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Dear People Who Never Review My Stories,

Hi. Yeah, I know- I haven't updated anything in forever, much less my profile. However, I've got school, and getting little or no reviews doesn't exactly encourage me... In any way... shape... or form...


About Myself:

Okee... Let's see...

I'm somewhere around 5'2"-5'4" in height, and I'm pretty thin, but I'm gaining pounds (was 71 last year- 91 now lol), and strength.

Hazel eyes (light brown closer to pupil, different shades of green closer to the whites.), light brown hair that used to be blond (DAMMIT!), Caucasian (White, not Black (no offense meant to ANYONE)), have a real mixed decendancy.

Manga/Anime that I like (in no real particular order):

Cowboy Bebop,

Samurai Champloo,


Tenjou Tenge,



Spirited Away (anime movie),


Big O,

Ruroni Kenshin,

Case Closed/Detective Conan,

Wolf's Rain,


and Yu Yu Hakusho.

(There might be others that I forgot; and, no, they don't include any of the Dragon Balls, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, or Digimon. I'm sorry, avid fans, but I think they suck. lol)

FavoriteSong/Band (atm):

Beautiful Love, by The Afters


Your Dragon Master,