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Lets c...















4 Kurropted Infierer Dope_addicted Stupid_ppl ...yesh i kno 'kurropted' is spled wrongly and starts with a 'C'

Below is a suryey i stole

(Yes) I am bisexual or homosexual. - Deal with it.

(no) I've consumed alcohol. - I could is i WANTED too...I mean i AN 80. which is CLEARLY over the drinking age. u.u

(yes) I've run away from home. - twice.
(yes) I have lied to my parents about where I am. - all the time. xD
(no) I listen to political music. - WTF is political music? ._o
(yes) I collect comic books. - ...uhh..YES
(Yes) I shut others out when I'm depressed. - only sometimes

(no) open up to others easily.-not usually...
(yes) I am keeping a secret from the world. - COME ON WORLD, GUESS! I DARE YOU TO!
(yes) I watch the news. - it's kinda depressing (and FUN) to watch the world's impending doom.

(no) I own over 5 rap CDs. - Rap= Retards Attempting Poetary.
(no) I own an iPod or MP3 player. - I want an ipod --"""

(yes) I own something from Hot Topic. -black= 3
(yes)I love Disney Movies. - lately I've notice disney movies have a subliminal mesages in them...

(Yes) I am a sucker for hair/eyes. - mmm...hair.
(no) I don't kill bugs.-...no comment
(yes) I curse regularly. - What the fuck? I don't curse regurely damn you!

(no) I paid for that cell phone ringtone.-i tried to tho...
(yes) I am a sports fanatic. - only those few games which are currently illegal and involve illing (COUGHCOUGHstreetgameCOUGH)

(nope) I have "x"s in my screen name.-x's are overrated. thenew letter to have is k.

(lol) I've slipped out an "lol" in a real conversation. - only when i'm ...not feeling sane

(no) I love Spam. - spam=evol=love.
(no) I bake well. - -flashback- AHH FIRE! IT BURNS!...HEY COOL! FIRE! -end flashback-.
(yes) I would wear pajamas to school. - only the sexy ones with kisshu on them

(no) I own something from Abercrombie.- it reminds me of limitedtoo -twitch-
(no) I have a job. - hah. nobody really NEEDS a job to get by in life.;
(no) I love Martha Stewart. - Who?
(yes) I am in love with love. - as far as i'm concerned kisshi IS love.
(yes) I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS. – OcCaSiOnAlLy.
(nah) I am self conscious. - -shiftyeyes-
(yes) I like to laugh.- HAHAHAHAHAHA coughcough NO REALLY GUYS! I'M CHOCKING!
(no) I smoke a pack a day. - I smoke air. It's healthier, and smells like... AIR
(no) I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower.-WTF is a wallflower? O.o
(yes) I have cough drops when I'm not sick. - mmmm...
(no) I can't swallow pills. - I've never understood why people have such a big problem with swallowing pills. O.o
(no) I eat fast food weekly. -it wouldn't matter FATASS
Want to lose 20 pounds fast? …Cut your arm off!

(yes) I've been out of this country. - Psh. That's nothing. I've been out of this WORLD. …
(yes )I believe in ghosts.- no, don't worry annabell, we'll get youre body back ...soon...verry soon...
(yes) I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room. - Last time I did, it ate me =o

(maybe) I am really ticklish. - OF CORSE I DON'T! just...don't poke my tummy -shiftyeyes-
(yes) I see a therapist. -she's number #2 on my Mr.salttruck list. #1 is my old theripest who threw herself out a windoe afterduring one of our sessions...i don't think she liked me...
(no) I love white chocolate. - White chocolate will be the death of us all! > ;
(yes) I bite my nails.-they taste like SHIT

(yesh) I am comfortable with being me. - why? would you like me to be bob the snowman? O.o

(yes) I play computer games/video games.-only on tuesdays
(nope) I'm single. - i 3 Kisshu!
(no) I'm in a myspace relationship. - WTF…?
(no) Gotten lost in your city. - if i lived in a city i would tho...--
(yes) Saw a shooting star.- he was shooting masaya with a bazooka
no- Been to any other countries besides the united states. - Wasn't this question already asked before? O.o
no- I had a serious surgery.- not to say i don't need it... ._O

yes- Gone out in public in your pajamas. - BOOKDEALBOOKDEALBOOKDEAL
no- I have kissed a stranger. - Only sluts and whores do that. =0
yes- Hugged a stranger. - They were scarred for life afterwards.
yes Been in a fist fight. - I won. >
no- Been arrested. -...why would anyone try to arrest ME? ._O
yes- laughed and had milk come out of your nose. - damn you heather...

