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I am a long time reader of Fanfiction, and finally decided to try my hand at some writing. Let's see how that turns out, yes?

Lost Magic: First Contact - A retelling of the First Contact War... with magic! Seriously though, this is my first fanfiction and, in fact, my first serious attempt at writing a story, so any constructive critcism is appreciated. It involves an older and far more experienced Harry Potter who, due to a terrible incident that shall remain undisclosed for now, finds himself roughly 150 years in the future, just after mankind encounters the Prothean Archives on Mars, and Mass Effect technology starts to become common. Due to that same incident, Harry decides to leave Earth for space, and after some years visiting various regions of the galaxy as a licensed explorer, ends up on the planet Shanxi when the Turians decide to attack it. Everything will happen based on this premise, on Harry's quest to find the mysterious Living Magic, and on the impact his presence and his powers will have on the conflict, and the ME universe in general. Some points to keep in mind:

First, a reminder: the events of the First Contact War take place during an unspecified month of the year 2157, nine years after humanity found the Prothean Archives (2148), and twenty-six years before the first game (2183). While I will use the cannon characters known to have participated in the conflict, and many will notice that I love to throw future cannon characters in the mix (sometimes only in obscure references), the story requires a good number of OCs to work, and they will have major roles to play. On the Harry Potter side, this story is AU from the penultimate chapter of Deathly Hallows onwards (possibly, as J.K. did not tell us much of what happened until 19 years later), and likely on many of the details on the general nature of magic. On the Mass Effect side, this story becomes AU praticaly from the moment the Turians arrive on Shanxi, although the deviation is gradual (again, Bioware told no specifics on the events that led to the war, and even Mass Effect: Evolution is sketchy at best). I have read all HP books, and played all ME games. While the main focus of events will be on the ME universe, my narrative supposes that the reader is at least moderately familiar with both of these sources. I apologise in advance, but I write as much for myself as I do for you, guys. Some general world facts and some basic concepts of HP magic and ME tech will remain unexplained. Of course, I will try to explain things whenever they deviate from the source material. General sci-fi knowledge also helps. The 'M' rating is mostly for complex themes, graphical violence and some cursing. There will not be any graphical sexual content at all; if characters want to get frisky, they will do so off-screen. English is not my native language, as I am sure many will notice. While I agree this isn't any excuse for poor writing, do remember that. On a side note, the spell checker is my new god : ) The story is completely outlined, but the chapters get written as they come, so do not expect blazing fast updates. I also have a target of 12k to 15k sized chapters, so there is that. I will try my very best to keep to a one-a-week schedule, but can make no promises as I do have a full-time job. I will come right out and say that I don't think I can write a good romance. But I have planned to include some, even if very low-key, as I don't feel a story is complete without it. There won't be constant pauses for kisses or walks beneath the moonlight, though. When it will happen and with whom, is a secret. Slash isn't my cup of tea, with all due respect to those who like it, so you won't find it in this story. Keep in mind that Shepard is only 3 years old by the time our tale takes place, so she (if it is a she), is out. Finally, as this seems a sticking point for many people, let me say that Harry is a brave and powerful wizard who spent his years after Hogwarts training hard to make himself the best fighter against the Dark Arts possible and, let's be honest, to make up for lost time on school. He is not the second coming of Merlin; he is not the perfect, unflinching, all-knowing, unstoppable War Wizard. He can't shoot Avadas from his eyes. He can't transfigure a dreadnought into a bunny. He is a very skilled, talented and intelligent man, with a saving-people-thing, and access to an incredibly versatile power, against which there are very few defenses besides the power itself. If Harry appears overpowered, it's because magic itself is overpowered. I guarantee, though, that he will eventually meet his match.
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A man is left trapped in time, while his world dies around him. Now awakened in the distant future, he leaves the planet of his birth and embarks on a journey to find that which was lost. But the new frontier holds many dangers, and the human race is about to face its first great challenge. A HP/ME crossover. Slow pace, rated M for safety, my profile has more details.
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