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Ok...Ok! So, I haven't been keeping up with my stories and plus I have a really low profile on this site. Well now it's time for me to come out of the shell and let you know all about me and how I plan to stand and make a stand on this wonderful site.

NAME: Jaden Sivenegou

AGE: 19

Height: 5'11


Sex: Male

Hobbies: Writing (especially!), Playing Video Games, Drawing, Voice Acting, Reading, Sleeping, Acrobatics, Taking, Martial Arts, and speaking three languages (Spanish, Japanese, and...duh English!)

The Reason for my absence: Well I joined this site 4 years ago on my birthday That's right (shocking isn't it?) thanks to my cousin (female) who noted I had good writing talents and good ideas as well as imagination and advised that I come to this site and share it with the world. Surely enough I was excited and off the wall when I joined and was ready to see what other authors/authoress thought of my ideas. That's when my first story: "Tails' secret form and first love" came into play, the synopsis of the story took place Three months after the events of Sonic Heroes and to tell the truth the story itself came into my head after I beat Sonic Heroes and questions started to come up in my head like, "When is the next Sonic game coming out for the GameCube? (Which I owned at the time) And what happened to Metal Sonic?" And I never got my answer because the only Sonic game I received word on was Sonic Advance 3 Keep in mind "Shadow The Hedgehog" was not even heard of for GBA which excited me but, also pissed me off because I received no closure and questions kept coming and that's when one day in school I started asking myself what-if questions that sparked my ideas and Sonic X was out in America so, that helped a fusion that I made of the Anime and Sonic Heroes' storyline, resulting in the story I created. Continuing with the synopsis, after the events in Sonic Heroes, the Chaos Control incident (Which happens in Ep.1 of Sonic X) is caused AGAIN during the final battle with Metal Overlord (Metal Sonic's transformed state) but, doesn't take Sonic and co. anywhere but, instead brings a familiar character from an old American-made series the all lovable, Princess Sally Acorn! whose been missing for who knows how long in my story. The princess, apparently shocked to find herself in the all-knowing city, Station Square wakes up and finds a newspaper article mentioning the incident three months ago and sees, Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles) receiving an award for their heroism. This, of course sparks a tear in the princess' eyes after seeing her beloved alive and well and at the same surprised after not seeing him for so long. In the third chapter of the story, of course after finding out that Sonic has been staying with Christopher Thorndyke she finally reaches his home and upon Mr.Tanaka (Chris's butler) telling Sonic he has a visitor he thinks it's one of his fans wanting a autograph but, to his surprise it was not. After the two met eyes Sally (as expected) could not hold herself back as she ran towards him and embraced him tightly happy to see him again. This sparks an Inuyasha type love scene between the two as Sonic (like Inuyasha himself) is both shock and happy to see her after being separated for so long. But, the love scene does not last long as...you guessed it, Amy Rose shows up to see what the commotion is about and upon seeing the princess hugging Sonic, she immediately snaps into action and pulls Sally off of him questioning her reason for hugging her "boyfriend" The two of course do not know each other as they asks Sonic what's his relationship to the other which like always Sonic is too flustered to speak on his behalf and instantly this results in a duel between Amy & Sally for Sonic's "love" (made by Amy of course) this is not before Tails, Knuckles and the others show up and aforementioned two remember her instantly and like Sonic are shocked beyond disbelief.

