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Name: Connor

Age: 20

Height: 6'2

Grade: College

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Video Games, Watching Netflix

Favorite TV shows: Fresh Prince of Bel-air, Adventure Time, Ben 10 (Original, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien), Teen Titans (Original), Young Justice, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Attack on Titan

Favorite Games: Paper Mario (N64) and PMD: Explorers of Sky

Shippings: Grovyle X Celebi, Robin X Starfire, Eren X Mikasa, Beast Boy X Terra

Favorite Pokemon Generation: III or IV

Favorite Pokemon: Swampert

Favorite Quote: Everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, then it's not the end.

So here's a short description of myself: I am Professor Lugia, or Connor. My favorite game to date is still Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It has one of the best stories of any game I've played, and the 16-bit graphics added a beautiful touch to the already amazing scenery.

I ship Grovyle and Celebi, and the PMD Universe is where most, if not all of my stories will be taking place in one way or another. I don't really watch that much TV, but when I do, I like cartoons and anime. Not really into many live action tv shows. My Instagram is Mr.Mewtwo_X, if you just want to follow me on there. I don't really put a lot of story-related stuff on there, but if you want to follow me anyways, I will appreciate it greatly!

My writing style is a bit different from some other PMD authors. I write my entire story in google docs all at once, taking suggestions from the readers and asking for opinions from past stories and such. I write the story over the course of several months, then post a chapter twice a week. I do this so that you, my readers, aren't waiting a month or two for a new chapter when school or work gets too rough for me to write.

NOTICE as of February 2019: I am adapting the stories from my page here into an actual publishable form, so you'll see many characters from my PMD stories re-imagined as people with powers and slightly different personalities! Due to this, my actual PMD writing is put on hold for the foreseeable future. I have loved the years I've been on this page, and will still keep in touch!

Here are the stories I am planning on writing. More or less in the order that I plan to write them. Some of the later ones might vary.

PMD: The Blazing Hearts

PMD: When Fire Falls

PMD: Infernal War

Grovyle's side of the story about his trip to the past and collecting the time gears. (And possibly Team Firestorm members' backstories on the side)

PMD: Super Mystery Dungeon Base Story (With my own twist, of course. Teammates are a must.)

PMD: Super Mystery Dungeon Post-storyline Story (continuation of SMD story)

PMD: Gates To Infinity Base Story (With my own twist)

Celebi's Tale- What happens in the future after Grovyle and Connor leave for the past.

Grovyle's Future- What happens in the future after it is restored to light.

Temporal Guardian Origins - Explaining how all of the Temporal Guardians came to be together under Dialga.

*Current Update Status*

Writing a Human Version of Firestorm Origins so I can publish it as an original work. Basically it's people with powers, and Varius is a true parallel world where monsters from all the different mythologies reside. No pokémon, and the plot is substantially different.

Here is the guide for OCs

For single characters:

Name Species Gender Most commonly used moves (can be more than four) Appearance (Any interesting marks, scars, etc;) Personality

For Teams

Team Name Leader Partner Follow the guide for single characters until you have listed every member of the team If they have a signature team move or something, list it. Done!

*No legendaries are accepted for plot-purposes unless I really like the character itself. Legendaries are too OP*

OC Character

Name: Connor

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: 6'2, tan-ish skin, brown eyes with flakes of green, short dark brown hair, moderately muscular

Clothing: dark wood colored hooded wizard-like robe with golden unown runes as well as ancient greek symbols woven into the fabric, and slightly ripped jeans underneath, along with a green lantern shirt. No shoes

Abilities: Exceptional manipulation of aura that is enhanced by the power of the robes bestowed to him by Arceus, allowing him to do virtually anything, including fly, heal, teleport, transform, have superhuman attributes, raise force fields, communicate via telepathy, use aura related attacks, etc;

Personality: He is a rather courageous individual, as well as selfless. He was born on Earth, or Terra, as the pokemon call it, and died in a car crash at 17, and was reborn into this world with the help of Giratina, retaining the memories of the things in the world, but not of his own life personally. His humanness didn't make it easy to earn pokemon's respect due to him being the only one allowed in that world, but he is patient and caring for those under his command, which has earned him the respect of the insurgo. He despises all followers of Dialga with a passion, and sometimes gets a little bit hotheaded around them.

Another OC character

Name: Amber

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: 6'2" tan-ish skin, amber-colored eyes, long, auburn hair, moderately muscular, with a slightly more feminine build than Connor.

Clothing: A robe similar to Connor's, except pine green, with flecks of dark wood-coloration.

