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Author has written 4 stories for Lord of the Rings.

I am a Lord of the Rings fanfiction and fantasy author.

And on that note, I would like to comment on what many critics regard as a lack of originality they feel inherent to the fanfiction genre. Why do you 'copy' other people's universes? Write something ORIGINAL!! they exclaim to the heavens with an irritated roll of the eyes and a paternal 'tut.'

Well you see, the way I see it is this: what is original about writing a drama based in modern-day London? Why is it ok to do that, but not base a story in Middle Earth? London is, what it is. There is no universe creation, no new myths and beliefs, no new culture or aesthetics to describe.

Oh, so maybe it's the fact that LOTR fanfiction writers use characters already created by Tolkien? Well, what about stories based on historical events in human culture? Queen Elizabeth I, Henry the 8th, Charlie Chaplin, Hitler ... these are not original characters. Again, why oh why is that ok, why is that not ripped up with disdain, labelled as unoriginal, mediocre?

Good fanfiction is not the result of a lazy, unimaginative author; it is the result of passion, of love for the world Tolkien created; it is born from the desire to perpetuate it, develop it, keep it alive and honour it. Good fanfiction has nothing to do with mediocrity - and everything to do with fascination for a world that has so much to build upon, so many opportunities to create new things inside that world, so much potential to reinterpret. Just as non-fanfiction authors draw on things from our real world, then twist them, describe them from different, hitherto unexplored perspectives, so too do we, fanfiction authors do likewise with Middle Earth.

Just something that was screaming to be written down, for your consideration.

Some of my stories will be more AU than others, but you will find Legolas in them all! He may take the guise of this, or that, of course, but he is my main character in all my stories. Probably because Tolkien really couldn't be bothered with developing his character, and I always thought that was unfair.

Action, adventure and friendship will be the main theme throughout, although some darkness and angst will also be present. I am not one for writing romance, although I am not adverse to a little flirting, of course.

Now then, not that I am expecting flames, but if you do take it upon yourself to take out your bazooka, beware that my only reaction will be to laugh, and possibly post whatever you write as proof that inferior beings do, indeed, exist. Personally I am a very liberal person / writer and have and never will flame anyone- not unless my opinion is actively sought out - and the writing is, particularly bad. Even then, I would never intentionally hurt someone's feelings.

Please note that all illustrations are copyright, so please ask before you use them.

Like most authors, I live for reviews, so please be kind and tell me what you think ;)

Oh, and if you would like to check me out on Goodreads, please drop by. My pen is R.K.Lander. I am also on Facebook and Amazon, as author of Path of a Novice, by first original fantasy novel.

The Wild and the Wise

1. The Wild Ones. Just a little tale of uncouth Silvans in Imladris. I hope you enjoy it!

2. The Wise Ones. The Imperious Noldor travel to the lands of The Wild Ones

The Silvan

The story of Hwindo of The Company, Thranduil's elite warriors. Hwindohtar, the Whirling Warrior, son of Lassiel, and of he who can never be his father. His given name is Legolas but no one calls him thusly anymore. In battle he is Hwindohtar, but to his people he is their warlord, their defender. He is - The Silvan.

Arcane Land

The Silvan Book II - just out! The story continues and Hwindo and The Company must ultimately ride to battle against the Nimúan, in defence of Arcane Land.

Please note it will be a while before I continue with this story. i am currently re-editing The Silvan.

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