The duel then starts and to make a long story short, Sally emerges as the victor (thanks to her trusty rope and a stun gun) and takes Sonic into the forest to talk to him alone. During the conversation Sally believes Sonic never missed her and turned to Amy as compensation for her disappearance which he quickly denies and tells her that he loved and missed her when she disappeared and was relieved to see she was not dead after all. After the confession of emotion he shows his love the only way he knew how...a kiss which resulted in a kissing scene and of course Sally's happiness to know Sonic missed her this much. And during this we see Amy following not too far behind to find Sally and finish the fight feeling she had been cheated and upon reaching where Sonic & Sally were is immediately heartbroken when seeing the two kissing. Sonic noticing her tries to tell her something but, she runs off without hearing a word and cries all the way back to Chris' house . In the fourth chapter it continues where the third left off and everyone is of course worried about Amy and as Sonic enters the house everyone immediately questions Sonic on what happened but, he does not respond. This then results in Tails' intervention upon volunteering to consul Amy upon reaching her room the two then talk which Amy blames Sally for what happened. Tails reveals that in the past Sonic knew Sally longer than her and two were very close and that before he even knew Amy the two were a lovely couple but, she disappeared years ago and was thought to be dead so, Sonic had to live with the fact he would never see her again. He also tells Amy that even she herself knew that Sonic had never really expressed any interests in her probably due to the fact that he still thought of Sally after all this time. This of course saddens Amy but, Tails offers to fly her to get some ice cream to help her clear her mind of what happened and upon helping her up he trips and falls on top of her the two lock eyes and suddenly, edge closer to each other but, Tails stops shorts and claims he should have been careful but, Amy then rushes and kisses him and the two lock lips lol. After the passionate kiss Amy explains that she did that because Tails was the only who had always been so nice to her despite her picking on him and seem to be the only person (next to Cream) who cared about her and her feeling and goads Tails on probably doing these things because he liked her too and wanted to kiss her like she wanted to do to him and with that the two fly towards the full moon looking at each other and Sonic sees them overhead smiling at Tails for his deed (Which hints at the title, "first love".

Whew! That was a lot well the reason why I explained those chapters is because those were my most reviewed and highlighted chapters in the story. Many readers who read & reviewed praised that despite being my first fanfic it was a fantastic first try which made me very happy, many love the way I formulated the pairings, my use of drama & romance between the characters, and the revival Sally Acorn which I guess was a big part in the story. Many also seemed to love the pairing I made with Tails & Amy being my original Pseudonym was, "Tails-and-Amy-4life" I forgot how I wrote it but, that's what it was. I chose the name for the fact that I supported the pairing and I guess every reader who read my story seem to like it also. And I was given props for creating, "The Three Metals" A team comprised of the re re-made Metal Sonic, and new enemies Metal Tails & Metal Knuckles and the somehow new reactivated program of Gerald Robotnik (In my story he created "The Three Metals") and Tails' new form (also hinting the "Secret Form" part of the title) which is revealed in the tenth chapter and the return of the Super Emeralds which is revealed in the 12th & 13th chapter and was only shown in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. And above all many readers loved the plot twist and unpredictability that I created in the story so, as you can see I manage to gain quite a bit of attention here. As expected my 15 chapter story spawned a sequel called, "Another Incarnation" which takes place a month after my first and brings in a new character who is a "brother" to Shadow named, Shadow Fox who is a look a like to...Tails as Shadow is a twin to Sonic but, sadly due to personal issues the story only reached two chapters and was never finished and after I skipped the second one I rewrote the first one 2 years later calling it, the beta title,"Metal Sonic Returns" and changed almost the whole storyline because I did not like the Tails & Amy pairing due to age differences and other disagreements as well as going with the game's canon storyline(s) over the Anime and American comic book's storyline entirely.

As result of the never finished story I soon disappeared and went on hiatus for 3 years with none of my new stories never seeing release until December 6, 2007 when I skipped (except for the two aforementioned ones which I just re-wrote but, never posted) all those stories, change my pen name, and did a recent one I developed during this month called, Sonic X: The Legend of The Seven Guardians after my first story was removed for some reason ( I forget) and I removed my second one because I felt I rushed the story and I wanted to develop it more. And so, SXTLOTSG began to gain attention as my first one did but, due to more personal issues I never finished it and stopped on the eighth chapter which I'm sure made a lot of fans angry and my story began to fade off into the darkness and I did very little to prevent it from doing that and soon I never received another review for quite some time and so that being my fault I decided to do another story I created and posted in February called "The DREAMS of SEGA" which was my first crossover story featuring the all-knowing jester NIGHTS but, this story only received one review which was from my cousin who was very disappointed that I did not post the second chapter but, that's really because my laptop broke which prevented from getting my second chapter of the story done this suffered the same fate as the other one: never being finished.

My Return: After sort of resigning from writing I went into depression and kept all my ideas in a notepad on my computer just in case I wanted to start writing again and try to get the fans back again but, I started to think that would be impossible because of my long absence so during the school year I did not update the two stories and at first I did not care and I planned to quit the site all together because during this time I broke my hand and thought it was over and I would not be able to finish what I started so, my depression worsened and I really did not see the "light". But, it was not until June when my cousin and a fellow authoress member of this site really showed that they really did care and like my stories and told me to finish them because my stories were too good to just as my cousin said, "let them go" and she threatened to kill me if I did not finish "The DREAMS of SEGA" lol so then I finally got up the resolve to plan my stories for this year and finish them and get back on top with the other great author/authoress that are here on this site.

