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~My Stories and I~

Writing. It is one of my favorite hobbies and something I do quite often; almost every day, in fact. I've been lucky enough to complete several stories over the years I've been writing, but only a few have been posted here. They are: Power Rangers: Dino Thunder - A New Threat, Power Rangers: Dino Thunder - Spectres of the Past, Power Rangers: Dino Thunder - A Return to Glory, and my current novel Star Ocean 2: The Second Story which is loosely based off the Playstation game itself. I only have one chapter of that up, however, the next will up soon.

Update V 10/13/07: My previous Power Rangers SPD novel has been officially discontinued and replaced with new: Ghost of the Past. The Previous extension from Return to Glory was supposed to be "War of the Mystics" however that has been discontinued as well in favor of Ghost of the Past.

Update IV 6/05/07: Completed "A Return to Glory" and began a new Power Ranger story called: "War of the Mystics"

Update III 1/19/07: Added a new section to my Profile called "Dragons Reading Recommendations"

Update II 1/17/07: A Return to Glory has been updated to Chapter 25 and I've added two new stories: Order of the Phoenix and One Night With You, both of which are Harry Potter stories. Do enjoy, my friends.

Update I 11/20/06: I currently have a new Power Ranger fic up entitled A Return to Glory. It currently has 14 Chapters up so do enjoy.

~Star Ocean 2 Novel~

(On Hold Till Further Notice)

There is some information that I need everyone to know about the Star Ocean 2 novel: there will be many minor, yet significant changes to the over story. The plot will remain the same, however, certain characters that you are unable to get (whether it be forgot them, got another set instead, etc.) will be in this story and will come earlier. Spoiler Warning: For example, Claude & Rena will meet Ashton Anchor's upon their first trip to Salva together, rather then having to progress through Cross, the Cave, Clik, Mars and then to Herlie. During the story, the crew will also meet Opera and Ernest, along with Precise and Bowman. Due to this being an actual written novel, battles will be far less frequent and only significant or major battles will be mentioned (such as the Lacour Tournament of Arms, the battle with Bosses and such). Other minor battles will also be mentioned, but there will be very few.

Also for the actual characters personalities, I've also expanded upon them as well. Due to the fact, this is only a game, and discs can only hold so much data, I feel that the characters personalities (especially the side characters: Dias, Bowman, Opera, etc.) were not well touched upon. Based on the actual game, I will go further into their personalities and make them a little more believable. Some characters, fortunately, will be mentioned and seen for only a short while (Leon?) and will play only minor roles. These characters include: Leon, Precise, Chaisto (sp?) and Noel. Leon's role will be exactly as it was during Rena's adventure (a mere cameo with a short role); Chaisto be the annoying report again, but will NOT join the party; Precise will be mentioned, seen, touched upon, but will not join the party; and finally Noel will have his simple cameo for the short Synard angle on Nede. For those of you who actually liked these characters, I do apologize but I had to make certain cuts. Since I am writing this story, I am only going to use the characters I like (Dias Flac, anyone?)

A few Private Actions will find their way into my story, but they will be few. Due to the fact all the romance and friendship development will be done during the actual plot, I see no need to add Private Actions unless they in someway shape the characters personalities to a significat degree (For example, the Private Actions in Salva and Mars during Rena's game. They are the one's where Claude asks Rena about the sky, if anything is beyond it and what kind of sky she wants. However, the PA must be much more significant then that.)

Most of Chapter I may seem confusing and I don't blame you as I had a difficult time writing it. Most will probably notice that the beginning is nothing like the game, but you must understand that this is a story. Certain changes and additions must be made. The same goes for movies based on Comic Books. As much as I'd like to, I can not remain completely true to the story, otherwise It'd become very short and not worth writing it.

For now, that is all and I hope you understand my position here.

~Dragon's Recommended Reads~


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More to Come

~Contacting Me~


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