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hiya, i'm jenny.

I never thought myself a writer, I’m an artist and I have no talent for writing at all, but like everyone on, I do my best. I’ve always loved having a pen in my hand and a piece of paper at my finger tips (even though I’m so bad at it) I hope to accomplish more because I’ve got so many stories I want to put down.

i have special friends on

Flinch-Hayward, who i randomly met at the bus-stop and she was reading chobits, she was in two years below me, but i just went up to her and said "chobits its soooooooo goooooood!!" and we've been friends ever since, so if you like doctor who stroies, she is the one to call!!

cream_tea_anyone, who is one of my bestest friends and is compleeeeeetly mental, in every sence of the word!!

so please visit them if you like either 'doctor who' or 'fruits basket'!!

I am an anime freak of nature, just ignore me...ok don't!


Ok, sorry.

Ok something about me…….I like cheese and manga…..well that’s me then! Wait, I also like drawing, that is my true passion

People stare at me sometimes, it's because of my eyes, they're my only nice feature (apart from my abnormally large chest). it's a bit scary when a mate just looks at me and I have no idea what they're looking at and I’m like "have I got something in my teeth or what?". I have long chestnut brown hair and I just got light highlights so I am very blondishy now. it was very funny at school, because my mum is the doctor of two or three teachers at my school and it seems she tells everyone about what’s happened to me. So my old geography teacher seeks me out in assembly and looks at my hair, then he says "it don’t look too bad, from what I hear I thought it was gonna be white or something!" and then another teacher said the same thing, so either they are all telepathic weirdoes obsessed with my hair, or my mum told them that my hair was terrible...sigh

I don’t think its that bad...cries

Oh well. I have a very beautiful bone structure under my chubby exterior and a weird nose with a bobble on the end, exactly like ‘Buffy the vampire’s’ nose! But she is so pretty the lucky 8£ damn spelling wont let me swear!

Oh well um...i love yaoi, incase no one has noticed cough read my stories cough and i just love boys...with other


its ok to give structured criticism, but when someone just sits there and writes that they hate the story and they think it is terrible, THEN WHY DID THEY READ IT IN THE FIRST PLACE no one is stopping them, people don’t magically appear out of the computer to physically stop you from reading the story.

I like writing fics for D.N.Angel, chobits, shaman king, harry potter, battle royal, tramps like us, naruto, yugioh (don’t laugh), rave master, dragon ball (z), legal drug, gravitation and others…havn’t actually posted them yet, but oh well.

The manga I possess are:

D.N.Angel, chobits, shaman king, battle royal, tramps like us, naruto, rave master, legal drug, gravitation, tsubasa, dears, eerie queerie, hack, lament of the lamp, hands off, loveless, negumai, fake, deomon diary, angel diary, guru guru o-chan, until the full moon, R G Veda, Miyuki-chan in wonderland, fruits basket, life, kagerou-nostalgia, category freaks, ragnarok, crazy love story, at deaths door, lagoon engine (einsig), liling-po, the mythical detective loki, rozen maiden, beyond the beyond, by the sword, candidate for goddess, kill me kiss me, warriors of toa, sweet as honey, galaxy girl and panda boy, priest, love mode, and too many yaoi I can not individually name.

At the mo i'm doing my A levels (I only got an A for English in GCSE!! disgusting!!) ho ho fun fun, yay for me...cries! I am so bored with test upon test and stuff like that, I even have my mocks soon, and that gonna be hell!


Story ideas i wanna write:

untitled- She turned to the male with wide, questioning eyes. Her head fell forward slightly and her hands came up to her face staying there like she was holding a box over her face. “so what you’re saying is…that the most powerful beings who has ever existed, the one creature that could decide to save or destroy the world with a single spoken word. A god trapped in human form who has such an immense force of power that she could blow up half of Russia with a simple sneeze. Is currently sitting in our kitchen, eating the last of our Chinese frozen egg roles…….”

“yeah, that’s about it”

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