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Author has written 2 stories for StarTrek: Enterprise, and Call of Duty.

A writer of--yes, I admit it--torture fic. If you are diametrically opposed to that, I'd rather you not read my story/stories. Just so it's clear, torture fascinates me. But in real life it disgusts me. I only "like" it in fiction. And I prefer to see it handled realistically. I'm not really big on hurt/comfort. More like hurt/angst/trauma/rescue. My email address has changed so please use the link to look it up. In fact, only the domain name has changed, so it shouldn't be too hard a transition.

Thanks for not giving up on me! For those who haven't figured it out yet, I'm not really a guy after all. I'm...(drum roll please)...Gabrielle Lawson, prolific writer of other fandoms. And now you can keep up on Gabrielle and I (ha ha) through Twitter. We are only tweeting what we read or what we write. So it might help you hold out to get updates of what I posted to know that occasionally my muse let's me write. I'm Inheildi on Twitter. So follow me there.

Status of Alien us:

There: Alien Us is done. Sort of. I imagined more before my life took such a downturn that I didn't imagine anything anymore. Not stories anyway. Maybe someday I'll be able to again and discover that this wasn't done after all.

Thanks for sticking with me. My imagination is working again! It just didn't go where I thought it would go. It went someone I thought I'd never go, in fact.

I started a new story recently. Call of Duty Ghosts is a very different Call of Duty or even 1st person shooter. It draws you in in a way no other video game has. Shadow of Mordor did a pretty good job of making things personal but in that, you started out dead with all your family killed in front of you. It had a good ending. Call of Duty Ghosts makes you care about your character because, I think, he's part of a family. He's not just some faceless sniper part of the team. He's the brother and son of 2 other characters. He sees his father killed right in front of him. Then the seemingly good ending turns terrible. You have to watch past the first credits to see it. It's awful. It's highly disturbing. It leaves you incredibly worried about what will happen in COD Ghosts 2 if they even make that game. So, I had to take it up from there for my own sanity. And you know me, I can't take the easy road on stories like this. Look at Gabrielle Lawson's Close To Home . . . So Far Away. Doyle is alive again, but he had to go through hell to get that way.

Gabrielle Lawson and I are one and the same, after all. Don't expect easy from my new story, but do expect better speed. An ending like that obsesses me. I can't NOT think about Logan. I don't want to do anything other than write. Writing has always been my drug. So, play the game or watch a walk-through on Youtube. Make sure you see the scenes after the credits. Then take a look at More Than a Ghost. It's my therapy. Maybe it can be yours.

I've posted the last 2 chapters of More Than a Ghost. More to come. How is that? Well, I'm writing bonus features. Yep, Deleted Scenes. Scenes that really don't fit in the story but fill in some loose ends or are just feel-good fluff. I wrote this story as therapy and now I want to get all the scenes that I dream up (the good ones) out of my system. It's quite satisfying for me. I hope it will be for the reader.

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