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Hey all,

Sorry about my two year hiatus, but i had a lot of work, and the plot had left me. I'm glad to say however, that I'm finally back =D and will be updating the Grim Reaper again about once a week.

Any and all comments, thoughts and suggestions will be gladly accepted, so feel free to review =P

Grim Reaper

It's a Harry in Azkaban story, diverging from canon after the fifth year (cliché I know, but I started this around two years ago, just before the deluge began) its a story where Harry is a part dementor (again something that has become common now, but when i wrote it, iIdon't think the idea had been broached)

Since people have asked before, I will confirm it this time, this is not a slash story, while I have nothing against homosexuals, I simply cannot write a story about it. In fact, there likely won't be any pairings for a while yet.

To any old readers, I suggest you read the story again (if you aren't going to anyway for want of remembering the story) as I've changed a few things to make the story more believable. And while most major characters might seem OOC, there is a very good explanation for it, and that will be given soon enough in the story.

This is not a super or god Harry story (whatever i may seem like in the beginning), although Harry will be very powerful, and the extent and cause of his powers are explained further along in the story.



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.:Story Discontinued. Re-write in Progress and first chapter posted:.
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