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Wow, this has been a busy year. You might have noticed that I haven't been writing much lately. Well, actually, I have been writing -- just not fanfic. My debut novel came out in April, with a follow-up novella in August, and another novel is coming out the first week of December. I've also had short stories published in Dark Valentine magazine. My plans for NaNo this year are to be a Rebel and finish two previous NaNo novels that were started but not completed. I'm hoping to get back to fanfic in December, just to give myself a little R&R. The novella based on "Skullcrusher Mountain" was actually published at Dark Valentine as part of their "Fall Fiction Frenzy," but since it's still fanfic (although based on something published via Creative Commons), I thought I'd post it here, too.

The link to cover art for Second Chance (and links to cover art for the rest of my fics) is at the bottom of my profile.

The "alternate" epilogue to The Overlooked has been posted on my LJ: http:///#59939. Feel free to comment; I'll just unscreen the comments as they come in, since my LJ's set up to screen anything that's from someone who's not on my f-list.

My main fandoms are Star Wars, LOTR, Phantom (book and musical only, not the movie...I hated it), and Harry Potter, although please don't ask me to choose which is my favorite, since that changes from day to day. I've been a LOTR fan the longest, but that's simply because it's been around longer. (OK, I know POTO was written long before LOTR, but POTO really didn't get any kind of huge fandom until the ALW version came around, so...)

Coolest thing I've ever done (relating to fandom, anyway): I got to go on the David Letterman Show to promote my Imperial Star Wars fan club.

Funny coincidence: My middle name really is Christine, and my husband's name really is Erik with a K. And no, I didn't choose him because of his name -- I've known him since seventh grade.

I also occasionally go off on whatever's irritating/amusing/interesting me at the moment on my LiveJournal, if you'd care to take a look, but don't expect any sort of rational commentary on writing, etc. over there. Mostly I seem to use it for ranting or posting the results of random Internet quizzes.

Current and Future Projects:


Refugees, a somewhat light-hearted take on what might have happened to Chief Bast if he really did manage to escape the destruction of the Death Star. If you threw a '30s screwball comedy with Carole Lombard and Spencer Tracy in a blender with The Empire Strikes Back and Thelma and Louise, you might get something like this. Or not. :-P

Second Chance smacked me upside the head after I saw Terminator Salvation its opening weekend. This isn't going as quickly as I'd hoped (actually, none of my writing is), but I'm continuing to update on a semi-regular basis. I'm blaming this on summer. My brain doesn't function well in the heat (and it's also my busiest time at work). But I do plan to keep updating this.

Empty Crowns, which is a sequel to Dust of Empire. This is on hiatus indefinitely.

Murders in the Rue Scribe hasn't been taken down because, well, I try to avoid taking down my fics. Also, because of changing computers/jobs a few years ago, right now what's posted online is the only record I have of this story. At least I know it's safely archived here at ff.n. At this point, I have no idea whether I'll ever go back to this fic. I keep toying with the idea of finishing it offline and then making it available as an e-book. If that happens, I'll be sure to post about it here.


I'm going to stop putting things here, since I invariably change my mind. As you might have noticed, I tend to bounce around fandoms. I'm also working on several original novels. So who knows what will come along next? The people who have me on author alert, that's who!

When I'm bored I canoodle in Photoshop and make cover art for my fics, so if you'd like you can click on the links below to take a look. I still need to do something for Rue Scribe, but although I know in my head exactly what I want it to look like, I can't seem to find anything to Photoshop into submission to make it look right. Oh, well.


Absolution: http:///absolution_cover.jpg

Blood and Ashes: http:///blood_cover.jpg

Dust of Empire: http:///dustofempire_cover2.jpg

Empty Crowns: http:///empty_crowns_cover.jpg

Half Magic: http:///half_magic_cover_web.jpg

Heart's Blood: http:///hearts_blood3.jpg

Inheritance: http:///inheritance.jpg

Mandalore's Son: http:///mandalore_son1.jpg

Murders in the Rue Scribe: http:///rue_scribe_cover_sm.jpg

No Return: http:///no_return_jacket.jpg

Only Eyes to See: http:///only_eyes_cover.jpg

Refugees: http:///refugees_cover.jpg

Second Chance: http:///second_chance_cover_small.jpg

The Overlooked: http:///Overlooked_front_cover_web.png

The Quality of Mercy: http:///quality_cover_bw2.jpg

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