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It's high time I write one of these for Spider-man and his angry friends to help clarify a few things, and hopefully convince peeps to follow it and keep reading.

SPIDER-MAN: I've been a follower of the web-slinger since I was a wee lad, and I like him most when he's the best that he can be, but still unappreciated for it. I feel like I most enjoy Sam Rami's movies and the Spectacular Spider-man animated series. When the story picks up, he's a senior in high school, so he has to juggle that as well as the responsibilities of being a superhero. I want him to be light hearted and fun, but also still haunted by the fairly recent death of Gwen Stacy. As in the most recent movie, I envision him shutting down after it happens, however instead of being feeling sorry for himself as Peter Parker, he tries to stay busy as Spider-man so he never has to slow down and feel the crushing regret, or endanger anyone else with his alter ego's relationships. He then has his run in with Venom and slowly realizes he's becoming more violent and withdrawn. After casting off the symbiote and saving the world with the Avengers, he wants to start fresh and get back to his wisecracking roots. This is part of why he's willing to take in the girls, because he's looking to let someone in.

SUPERGIRL: Its probably obvious that I'm most inspired by the 52 Supergirl. The point in the comics that she is thrown into the Marvel world is after she's come back from the Krypton Returns saga, but before she has her run in with Lobo which led into the Red Lantern bit, that I didn't much care for (How can the ring protect Guy Gardner from Solar radiation, but Supergirl is still vulnerable to kryptonite radiation?). Basically, she's seen her home planet die three times and is desperately clinging to the Anger step in the process of acceptance. She feels like she's made an enemy out of nearly everyone on Earth because of her powers and temporary siding with Hel as he tried to bring back Krypton. Only one person remains that she saw as a friend, and Supergirl comes home to find that this friend replaced her (at least in her mind) with another roommate. Feeling betrayed, she wanders the Earth for a bit before she's sucked into the portal and pops out in front of Spidey.

KORRA: Korra is taken from her world soon after what would have been the Season three finale if not for a major tweak on my part. I made a mention of Zuko and his royal guards showing up in chapter 4, but to clarify now in a way that I need to do in the actual story, I'm using the multiverse to basically make a Korra universe that is almost exactly the same, except Zuko and his guards show up just as Zaheer is about to carry Korra away to poison her. This obviously means she never suffers the severe injuries that she actually sustained in the show. Not that I don't love this new season and respect the writers for taking such a strong character in that direction, it's just that I don't know how it ends and the changes she'll end up going through. Also I want Korra to stay a teen. I might be making her a bit more stubborn and quick to anger than she is by the end of Season three, but she is confused in a new world, surrounded by strange people and technology, all of which give her added stress. I do intend for her to become much more level headed, but still a little unsure of herself in this strange world

The story as a whole: For those of you that enjoy romance, I intend to have some, but not immediately. If you're like me, then you don't enjoy it when a strong female character just up and falls in love, literally. As in, they trip and land in another character's lap, lock eyes for an awkwardly long amount of time, then lock lips soon after. Not to say that the romance won't be awkward, just that the characters need to development a good bit more.

I'd also like to have them run into a number of Marvel heroes and villains. I haven't given much description to the heroes I've listed so far, but I feel like everyone and their mother knows what Spider-man and Thor look like. However, the group will come across quite a few baddies that will need a bit more of an introduction. If you want super powered fights, good because I want them too, and the source behind the dimensional shenanigans is going to force them.

Anyways, thanks for your support and interest, I hope to keep entertaining.

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