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Author has written 12 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Supernatural, and Merlin.

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I'm going to have to exit out of fanfiction writing one day, and so these last few major fics are the ones I hope to complete. I make no promises. Along the way, there may be small ones that pop up from time to time.

Not all my stories will be found on this site due to rating restrictions, unless I tone them down. Another reason, finding the time to put it here at All of my fanfic writing can be found at my lj account, (Note: restricted to those 18 and older). I also have an AO3 account:

How I Write

I now work to write the entirety of the story before posting anything. The story gets self-betaed and revised, then given to an actual beta, if one can be found. The story gets edited and revised again, if needed. Then the story will be posted. I've recently decided that here at, sections/chapters will be posted separately at scheduled times.

But the works will be complete.

Why do I do this?

Firstly, so I'm not left with a frustratingly incomplete work, such as Exquisite Horror. More so, it's frustrating for the readers, whose read the story and had never received a desired conclusion.

Secondly, it allows me to concentrate on the quality of the fictional work, rather than the rate of updates. As lovely and/or revealing as constructive reviews or praises are, it makes me want to put some odd time pressure on myself. And let's face it, it makes me feel bad. Guilts, not an emotion I need while writing.

Lastly, I feel my multi-chapter stories would be more of a cohesive whole. Being able to revise a story in it's completion works better for the story, because it hasn't been distributed to the masses of the internet fandom. Details can be changed, and no one but the beta(s) and I would know the difference.

Writing To Do List (in no particular order):

Exquisite Horror - rated M--Roy/Ed--Fullmetal Alchemist--Action/Adventure

After having his freedom given back to him, Edward must learn to cope with a world he never knew. A world where, still, things seem to center on him.

Status: needs a re-outline & rewrite

Within a Sea of Red, 2nd installment of An Ocean Blue 'verse - rated M--Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Other--Merlin (BBC)--Crime/Romance

A Sea of Red is the sequel/companion piece to An Ocean Blue, completely from Merlin's perspective. High-class prostitute, Merlin Emrys, becomes acquainted with Arthur Pendragon, heir to a massive crime empire lead by Uther Pendragon. Consequently, also the owner of The Avalon, the brothel where Merlin resides. The more Merlin gets to know Arthur, the more he wonders about his family, and begins to question how far entrench into the crime world he could succumb, if he allows himself to succumbs to his feelings for the Pendragon heir.

Status: completed, posting in progress

The Falcon - rated M--Leon/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin--Merlin (BBC)--Crime/Mystery

A series of death, combined with an assassination attempt on a high profile businessman, Uther Drake, places Detective Leon Niht on a trail that could lead to a big event about to go down between the Purist and the MAU. Leon attempts to uncover the details between politics and criminal deceit before more lives are lost. But the shady lines between business, city politics, and organize crime and his inappropriate attraction to eighteen year old Merlin Falkner could prove to be a problem.

Status: the car needs gas

Blood on the Snow - rated M--Canada/Prussia--Hetalia: Axis Powers--Horror

Matthew doesn't know what happened, but there's something after him and he doesn't know what it wants. His bodies changing and he no longer feels safe. When he collapses during a world conference, his family as well as other Nations takes notice. Together they try to investigate what's happening to Matthew, before he's swallowed whole.

Status: outlined, just needs paint

Bildungsroman [not official title]- rated M--Canada/Prussia--Hetalia: Axis Powers--Drama/Spirituality (re:Coming-of-Age)

Matthew Williams is being possessed by The Demon, Gilbert Beilschmidt. Amongst the tightening holds of the Unity Orphanage's caretaker to uphold propriety, and his own growing awareness of sexuality, he'll let it.

Status: outlined, just needs paint

From the Author to the Readers

Constructive criticism is always a plus. You didn't like it, tell me why and how. You enjoy it, tell me why and how. Otherwise, praise it, demean it, give me a smiley face. Either way I hope you'll take something out of my stories, whether it be your tears, excitement, fear, or your time. :P

That said, if you don't that's fine. I do consider story favourites, story alerts, and the like to be akin to a praising comment. Happy readings.


PM me with any questions you may have. ;)

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