yes- Pushed all the buttons on an elevator. - I push any buttons I see. Even buttons marked 'Do Not Push' or 'Will Cause the Planet to Self-Destruct'. Especially buttons that make people angry at me. =0 no wonder i haf issues with a compooter.
no- Made out in an elevator. -... --""""""""
yes- Swore at your parents. - I do it all the time.stupid muthafuckers...
yes- Kicked a guy where it hurts. - Being kicked ANYWHERE hurts. U.u But yeah, I've kicked them there, too. It's fun seeing the tortured look on their faces. ._.;
yes- Been close to love. - I haveone word: Kisshu.
no- Been to a casino. - casinoes are phreaky...so many...blinki...lights. ._o
no- Been skydiving.- ...-pushes you pff cliff-
no- Broken a bone.-well actually i have...just not my own... ._o
yes- Skipped school. - who HASN'T?
yes- Flashed someone. - I showed my stomach. :0
yes- Saw a therapist. - i feel as if i've awncered this before...
no- Done a split. -dude, i can barel touch my TOES ._o
yes- Played spin the bottle.- manytimes -shivers- PLEASE GOD! NO MORE DANCING!
yes- Gotten stitches.-on my chinny chin. --
yes- Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour-and then i came out my noes..
hellyes- Bitten someone. - I do it all the time. xD;
no- Been to Niagara Falls. - hmm...-shoves u off falls-
no- Gotten the chicken pox.- shots...-twitch-
yes- Kissed a member of the same sex.-...no comment
yes- Crashed into a friend's car. - Running as fast as you can into the side of your friend's SUV is VERY fun. You should try it sometime. XD;
no- Been to Japan -...why dost tho haunt me?
yes- Ridden in a taxi.- 79dollars and i was still having him drive me in ciccles.
yes- Shoplifted. - I stole some gum.
no- Been fired. -now been fired AT... thats a diffrent story ._o
yes- Ever had a crush on someone of the same sex. - … >>;
no- Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back - KISSHU X MEGAN FOREVER BITCHES!
nope- Stole something from your job.-... nobody REALLY has a job in these modern ages.
nah- Gone on a blind date.- ...-fizzfizz- Kisssssssssssssssssssssshuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
yea- Lied to a friend. - Long time ago. I don't do that kind of stuff now. It's teh EVIL.
yes- Had a crush on a teacher/sub. - Lasted all of five minutes. Once he gave us several pages of work, the crush wore off relatively quickly. ._o
no- Celebrated mardigras in New Orleans- wtf? ._o
no- Been to Europe.- damn europeans...out of all people... why did THEY have to catch on? --
no- Slept with a co-worker.-...-twitc-
yes- Been married. - Does anyone remember those games in elementary school where you'd pretend to marry a random boy who got dragged into the game? ._o
yes- Gotten divorced. - I got divorced when I was in elementary school. The boy got tired of playing 'Wedding' and went off to play basketball.
--"""- Had children- ...
yes -Saw someone dying. - i was laughing too
no- Been to Africa- i wanna go tho _
yes- Driven over 400 miles in one day.- because EVERYONE knolws about my madd driving skills
no- Been to Canada. - ...me dun't think so...
nope- Been to Mexico. - dodde esta mi taco> xD
yes- Been on a plane. - Good God, I love flying. --

no- Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show- mmmm... horror...
yes- Eaten sushi. - > ;;; I really don't like sushi for some reason…
no- Been snowboarding.
yes- Been skiing. - And I suck at it. xD;
yes- Met someone in person from the internet- hey arii! WHEN DID U GET HERE!.
no- Been moshing at a rock show. -ehh?
no- Been to a moto cross show
no- Lost a child.- it was tragic. i was 5.
no Gone to college.
maybe- Done hard drugs. - ...-remembering recess- heh.

maybe- Taken painkillers. - …advil?
no- Had someone cheat on you.- ...-huggles kisshu-
yes- Miss someone right now. - arii.. … ((dies)) x_x
maybe- Don't like anyone in your town enough to call them a "friend- still debating

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