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Hi. I'm smellysoap. Someone once called me 'soapy' and I think I like that too. Unfortunately, my interest in writing had reached its peak long ago and in addition to not being particularly talented in that area, updates as of today are unlikely. Checking my profile regularly may give you more information for chapter updates.

For those who have accounts, don't forget to check my account there also! Thank you!

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Kgirl says: Haha, asdfjkl; you: My first bleach fiction. I have passed my Bleach obsession, but that doesn't mean I dislike this idea. Right now, I'm sort of stuck. I've come to this road block called "Chat Room Conversations are More Interesting Than the Live Action Ones". Other than that, I think this has a lot of potential. The pairing is obscenely unusual, but Tatsuki seems to be outshone by Orihime all the time, I believe I'm creating a spotlight for her. I'm a little worried about my way of controlling her personality to fit the general direction I want this fiction to take. The way I show her personality seems to make my writing seem more juvenile than it actually is. I will have to fix it at one point or another.

Mediocre: Taking the time to re-read all my fictions, although I did not intend for this fiction to be amazing, in my opinion it has turned out the best when speaking about technicality. Admittedly when I began, I had no idea where I was going with it. Originally. Nin'at was chosen to be the main character, but since she has been assumed to have already tamed her ikran, it is hard to get around that. She is an adult, so her father cannot pester her. There will probably be a fast forward scene to the ikran taming... Which I am planning to write in Chapter 7!

My Alien Robot: Original title, I know. It was supposed to be 'My Alien Robot(s)', but brackets don't seem to show on the title, which is really unfortunate. This being my first Transformers fiction, I have to warn you that since my knowledge of Transformers only go as far as the movies, (and the fictions I've read), there will most likely be some AU aspects... But I would like to know if there are any problems in facts you may be aware of. I don't really want this to be an AU. And I don't know if you would understand, but you know the feeling when you're rereading your own fiction, and you can't help but feel a little embarrassed and what you wrote? That's what I'm feeling right now when I reread it. I just want to make the writing seem less juvenile. I feel like I seem like a complete dork (level of writing-wise). One thought: 'What was I thinking?' I still like the concept, storyline and the overall idea, but really, I could've gone for some higher quality... Definitely will update, and perhaps an edit... but we'll see.

They Must Go: Title and summary may change. Ah, I know, I know. You may shoot me for creating another fiction, but this has so many new elements in it, I couldn't help myself. Granted, it took me a long time to complete such a short chapter, but hey, at least it's completed. New Elements: Re-trying Third Person; Different Protagonist Stereotype; Shorter Chapters to Encourage More Chapter Consistency; and I don't remember the rest.

Chapter Statuses

Kgirl says: Haha, asdfjkl; You: Chapter 3 - 0 Percent Complete

Mediocre: Chapter 7 - 0 Percent Complete

My Alien Robot: Chapter 9 - 0 Percent Comlete

They Must Go: Chapter 3 - 20 Percent Complete

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