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Welcome Visitor! you have been Granted Omni Access to the Balance Force's Profile of Commander Paragon, the Leader of the Multiverse Balance Forces

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Name: Paragon.

Rank: Commander of the Balance Forces.

Role: Protector of the Multiverse/Leader of the Balance Forces.

Power Ranking: Near Omni-Transcendent God Level.

Gender: Male

Likes: Naps, Strategy, Taking walks, Talking friendly with others.

Dislikes: Slavery, Conquerors, Rapists, Threats, Annoyances, Experimentation, Disruption of Balance.

Background: Paragon like anyone else was a normal man from a normal world, he had a family and friends who liked and loved him, however one day that was taken away when a otherworldly being from another dimension came and attacked his world slaughtering many people including his family and most of his friends, however before he and his last few friends could die they manifested powers beyond anything and used it to fight back the invaders while Paragon gained the abilities of Balance, one of his friends gained the ability to manipulate crystals while the other was a healer making her able to heal her companions wounds making them one hell of a tag team, after a few years of peace they were invited to a Tournament by a military that protects the Multiverse, hearing that all 3 friends chose to participate and had lots of competition, however after a year of the tournament they managed to come out on top and were the last 3, but they had to bypass one obstacle: Who will take the Mantle of Guardian of the Multiverse? the decision was a very tough choice as only one of them could be it, after a bit of thinking it was Paragon who wished to be it which brought shouts and protests from his companions but after saying he wished to do it so that no other universe will get affected like their own the Healer Friend supported him wholesomely but his other friend had dark thoughts and before he knew it she got killed by a large crystal going through her torso making Paragon look in disbelief while his last friend shouted saying he would use that power to hunt the invaders to the ends of the earth and as the last light of his Healer friend left her eyes Paragon snapped unleashing latent dormant powers that shook the entire Multiverse, with his new found power both him and his last friend had a final battle with Paragon coming out on top, but instead of killing his friend he let him live thus cementing Paragon's position as Guardian of The Multiverse and upholding the Balance of the Multiverse between Good and Evil.

Abilities: Multiverse Bomb: Capable of levelling cities and mountains, a condensed attack that is formed inside a small sphere, the sphere acts as the container for the immense energy and once it shatters the attack implodes taking anyone or anything with it.

Chains: His sometimes primary attack, during battles he uses his chains as a great advantage by summoning them from pretty much anywhere via portals, they are also capable of launching energy attacks as well as helping use his more powerful attacks.

Quick Analysis: Due to his Role he has the ability to perceive what strategies he would use against his opponent and what disadvantages would occur, in a sticky situation his mind would instantly make plans up to defeat his opponent.

Limit Breaker: Thanks to the old Guardian of Balance Paragon gained a vast staggering amount of energy from his predecessor allowing him to shatter his own limitations by breaking "Links" which are special seals designed to seal away his vast unparalleled power and can give him a staggering advantage with his own opponent, a Total of 7 Links are available to him.

Omni-Step: After he discovered Ultra Instinct on a remote Dragon Ball Super Universe he used Mastered Ultra Instinct as a template for Omni-Step and before long he evolved it into a all new transformation, Omni-Step is a very difficult transformation as it requires one to have Mastered Ultra Instinct to use as a template and to have both his Evil and Good side work in sync, once both are done they can ascend to this state and their power will skyrocket drastically even when combined with his Limit Breakers, it still has the abilities of rapid reaction and quick attacks but more faster.

Deadly Combat: Years of training has turned Paragon into a one-man army, although he has two swords and two pistols as weapons his fists can be considered WMD's, depending on how much strength he puts into em he can easily kill a man with a single punch and can use a variety of combat styles in the field.

Good and Evil Weaponry: As Harbinger of Balance he has 4 weapons on his person, two swords and two pistols, these were forged from the first Demon Lord's Remains and the first Heaven Arch-Angel's tears, as each weapon experiences combat they grow stronger with the user, the sword's are said to cut through dimensions and destroy universes while the pistols are said to shatter time itself, although he prefers his hands Paragon would use his weapons to get the point across to his enemy showing he is a threat that shouldn't be taken likely and telling his opponent to back off.

Extensive Knowledge: Due to how many universes he has seen in his time Paragon can read a world like a open book, he has research many worlds and universes and if he chooses to do so he can prevent a cataclysm if he wishes, unfortunately the guardian of Balance cannot interfere with Canon timelines unless a fluctuation interfering with the timeline shows up, he calls them "Anomalies".

Personality: As Guardian of Balance his personality can somewhat be called a Split-Personality, in a non-combat mood Paragon is neutral and calmly talks to people, though he gets slightly aggressive if the conversation would lead to a fight or lead to further turmoil, he can be serious during it as well, however during a fight or a serious situation his mood takes the persona of a hardened war veteran as he would entirely focus on his objectives and his enemy, if he has someone to protect nearby he would multi-task between facing his opponent and protecting that person, but if his opponent cares little for anything he would become extensively angry at the lack of care his opponent has.

Style Switch: Because he has both Light and Darkness inside of him he can switch between three different combat styles: First one is Light which is mostly focused on Defence but has a little bit of offense in it, anyone that tries to attack him in this state he will retaliate with whatever attack they hit him with twice as hard, Darkness mostly focuses on Offense with a bit of defence, although it has a bit of defence the Offense outweighs that entirely as it focuses on pure power, anyone who survives it would be lucky, his main fighting form is Balance which is a combination of both Light and Darkness which he can effectively use, one can tell what combat style he is in by his eyes, if one of them glows it means he is in that style but if both glow then he is in Balance Style.


Angelica - A Little girl that Commander Paragon see's as his own daughter who is the daughter on Duxius the Creator of the Multiverse and one of Paragon's objective's to protect her from any and all threat's.

Realm Lord Shadus - Commander Paragon's best friend, has participated in multiple adventures with the commander, he can be annoying and goofy but he is tolerable for the Commander due to his harmlessness but can be serious when the situation call's for it.

End of Profile, rest of the Profile has been corrupted, will repair the Profile Post Haste.

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