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I am the original Youkai Fire Fox. I have renamed my account "YFFox" because the old one was from when I was a tween, which means some of my stories are that of a child. It should also be noted that most of my old stories will not be continued. I’ve kept Blood Moon Rising only because it was my first story and had a “great” following. Regardless that it was canceled, I am not one of those authors who deletes her work. I thank you for your understanding and if you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at youkai_fire_fox@yahoo.com


Name: K.

Location: Hawaii.

Age: Young enough not to worry about the age thing… ask me again when I’m 30. I’m sure by then I’ll start counting backwards.

Favorite things in the world:

Pink Floyd (oooh-baby, funk-a-dunk-love), Queen (We are the Champions!),

Clive Owen (sexy lil’ Welsh he is), James Bond (the old ones) and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Hobbies: The typical things expected of a Youkai Fox: Driving people nuts. Stalking Yoko-Kurama & Touma Hashiba. Chases tail. I have a habit to gnaw at the legs of unsuspecting people. (I don't think they like that?) Oh, I also write fiction. For a Youkai kitsune that's pretty impressive.(I have immobile thumbs)

Favorite author(s) Rank:

Nagia: Nagia’s writing is different from you average writer. She tends to lead towards the darker side and enjoys focusing on the character’s raw emotions. I think of Nagia as Ann Rice’s protégée (although Ann Rice has done a complete turn around and not for the better…)She has great grammar skills; do not expect to see any spelling errors from this authoress. I highly suggest Nagia if you are in search of a Nasuti & Seiji tale. -Nagia deserves the highest ranking for originality-- "Into the Dark Night" is author’s choice."

Crazy Cookie: Ms. Cookie is by far one of the most inspired novelists out in fan fiction land. Tiger Moon focuses on Luna’s (FYI Luna is from the OVA Gaiden) return and the emotions everyone goes through recalling the events that lead to her death. Ryo comes in to play as the one who is most traumatized by her death. It was hinted in the OVA that Ryo cared deeply for Luna and Cookie managed to illustrate Ryo’s heartfelt struggle easily. Luna is one of those females that echo strength. Like Nasuti, she too is powerless, however that does not prevent her from standing her ground when all odds are against her. I personally think if Nasuti & Luna took up alliance, the Yoriden Troopers would be out of a job. (Okay, maybe that is a little farfetched…) Not only is Luna the center character, so are the rest of the troopers including my favorite girl, Nasuti. In fact, the boys & Naste share a lot of script time in Tiger Moon, more so than Luna. You Seiji & Naste fans, if you love those two couples, I highly suggest you read the story. Ms. Cookie portrayed Seiji & Naste’s awkwardness toward each other’s affections perfectly. If I could, I would give Ms. Cookie an award for portraying the characters accurately with none of the dreaded OOC (out of character) antics.

Maxthe bishie deliverer: Max has proven to be one of the top YST/RW writers. I wished she would wirte more, but she has a aversion with ff.net right now (as we all do). Her writing is serious and often times it deals with dark situations, which in my opinion speaks highly of her raw talent. Her descriptions are vivid and her emotions are believable. Most importantly, her work is never boring and there is always a captivating plot to follow. She is an avid supporter for the Seiji and Nasuti paring, which if you haven’t seen any YST episodes (or doushinji & manga) then you should know its one wonderful duo (Can u tell I’m a fan?). She always pulls off Seiji’s personality smoothly; one that is authentic and bond to make you a devotee. Now, read my lil’ sis work or I’ll beat you … My friend, it’s in your best interest. I would love to give Max an award for well-executed dialog and captivating story themes/lines. --"Darkened Romance is author choice."

Angel Assassin: I have not read all of Angel’s stories except for Year of the Dragon. From that story alone, I can tell you anything she writes I would immensely enjoy. Year of the Dragon goes beyond potential and I would like to see it continued, but I don't think it is going to be. Angel deserves an award for enchanting your interest.-- "Year of the Dragon" is recommended.

Desi: Her stories are similar to a roller coaster ride; up & down. Desi is a gififted writer who pays attention to her work; you will not be disappointed with her work for YST or Rurouni Kenshin. She deserves recognition for powerful romances and dramatic plots. "Koigokoro…Awakening Love is recommended for RK fans and 'Betrayal has its Price' for Y.S.T. ."

Sailor Perfect: If you are a big Sailor Moon fan or just a fan of a good story-please read her work. Sailor P. is instantly recognized as one of the most powerful voices in romantic fiction. "Reflections of Dreams is recommended."

Fav Anime...Characters:

Roinin Warriors...Sage, Mia and Cale (YST: Seiji, Shin, Nasuti & Anubis).

Inuyasha...Sesshoumaru and Naraku


Angel Sanctuary...Lucifer

Yami no Matsuei Descendents of Darkness...Oriya (sexy basterd- I want him for a love slave.)

Seimaden...Laures, Zadei and love Sherril- (spoiler alert!...Sherril dies. I never know why anime/manga always end up killing off the characters I love. However, the ones that drive me nuts live. That's just not right...)

Latest News: I'm no longer sane and a beach bum.

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