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Updated-August 5th 2006

Name- Amber
Age- 15
Status- Computer Crashed, my files were deleted!
Stories coming up here are-
-Nikki's Revenge~Chapter 10-Done!

Nikki's Revenge, is about how Nikkia, Vernita Green's daughter gets her revenge on Beatrix Kiddo.

Please check it out and R&R, constructive criticism is very fine by me. I have learned to deal. Thanks everyone.

Here's a little about myself.

Favourite movie- Kill Bill Vol. 1
Favourite Star- Jack from Radiata Stories
Favourite Video Game For the Day-Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy X-2
Favourite book- Everyone Else's Girl
Embarrasing Fact- I still play poke'mon games
Favourite Qoute- 'Don't get all up in my grill!'
Funny thing to do when your bored. Go to google and type in qoutes "(your name) died by" and look at the results. Mine was killed by people who thought I was a witch. Noice.
My future Job (Maybe)-Dentist
Current hobbies- playing video games!
Favourite Soul Calibur Characters- Talim, Taki, Cervantes
Current Goals for the Week-Finish Chapter 11 of Nikki's Revenge by next Saturday...

So far I'm on these people's Author Alert.
2)Autumn Maxwell
8)mr imperfect

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1)Autumn Maxwell
3)darck soul
5)sushi-gurl same person as #4
6)Tiffy Taffy
8)mr imperfect

Thank you guys!

newDiary of My Life

Stuff I did today. (the 29th) I went to Shelby's house, it was so hot today so we went outside and sprayed the hose at each other, omg it felt like heaven. I went to work with her and her grandma, they are pest control,I thought that it was quite interesting. They caught three moles today! Like wow...They said that thats good. I got home at 5 p.m. and ate chips while watching G4 tech TV. I watched the Video Game Vixens and pityed for all the guys who take that show seriously and drool over these digitized girls who they will never find in real life...pathetic. After that I went on the computer...thank you for letting me waste your time with this!

Stuff I did this weekend (6/3-6/5) Well I went to the carnival, then broke my ankle. I sat next to puke on one of the rides, how delightful! My friend shelby came over and saw me and my ankle.I called Jeff and told him about me and my ankle. I saw a ton of people at the carnival and most of them are mean, but I saw a few really nice people that I liked, and I waved to them...Yepo, another really exciting weekend, to tell you about and waste your time with.

Band Camp- (i forgot the date) Lexi got stuck in the bed area trying to act like a snake. I learned how to march and other great and exciting stuff like that...(im being overly sarcastic) Rained and i borrowed someones poncho and looked horribly funny in it. Got complimented on how I eat my food. Yea, i think thats purty much it. Thank you...

Homecoming-(Oct 22nd) I wore a pretty black dress, and people liked it. I went over Jeff's house to eat and stuff, but the pizza gave me a stomach ache so I didnt feel good at the dance. They played a lot of rap which I dont really like. I like Rock and the Oldies. It was fun.

Vacation- I went on vacation last week to snowmobile. Sadly there was barely any snow to snowmobile on...Still had fun and drew a pretty hunter picture, yup that's really it. I got a random review which made me finish a chapter in my story.


Current mood- Content

Nikki's Revenge reviews
Chapter One thro nine. The beginning of Nikki's revenge on Beatrix Kiddo for killing her mother 12 years ago. R&R
Kill Bill - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 6,608 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 2/25/2006 - Published: 4/23/2005
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