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No matter, daily congestion has become the norm in Beijing residents life, in fact, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts how to control traffic congestion, has been a common problem faced by big cities around the world. Beijing since entering the age of 4 million, the government introduced a series of ShuDu transportation measures, such as delay again and again. The restrictions, such as parking that paragraph of time greatly improve the hot strip, for example, a newly peak commuting, there are even people put forward the management way of collecting traffic congestion charge, as wel http:/// l as the environmental taxes and so on. But from the point of actual effect, the restrictive measures implemented in just, seems to have certain effect, but over time, and congestion. The traffic in Beijing is really special, of course, in addition to the car more than the objective conditions, but it seems to be some man-made factors, for example, Fake Gucci Belt public transport and big cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, obvious difference, for example, http:/// as a result of the ministries and agencies and other units have the bus is too much, add to the originally not free of traffic. Traffic paralysis, almost every holiday, Beijing is part of the reason is caused by the departments of a gift. In addition, Beijing as the capital, privileged vehicles, and traffic control are also often affects the traffic. Superposition of these factors, leading to Beijing in global megacities, traffic congestion has been spectacular, moreover, Beijing's vehicle has been rising in the year of 4 million to 4.5 million, into the next year, 5 million basic is a foregone conclusion. But I'm afraid of congestion by negative alone is difficult to fundamentally solve the restrictions of management. To limit the vehicle as an example, the fact proved that modify the behavior of residents to buy cars but also has been proved by countries belong to the classic public policy failures. Moreover, considering the Beijing city house prices have far beyond ordinary people purchasing power, crowding out house prices can only choose to let ordinary people distant suburbs to buy a house, in the case of public transportation is not developed, buying a car is a inevitable choice. And the city currently has 4 million vehicles, means that the ownership of more than 200 one thousand people, but that with the United States, Japan and other developed countries, 600 compared to 700 one thousand people ownership, there is a big gap, which means that the Beijing market is far from saturated state, there is plenty of space in the future. Therefore, to solve the congestion by limiting vehicle is the most simple and crude, but little success. The so-called traffic congestion charge, many cities in the world are tested, effect and no imagination of so good, and barriers to implementation and technology in Beijing, don't want to be in each loop to barricade charge? As for the vehicle charge air pollution tax, see not used in the vase is belong to the policy. From the point of vehicle purchase tax burden of Hermes Belt, Gucci Belts vehicle taxes - if not the world's highest taxes the vehicle purchase expenses above 30% - at least should be is one of the highest.

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