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Author has written 17 stories for Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Master and Commander, Wind On Fire, and Harry Potter.

Hey I'm Lucie, I like to write comedies, or really really dramatic stories/poems/screenplays. CHEESEY! Favourite topics are probably LOTR and Jurassic Park. I am a hugggggge JP fan, especially since I turned into Alan Grant recently. (don't ask). I watched JP1 21 times in 3 weeks. That film just never gets boring. Also a fan of the books. Just wanna say here, as Dinophilia is my main story-

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Nope nothing at all, it's all down to Crichton. Good man. Well I do own Sparky. Sparky's mine. no one can take him away form me. Nothing and no one. And I own Frederick Stefanopolisnopolopolaspopodopolous. And kinda own Bob Muldoon, he IS Robert's brother they AREN'T the same person. DON'T SUE ME PLEASE. I own some more stuff but Sparky's the one I can't afford to lose. My friends would kill me.

I also am obsessed over LOTR, and Pippin/Billy Boyd-ANY friend of mine can tell you I'm completely head over heels for him. I MET HIM OH MY GOD THAT WAS A MONTH AGO AND I'M STIL ON A BILLY HIGH! he smells really nice. OK, ok I know I gotta do this too...


I met him too, smells really ncie also-so there you go. I do own the plotlines, and the characters you've never heard of, and if anyone steals my story I'LL SUE YOU BITCH! Thank you. bows LINGLEBY! From Master and Commander which is awkward to type so M&C, yeah I love him he rocks. BLESS HIM AWWWWWW DON'T BE SUICIDAL but ah ha ha we asked Billy and he says he smiles all the time YAY Lee Ingleby this is by the way we just know him as Lingleby cos I can't pronounce Lee Ingleby. Wow there weren't any fullstops there for a while. Ok, ok, it's coming...

Disclaimer: I own nothing from M&C, only thing I own, co-own with FLicky actually, is the plotline to the musical. THe SONGS I only own a few of the lyrics but everything you recognise is either cos you're weird, you can tell the future and saw it in a dream, or it's because it's the work of some other brilliant person.

I'm Evil, Schizophrenic, favourite personalities include Sméagol and Pippin, and that sentence explains my name. Enjoy Dinophilia-I wrote it in my head whilst walking on fine day with friends. Every other story is a creation which took literaly 5 minutes. I don't spend way too much time on things-I do HAVE a life. Well not really, but hey. Some of my stories involve slash, in fact most of them, and even dinosaur-man love.

My screenplay (The Quest/The Elf's Revenge) may get another instalment one day but hey only if I can be bothered. I wrote that 2 years ago for an English assignment, when I was 12. I'm 15 now, and my stories get sicker, funnier (in my opinion) and there you go. READ AND REVIEW!

I just watched a Jurassic Park 1,3,2 (in that order...no one knows why) marathon, and ARGH SPINOSAURUS SCARES THE HELL OUTTA ME THAT CREEPY THING WHAT IS IT, I MEAN COME ON IT'S EVIL I HATE THINGS WITH POINTY NOSES. I love Alan Grant. I love him I love Sam Neill I LOVE THEM!

By the by, I LOVE Voldemort, soooo much, I mean how sexy is he in the books and the films? Also, I love Ralph Fiennes to my heart's content. Sigh, cannot get enough. My Callidora and the Dark Lord's Daughter story is meant to be serious SHOCK HORROR but has its Lucieism moments at some point. There's a lot of sugar on my computer desk. Shortbread. But the story's really sweet... sniff

Disclaimer: You should know by now I don't own Harry Potter, otherwise why the hell would I be writing stuff on here? I wish I owned Voldy, but I don't, I wish I owned Callie, but, alas, she is actually real. I could even own Charlie, but nope, she's Erin's. Damn.

Also, WOF, no one knows it, its depressing. But... Disclaimer: Still don't own it!

So in short, i own nothing that could make me money...

Oh also, I don't own Family Guy or anything, but Seth MacFarlane is my soulmate.

Ta ta for now, toodles!

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