Abilities: She is a Temporal Guardian, one of the twelve beings hand-picked by Dialga to guard time. Her human attributes include being a power sponge- She can replicate others' powers through physical touch, and match them, proven by being able to run extremely fast, breathe underwater, and control fire.

Personality: She is a very caring individual, and often takes things literally, and portrays them as they are. She does not find it wise to keep secrets, so she often shares all of her stories with others that find her. She has lived alone in the ancient past for a very long time, and has a slight crush on Connor, but the Temporal Code forbids her from having romantic relations with a being that is affected by the passing of time. She does follow the rules particularly well, because as much as she wants a partner, she does enjoy being able to control the flow of time to a minor extent.

Here are my pokemon OCs.

Name: Basileus

Species: Sceptile

Gender: Male

Age: Due to time not being a factor of aging because of the world's paralysis, he is 456 years old. He is the father of Grovyle

Appearance: 6'1 green pokemon with a tail that resembles a palm tree's leaves. He has six yellow seed bombs on his back that he can detach and throw at enemies. He has two leaves extending from his mid-wrist that he uses to slash at enemies when he uses leaf blade. He is missing one eye due to a lost battle with a horde of sableye, but he has a leaf eyepatch over it.

Abilities: He is known as the Sceptile of combat throughout the hidden land, and for good reason. He has fought against many, many pokemon, and he has mastered every kind of martial arts. His preferred weapons are leaf blades that he can extend from his wrists like assassins' daggers, and throw them. The leaves on his wrists serve as leaf blades when he uses vine whip to block oncoming attacks. He can control plants exceptionally well, being able to sprout grass, flowers, and even trees from stone ground just by touching the earth. He can manipulate vines and trees to make leaf warriors, which are potent to fire, Ice and poison. They fight like humans, using their fists and leaf blades to fight others. It takes a lot of Basileus' strength to summon them, and he has to recharge similar to using frenzy plant. He knows magical leaf and grass whistle as well. (Egg moves)

Personality: He is very uptight and serious, almost always. He is very caring about his son, Grovyle and his mate, Briar. He was distraught by her death, and grew very closed off to others, but has come to open up a little bit more with Celebi's help. He is loyal to Connor, being his second-in-command. He remains one of the most powerful pokemon in the insurgo.

I got some more... Not really nicknamed, so I don't know if it counts, but their characters are unique to my stories, so here we go.

Name: Galvantula

Species: Galvantula (Male)

Level (for moves learned): 61

Age: Unknown

Appearance: A three foot tall, electric yellow tarantula pokemon with six legs, and very poofy fur.

Abilities: Complete control over electricity. He can make webs of camouflage similar to Harry Potter's cloak of Invisibility, climb walls, drop from virtually any height and not be harmed, and even do flips. Due to his control over Electricity, he can take the electrical currents from others' brains that is generated during thought, translate them into sounds and images in his head, and tell what others are thinking at that moment. He can also apply electrical currents to others' muscles to have limited control over their bodies remotely.

Personality: He is a jokester. He loves playing pranks on others, and barging in during serious moments to lighten the mood. He loves making one-liners, and changing his accent to throw others off. Others think that he is there simply for comedic relief, but he is a character all his own. His best friend is tyranitar; The two are inseparable under most circumstances, working extremely well with each other.

Dreams/Aspirations: He isn't one for plans, unless they're necessary. He wants to restore the future to one of light, so he helps the insurgo whenever he can.

One of my other OCs

Name: Tyranitar

Species: Tyranitar (Male)

Level (For moves learned): 84

Age: Unknown

Appearance: He is an eight foot tall stone pokemon with green-ish skin. He looks a lot like Godzilla, albeit a lot smaller. He is a very tough pokemon, and his skin is extremely durable.

Hometown: Unknown

Abilities: He is extremely tough, being able to singlehandedly take down three Golurk at once. His strength is unrivaled in the insurgo except for Connor, Basileus and perhaps Celebi. He knows all of the elemental punches and bites, making for a dangerous enemy to just about every type, and next to Outrage taught to him by his unknown father, he can fight an army... And win. Outrage often can't be used for fear of incinerating his team-mates, however, so he often is more powerful alone. He can mega evolve, and is the only recorded one of his species to do so. The ability of mega evolution, as well as his being significantly larger than a normal Tyranitar is due to him being an alpha. Each species has one, and they are the only ones able to mega evolve. His strength is immense, as he is able to pull a Steelix along the ground when mega-evolved.

Personality: Often considered the polar opposite of Galvantula, he is usually level-headed, and serious. He does enjoy pulling pranks with Galvantula every once in a while, though. He is very confident in his strength, which is proven when he takes down Grovyle in the tournament of the insurgo. He is very caring to the members of the insurgo when they are in harms way. He is very loyal to Connor, and protects those he is close to with his life. His best friend is Galvantula. When people say opposites attract, these two are a prime example of that.

