairing of Harry and Cedric and that pisses me off to no end because almost NO ONE writes them, so I'm here to fill the void. I have a policy of being blunt and not caring about what you want to hear, just what I think you MUST hear no matter what you think, so please ignore me if I'm rude but take my constructive criticism to heart. I will most happily review you if you review me, but if I don't like what I see, I promise you I won't stick around.

Stuff in the Works Here's where I keep you up to date on the stuff I'm working on; I like to do tons of short fics, but long-term isn't out of the question. Just know that I'm juggling long-term projects here with my other project on Fiction Press, and I'm not sure which will take priority.
BADGER AND LION. Harry Potter, so nervous about his shortcomings and the task he will soon have to face come February, finds inexplicable solace in the seventh-year Hufflepuff Cedric Diggory that he has seen as nothing less than a friendly rival since his third year. UPDATED: JULY 30, 2004

Coming Soon to Your Nearest DM Here's where you figure out my upcoming works... Nothing as of yet, but expect to see some stuff in the near future. There are 3 classifications of my works: A full-sized fic, a one-shot, and a novella (less than 5 or 6 chapters, I suppose).
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction
OUTCAST (One-shot, possibly novella) Tara ponders about her life before meeting Willow and how finding a place in the Scooby Gang has changed her life. Sweet femslash of the fluffy Willow/Tara kind, and you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to love that. (Rating: PG)
FRIENDS IN ARMS (Novella) Xander and Riley are just friends. They can't be more, can they? Xander has Anya, Riley has Buffy... But, of course, here becometh the building relationship of two people... Riley/Xander, the least common couple of the Buffyverse. (Rating: PG-13 >> R)
WANT, TAKE, HAVE (Full-size fic) Buffy has always admired Faith; she's a force of nature, wild and free. Faith has always admired Buffy; her family, her friends, her life. What happens when the two begin to develop feelings apart from admiration? Rampant femslash of the Buffy/Faith variety. (Rating: R)
Angel Fanfiction
NOT FADE AWAY (One-shot) A rewrite of the series finale of Angel, revealing more things we all hoped for in the last episode and more comprehensive coverage of the fight scenes between Team Angel and various members of the Circle of the Black Thorn. (Rating: PG-13)

Read 'em and Weep My top authors and the fics that I love. When I get more into this site, I will make my pickings.
Ravine-Limit. He's written Harry/Cedric, which is always good, and that makes him on my good list for life. Plus, he's from Israel, and how infinitely cool is that? Stories from her: "Love, Strange Thing Isn't It?"
Aspen. It's not her real FF name, but also what she's known as. She's written the two most moving and spectacular Harry/Cedric one-shots that I've ever had the pleasure of reading: "Bittersweet" and "Close Kept", as well as "Other Than In Dreams", which I sadly don't think is on this site. Go review her, now!!

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