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Greetings everyone, My name is The Poke Spectre and this is all you need to know about me:

Gender: Male

Age: A number

Where I live: New Zealand.

Do I have an upload schedule?: No. When I update is when I update.


1) Genesect: Got it on accident during the early days of black and white 2, carried me through the game and still have my original bro to this day

2) Mimikyu: Just love the concept to Mimikyu. Design, lore, even got it's own song. For me, best gen 7 Pokemon.

3) Grovyle/Sceptile: It was already my favorite starter at the time but when Mystery dungeon happened, Grovyle cemented his place in my heart forever.

4) Umbreon: Silk design, awesome looking shiny and dark type :3

5) Bewear: I low key hated it at first but grew on my so much that it was a powerhouse and key figure in my first run of Sun.

Honorable mentions: Dialga (Mascot of my first ever game)


Dusknoir: I love it's design and all but you might be asking why? Why Spectre is Dusknoir the Pokemon you hate?

Pokemon Mystery dungeon.

I trusted this guy and I remember being so broken when he betrayed us ;-;

Pokemon Ships I have created!

DNAloversShipping (DeoxysXEevee) Named by Link Noon Paradox

DarklifeShipping (Darkrai X Xerneas) Named by JustinThePokemonMaster



Decidueye (Male).

Incineroar (Male)

Bewear (Male).

Salazzle (Female).

Gallade (Male).

Mimikyu (Female & Shiny).

Greninja (Male).

Silvally (Female).

Ribombee (Female)

Trevenant (Male)


Primarina (Female).

Alolan Raichu (Male).

Umbreon (Male).

Kommo-o (Male & Shiny).

Turtwig (Male).


Crabominable (Male).

Poliwrath (Male).

Kanto Marowak (Male)


Nebby. (On standby)

Alolan Ninetales (Female)

Kirlia (Female)

Floette (Female)


Silvally (Male)

Weavile (Male)

Crobat (Male)

Lucario (Male)

Sylveon (Female)

Blastoise (Male)

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