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Author has written 6 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, and Legend of Zelda.

UPDATE for 12/7/2014:

Link for UNCENSORED chapter 19 for Undisclosed Desires (if you're not old enough to read mature rated material then don't use it):

I've always thought it weird to write about myself in these things but here goes!

So my name is Sarah and I've been a reader on since... I think 2000? (I'm so old now lol)! But fanfiction for me is like chocolate, you always come back for more. I've written a few things (don't read my earlier works, they're not good and that's not modesty it's the truth...seriously..@@). Right now I'm currently writing in the Legend of Zelda realm and I love it. My current projects take place in the Twilight Princess era but maybe once I finish my current stories I'll move to Skyward Sword? Or maybe not lol.

My main focus at the moment is Undisclosed Desires and for me I think that Zelda is the most enjoyable to write. Not because she's the easiest character to write but to me she's kind of like a mix of some of my favorite female rulers in history but with her own complex and prevalent personality. After her is Link, who is not an easy character to write either, but there is something compelling about a man that wasn't born with the task of protecting a kingdom but does it anyway simply because it's right. (Over simplified I know but it's just some of my thoughts).

Easiest character to write is Blackjax by the way. That ornery creature is based completely off my dog (how's that for a tidbit lol).

Speaking of dogs I have two Australian Shepherds, a boy and a girl, and a cat. ALL of them have blue eyes, it's a bit weird but there it is.

I like to travel a lot and try to do either one big trip a year or lots of little trips throughout the year. Both of my dogs love going hiking although the boy is definitely a mama's boy and he's the one that keeps up with me for the 15 mile day hikes. The girl is fine for a few miles and then after that she wants to relax and nap thank you very much lol!

Well that's it for now, I'm out of things about myself to ramble about and I have a story to write.

Thanks for stopping by!


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