My plan: Well it's nothing big but, what I plan to do this summer is do a "one chapter each" thing for the six stories I currently have in production and with that I'm going to again remove the two stories I have currently have posted and re-post them after I post the four that are new and those two will follow and with that should help update each and every one of them in order thus, hopefully getting back out of the shadows. Now, those who read this may think that I won't do it and that I'll just do what I did last time but, if I sat here and type all of this, you can bet your ass that I'm serious and I don't go back on my word.

Stories (In order) That will be posted today

Official Title: The End of Metal? (formerly "Tails secret form and first love")

Sonic The Hedgehog: What I Believe to be true

A Strange New World

Sonic X: The Legend Of The Seven Guardians


The Stars of Chaos

About Me: Well after my sob story it's time you know a little bit about me-

My favorite character(s) from Anime/Cartoons & Games

NARUTO: Sasuke Uchiha, Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, Hinata Hyuga, TenTen, Gaara, Neji Hyuga, Anko Mitarashi.

BLEACH: Ichigo Kurosaki, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Orihime Inoue.

Sonic: Tails, Cream

Mario: Luigi, Daisy

Star Fox: Fox McCloud

Street Fighter: Ryu, Yang, Sakura

Kingdom Hearts: Riku

Tekken: Marshall Law, Hworang, Lei Wu Long, Lin Xiaoyu, Forest Law

Soul Caliber: Xianghua, Maxi, Sung Mina, Kilik

Teen Titans: Robin, Starfire

TRIGUN: Vash the Stampede

INUYASHA: Well...Inuyasha, Kagome, Seshomaru

Full Metal Alchemist: Edward Elric

The Legend of Zelda: Dark Link

Super Monkey Ball: AiAi

Camp Lazlo: Lazlo!

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy: Ed

My Gym Partner is a Monkey: Jake Spidermonkey, Adam Lyon

Family Guy: Brian Griffin

Futurama: Phillip J. Fry

REBORN!: Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada, Hayato Gokudera, Rokudo Mukuro

Hunter x Hunter: Killua

Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke Urameshi

DBZ: Goku, Trunks

Death Note: Light Yagami

YU-GI-OH!: Yugi Mutou

YU-GI-OH GX!: Judai/Jaden Yuki

One Piece: Sanji

Mega Man X: Zero, Vent (ZX)

And many more I'll gladly add more if any one wants to know more!

Favorite Video Games: All Naruto: Clash Of Ninja/Gekitou Ninja Taisen games, All Sonic games, Yakuza, Jet Set Radio, Bleach: Shattered Blade, Bleach: The Blade of Fate & Dark Souls, All Street Fighter games, Soul Caliber 2 & 3, All Tekken games, All Mario Karts, All Super Smash Bros., Both NIGHTS game, DBZ: Budokai 3 & the Tenkaichi series, Naruto: Ninja Destiny, All Mario Party games, Mega Man X 1-6 and Command Mission, Mega Man Zero 1-4 and both ZX games, Both Mario Tennis games, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Mario Superstar Baseball, Both Mario Strikers, and a lot more if you wish to know!

Sites you can contact me:

Well I only use one which is YouTube because I'm more into that and I have a good standing with the family I established (I have a Myspace but, barely if you wish to contact me there send a message) but, if you prefer the alternative click on the link below to my YouTube Channel and make sure to check out my videos which are just gameplay videos and Re-Dub I made to see if you like and of course leave a message or comment if you want to let me know on updates with the stories or want to share your thoughts on a certain story or chapter along with a review! Much thanks are appreciated:


(I also created a link on my YouTube which takes you to my FF profile here so you and other people on YouTube can check out my stories)

With All this said you can bet pretty much that I'm serious about this comeback and I will work my butt off for you wonderful readers because you all deserved it and your rewards are due! So let the "Ultimate Summer Comeback" Commence!

A Strange New World reviews
During a Chaos Control experiment gone wrong, Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow get transported to a world we know all too well. *Hello all I know I said back in Jan. the story would be updated but, with the launch of my 4-panel manga nearing, this was once again put on hiatus, but do not worry the project is NOT dead, stay tuned and thanks so much for the support!*
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