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Author has written 10 stories for Teen Titans, Harry Potter, Darkstalkers, Kim Possible, Game X-overs, Ghost Busters (Real/Extreme), Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, and BioShock.

I am a guy living in the midwest with an affinity for crossovers. I like various forms of Anime, manga, comics, cartoons, and videogames. My favorite characters are always the "anti-heroes" in various shows and such. Some of my favorites I've listed below.

Terra (Teen Titans), Blackwargreymon (Digimon), Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2), Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo), Vegeata (DBZ), Bass & Treble (Mega Man), Kazuma (S.Cry.Ed), Raziel (Soul Reaver), Desert Punk (Desert Punk), etc.

I like to come up with unique and or believable crossovers from any of the above and more. Some ideas I've been thinking about are summerized below. Anyone who wants to take up one these challenges is welcome to.


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic/Brutal Legend: A new pony arrives in Equestria via a metal fireball, severely hurt and confused. He was sent here by the power of Ormagöden, but for what reason? How will the Mane 6 handle a heavy metal pony that was raised in the Brutal World and has never seen another pony in his/her life? A pony that fought and killed demons on a regular basis? And how will his introduction of the power of Metal affect the Elements of Harmony?


The new pony must have been raised in the Brutal World, after or during the events of the game.

Preferred choice is a Pegasus type pony.

Must be able to use the power of metal from the Drowning Doom and or Ironheade

Power of metal must have an effect on the Elements of Harmony/Mane 6

Must introduce heavy metal music to Equestria – results of doing so are your choice

Optional: Having a pet metal spider go with said ponyPairings optional

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic/Gurren Lagaan: We all know how the Mane 6 got their cutie marks, but what if something happened with Twilight Sparkle when she got her mark? What if during that one moment her magic went nuts she was transported to another world and landed right on top of the Dai-Gurren Brigade. How will magic affect Spiral power and vice versa? What happens when Twilight returns to Equestria with spiral power along with her own magic? Just who the hell do you think she is?


At her magic entrance exam, Twilight must be transported to the Gurren Lagaan world

She must gain and be able to use spiral power – its effects are up to you

She must return to Equestria at the same moment of her departure with no one knowing what happened

What she does with spiral power and how it affects her and her magic is up to you

Chronicles of Narnia/American McGee’s Alice Madness Returns: After being left behind after the train crash, Susan Pevensie is depressed until she meets a girl with a much darker past than her and a very twisted, yet logical outlook on the world. How will the former Gentle Queen react to meeting Alice and entering her Wonderland? What will happen when she starts to look at all of Aslan’s actions with logic and not faith? How will the other Pevensie children deal with Alice, a girl with a will far stronger than theirs and a massive sadistic streak. What will they do when Susan chooses Alice over them? After all, why have a kingdom when you can have a Wonderland?


Susan must meet Alice after the train wreck in London

The two must tell each other their stories of Wonderland/Narnia

Alice must question all of Aslan’s actions with logic, normal or Wonderland logic is up to you.

How Susan reacts to this is up to you.

Susan returns to Narnia with this new outlook

Alice must go with her or at least follow her later

Alice is defiant of Aslan but is not evil, just twisted

Preferred pairing: Susan/Alice

Transformers/Gurren Lagaan: After the Spiral Nemesis, Gurren Lagaan is sent drifting through time and space and ends up on Cybertron. With a will of his own and a personality that is a mix of all his previous pilots, how will this mech who wields Spiral power affect the conflict between Autobot, Decepticon, and Neutrals? How will Optimus,
Megatron, and everyone else deal with a bot whose will and power rival that of the Matrix? Just who the slag do you think he is?


Gurren Lagaan must wake up either on Cybertron or possibly a mining colony

He must be able to integrate with things like in the anime. The results are up to you.

Personality must be a mix of previous anime characters who have piloted him, primarily Simon and Kamina.

What that results in is up to you.

Optional pairings based on faction: Autobot – Arcee (can be any version). Decepticon – Slipstream, Airachnid. Neutral – Blackarachnia, Nightbird (I like this one the most)

Some Sayings and Thoughts that I think are relevent.

"If ambidextrous means you're equally good with both hands, does being equally bad make you ambisinistrous?"

"The most dangerous form of madness, is the conviction that you're sane."

"Of course I'm paranoid, but am I paranoid enough?"

"Just because they are out to get you, it doesn't mean you're not paranoid."

"It's not the bullet with my name on it that worries me. It's all the ones marked To Whom It May Concern..."

"My shoulder angel and shoulder devil agree more often than not. Should I be worried?"

"You can be absolutely correct, and still be crazy."

"You know, for such an incredibly intelligent person, you sure do a lot of stupid things."

"Stupidity killed the cat. Curiosity was framed."

"When the birds go to war against the fish, the only winners are the cats."

"You should only stop learning when you're dead, and if what I've heard about the afterlives out there is anywhere close to true, not even then."

"We don't fight with our swords, we don't fight with our fists. We fight with our hearts" Am I the only one who thinks this could get really messy?

"Ahh... Chaos and mayhem everywhere, my work here is done."

"If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid."

"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, munchy, and good with ketchup."

"Impossible just means no-one's managed it... yet."

"Having a good sense of direction is not the same as not being lost."

"Join the club, we've got jackets... those 'I-love-me' jackets that do up in the back..."

"Stupidity is the only capital crime. Fortunately, it's self-enforcing."

"You have a dizzying intellect... it goes around and around in circles until everyone falls over."

"It's all fun and games until someone gets hit in the groin ... then it's a party!!"

"All evil requires to win is for good men to do nothing." Interestingly, I have come to realize that the reverse is not true.

So many times, I have noticed, wisdom sounds like madness. Why is that?

When surrounded by insanity, even a child's mind can stand above the crowd.

Look straight ahead. Or askance – whichever way you choose, you must always look in the right direction.

"Seek and ye shall find," they say, but they don't say what you'll find.

Paths that end in trouble are all the same – they only appear different when you don't know where they lead.

Only the foolish believe that suffering is just wages for being different.

Only the insane equate pain with success.

Only the savage regard the endurance of pain as a measure of worth.

Only a few find the way; some don't recognize it when they do; some don't ever want to.

What is sought is most often found, if it is truly sought.

Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending. Sometimes we don't understand it.

When you're not on edge, you're taking up too much space.

Threats, promises and good intentions don't amount to action.

When something is written in stone, remember ... Stones too, can lie.

The only true kind of prophecy is the self-fullfilling one

Tips and Sayings about battle/survival:

1: Don't bring a knife to a gunfight... or rather, don't bring just a knife.

2: Battle plans never survive contact with the enemy... so be the enemy.

3: All else being equal, even the slightest edge matters.

4: Never trust someone who smiles all the time, they're up to something.

5: Speak softly and carry a big stick... heck, speak softly and carry a big gun.

6: Praise the Lord... but pass the ammunition.

7: If something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.

8: 'Friendly Fire' isn't.

9: The price of liberty is constant vigilance. (Just ask Mad-eye...)

10: Expect the worst, the pessimist can only be pleasantly surprised.

11: Never stop your enemy from making a mistake

12: The loser is always the one who makes the last mistake

13: The enemy of your enemy is your friend ... sometimes

14: Just because someone is not your enemy doesn't mean you are not their's.

15: Fortune favors neither the good nor the evil ... it favors the prepared.

16: Remember kiddies, the smart man knows when it's time ... to run like a little bitch!

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