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: I hath changed my profile, tis for the better!

supersonic663: uh...

: Ah, I see, thou is not in Advanced Literature!

Kaede: Ye, make a good statment!

Naraku: Who invited you, wench?

: I haveth! Thou must respect thy elders!

Naraku: ELDER?! I'm older!

: Nay, the embodiment of Naraku was created fifty years ago!

Kaede: I was but a child then, but still I am thy elder, Naraku!

Naraku: but Onigumo--

: Bring not thy predessesor into this conversation!

Kagome: Yeah! You're always sayin' you ain't Onigumo!

: Who invited thou? You do not speak the proper tounge!

Kaede: Yes, indeed, out with her!

Kagome: Kaede!!!

: What kind of common street urchin art thou? Thou must address your elder as Lady Kaede!

Kagome: Fine, whatever, see you weirdos later!

: dirty child, does not ever offer a bow of departure!

Supersonic663: I have a feeling we have been kicked out of this conversation.

Asouronis: I'm outa here.

: Dunce! Do you not say 'may a take my leave?' when thou wishes to leave?

Asouronis: fine, may I take my leave?

Kaede: certainly, young one.

: Nay, Lady Kaede, she must learn the hard way, off to the torture chambre for her! That shall teach her the proper way of speaking!

Asouronis: what?!! NOoooooooooooooooo(two men clad in chain mail drag her away)

Naraku: what kind of profile is this anyway?

: hn, Profile? What, speak of this profile?

Nakaku: fine, give me the hard jobs...(starts typing)...wait I can't speak English!

: hmph! Thou art a worthless servent indeed! Allow me...

Likes: Honesty (from other people this does not apply to me) Manga, other comics, drawing, writing, entertaining others, and being nice.

Dislikes: excluding others (especially long term friends, PAT!) Anime that ruins the manga it most likely is base off of, and cassorole (I just don't like it...)

E.G.C. (evil genius commitee) members: Me, Naraku, MuggleBuddy, Marik(new)

Marik: I didn't want to join.

: thou art evil, and thou hast plotted against thy enemies, therefore thou art an evil genius! If thou wishes to join the E.G.C. just review or E-mail me with information on your evil conquests. 'Till next time...Now I will take my leave (* runs into a fake sunset, hits it, and falls down)

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