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hey y0u guys!!!.. i just finished my 2nd story ((one shot really)) called "Hermione's Horses"...sounds stupid but from the reviews ive gotten i guess its not.. and thank you soooo much to everyone who has... they really make my day...specially that one from silver bullet... thank

ne way... ima R/Hr worshipper... though sometimes i do write Hr/D sometimes... actually only i dont kno why.. their juss interesting... but ne way... i like one shots ((less commitment lol )) andmi dont write to0 0ften...specially when scho0ls in.. which its b0ut t0 be in september... but well see...!!

im a16 yr old girlin fremont, california.. hope ya like em!

Ps.. here's some of the types of stories i tend to enjoy..

1.) stories where we read hermione's journal/diary ((preferably for book 5...nothing from books that havent been made yet))..but only when shes in character and with good british lingo.. ((like the Sorcoress Diaries...that ones reallly good))

2.)Stories where Agelina Johnson writes in her Diary aout her and Fred's relationship.

3.) Hermione/Ron fluff... but not too fluffy where its unbelievable..

4.) Stories where Hermione and Malfoy are stuck together and alone for a period of time.

5.) basically anything involving Hermione's diary.. heck it can be anyones diary actually... any one except harrys that is.

Storys i DISLIKE:

1.) Where hermione is turned into a vampire or all of a sudden loves malfoy.

2.) Stories where over the summer hermione turns into a "Total Babe"

3.) where new charActers are made up.

4.)when the trios out of school and they meet up again in a muggle area..

5.)where ginny/hermione turns goth/bad partier girl

6.)harry/hermione fics..

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(one shot)In OoTP, Hermione is less than thrilled when Firenze is appt. to take the place of Trelawnys div. class. One night in the commonroom, Ron finds out what happened to make her feel that way. What else may happen as a result? better than it sounds!
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