I am taking User Created OCs if any of you people visiting my profile are into that sort of thing. I will do my best to put them all in the stories I make, whether it be the next one, or another one entirely. If you want to see your character in a specific story that I have yet to finish, let me know, and I'll try to fit it in. PM me your ideas if you want to see it happen.

First Reader-Submitted OC team, by DeoxysSpeed

Team Core

Leader: Quint- Absol (Male)

Second In Command: Seth- Gallade (Male)

Powerhouse: Lucerna- Volcarona (Female)

Strategist: Maris- Delcatty (Female)

They are Team Core, a team recently graduated from Wigglytuff's Guild. Not much is known about them, except that they are a team that is not well-recognized, and Quint likes to keep it that way. He likes to keep his team off the radar for the most part, and likes planning out missions with Maris, while Seth and Lucerna usually charge into the heat of battle, relying on their power to overcome powerful opponents. When they are facing a particularly powerful outlaw, they will listen to Maris, who devises plans to exploit all possible weaknesses of their opponent. Together, they are a formidable team, never failing to apprehend an outlaw that they go after.

Second Reader-Submitted OC Team, by OnyxWhip

Team Virus

Leader: Nagini- Seviper (Male)

Second in Command: Larua- Banette (Female)

Powerhouse: Arturia- Haxorus (Female)

Strategist: Fornax- Klinklang (Presumed to be Male)

They are Team Virus, an exploration team that is cunning and manipulative in getting what they want. They are seen as the rivals of Team Core, and are often seen a bullies, and as such, Team Core despises them with a passion. Lucerna and Arturia have a particularly tense rivalry, as both are very powerful, and hot-headed. Nagini prefers to keep his team off of the radar like team core, although their high exploration rank makes that difficult sometimes. They are a triple-star master rank, and are always trying to steal Team Core's glory for outlaw capturing. Fornax is like a computer, calculating every possibility of the outcomes of a battle or mission, and adjusting the teams' strategy accordingly.

Third Reader-Submitted OC Team, by Kurashi11

Team Hope

Leader: Nashoba- Riolu (Male)

Second in Command: Cosmo- Kirlia (Female)

Powerhouse: Zenith- Blaziken (Male)

Strategist: Shinobu- Greninja (Male)

They are Team Hope, an Exploration Team that specializes in rescuing hostage pokemon from Outlaws. They often cross paths with Team Core, because Seth and Cosmo were friends way back before they joined their corresponding exploration teams. Zenith is pretty hotheaded, often charging head-on into others, relying on his speed boost to outmaneuver foes. Shinobu anticipates the moves of foes before they even make the first move, although he can be very cold, and relies on logic.

Another not-really-a-team Reader-submitted Team, By OnyxWhip

Pokemon Mafia Group

Leader: Victor- Honchkrow (Male)

Second in Command: Mordred- Bisharp (Male)

Powerhouse: Rogue- Houndoom (Female)

Strategist: Koumori- Crobat (Female)

This is the Pokemon Mafia, a large group of criminals that operates by thieving the rewards for capturing other outlaws, then posing as good guys. If they find any particularly powerful outlaws they keep them for their own use. Victor is a powerful leader, and uses intimidation to keep his ranks. He is cold-hearted and uses others to get what he wants, no matter the cost. Team Virus is a fairly high ranking exploration-team in the Mafia. They bribe law enforcement with the reward money from capturing other outlaws, so the higher ranks of the group are practically untouchable.

They are the main antagonists in the Blazing Hearts Trilogy.

Fourth Submitted Team from Titan_Slayer101

Team Black Mist

Leader: Samantha- Gardevoir (Female)

Second in Command: Valor- Gengar (Male)

Powerhouse: Alex- Alakazam (Male)

Strategist: Spencer- Sableye (Male)

Team Black Mist is another semi-famous exploration team from Immanis. They specialize in capturing outlaws. They are a very strategic team, with each of them possessing their own strengths to cover each other's' weaknesses. They are all mentally stable individuals, each one able to think on a dime and have backup plans in case something goes wrong. Valor does occasionally go awry when encountering any Zoroark. The reason is unknown, but he is extremely vicious, using everything in his power to kill them. Samantha is the only one able to subdue him effectively, and only when she mega-evolves.

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Team Firestorm has met their end at the hands of the Pokémon Mafia. With only Connor and Roy remaining, and Dialga withdrawing the Temporal Guardians from that era, there is little more than a glimmer of hope for the remaining teammates. It is now a fight between an unstoppable criminal organization and the team that is known for capturing criminals. Who will win?
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