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Author has written 30 stories for Legend of Zelda, Totally Spies, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon X-overs, Code Lyoko, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Teen Titans, Naruto, Inheritance Cycle, Torchwood, Harry Potter, and Sky High.

NOTE: Tsuki officially handed the account over to me (Drowned_in_light) a while ago, I guess I just forgot to do this. Below is a list of her stories (written by her), that will no longer be updated. I also cannot say much for the C2s as I did not create them.


ANCCIB- Dead Yup, I'm no longer continuing this story. I got bored of it and blah blah blah... it's dead.

AI- CompletedThis really was a one-shot with a prolouge. I can't stand shoujo-ai anymore, so I just made it a one-shot. (Two-shot?)

CM- Dead I might update this some very long summer from now, but as for now it's gone. I really used this as a base for a lot of my art, and then I decided the story would be waaay too long to write, so I gave up.

DD- In-progress!I just started, so I'm still working diligently on this one!

DL- Completed! I'm so glad I finally finished a story. Yay me! Go read and review if you haven't already!

EF(s)- Completed This was a one-shot drabble songfic in my head. I now hate it because it copies the music video for that song sooo much...

GU(s)- Completed Yay more more one-shot songfic drabbles in my head...

LTYH- Completed Okay, a lot of people wanted me to continue this, but I won't for a few reasons. One: I meant for it to be a one-shot in the first place. Two: I don't know what would happen next, so I can't continue xD And Three: I lost interest and decided not to continue... Sorry guys!

M- Dead I really hate my younger self for being such a bad writer... but yeah... I don't really have any interest in this story, and neither do any of you, so I'll probably delete it soon.

MNL- Dead This was written during my Teen Titans phase, which I quickly got over. So no more continuing this one...

NN- DeadThis could be dead, or I could make it a cliffy one-shot... Either way, I'm not continuing it because I found the idea rather stupid and taken over in the TMM fic world.

OY- Possibly Ongoing I still to today get reviews for this story, it was my most popular before I wrote Dark Love. . I might continure it this summer when I'm bored with nothing to do. -;;

PN- Dead I got bored of this one and wrote Red Beauty Sisters instead, which I also got bored of. . Not a single review, not a single person read it. So, it sucks and I hate it to be blunt. xD

RS-Dead These are drabble songfics I put in Eragon. I don't think the Eragon fic readers really like this kind of thing, so I'm deciding to stop writing it and possibly delete it.

RBS- Ongoing I probably won't update this until this summer, but I do enjoy writing SM after a loooong phase of writing Naruto and TMM. -;;

R- Ongoing I know it seems like I've abandoned this fic, but I haven't. I'm just workin on Dark Love instead. I'll continue it soon because I really like the story (I'm like halfway through chapter 3...)

SS- Dead This was going to be a remake of Sailor Moon with the Zelda characters, but I decided not to continue because, come on, 250 chapters? That's nuts! But the fanart I made of it was fun. xD

SU-Completed This was kinda cool at first, but not so much anymore. So now it's a completed oneshot.

TOM-Completed I have now a hatred for the big-forehead show Code Lyoko. I'll probably delete this one.

LoZ:CN- Dead This was cool at first, you know, making a new Zelda story, but it got hard to continue and I gave up... (Plus, not a single review!)

TSS3- Dead I now also hate this show, too. I realized how stupid it was for valleygirls to run around being spies... grrr...

20 stories... I'll limitt that down soon once I delete all those crappy ones. lol Please read and review my stories, I'll do the same for you!

And here is my profile updated from when I was much, much younger

Name: Drowned_in_light or Dil

Age: still not telling, because this is one of the ways people steal your identity.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, forums, roll plays, anime, manga

Goals: To get a book published before I'm twenty-five, and to keep my abstinence. To become a better person than I am.

Other: I'm really weird and a Christian and proud of it. Now most of you are thinking, oh no, not another your going to Hell freak. To those people that tell you that: you probably do not have a working relationship with Christ so do not! persecute others for what you can't do your self. For those that thought that I'd get up in your face: one: I respect your decision to be whatever religion or denomination you choose to, or didn't choose, to be.

Days of my life:

(table in science class is talking about science fair projects)

Dominik: You know I think that I want to drop a baby off of a building

Me: that's horrible! (goes of into lala land as Dominik talks to everyone else)

Dominik: Do you have the wrist bands that they gave us? (takes a look at the quotes on my wrist band) See! It says here that, "Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom!" We could test the success of babies by dropping them off of a building!

Me: Dominik, that's just wrong.

Brooke: Yeah! You should put springs in their diapers and then drop them off of the building!

(in the library, on a Wednesday afternoon)

Me: Hey Shade, it's dark in here.

Brooke/Shade: laughes The closet... (talking about a joke, not the homosexual population)

(in the library on another Wednesday afternoon)

Brooke/Adrian/Meagen: laughing the silent laugh and consiquently shacking the table

Me: You know I'm starting to hate you guys' silent laugh. Esp since it's shacking the table.

(on yet another Wednesday afternoon, yet again in the library)

Me/Brooke/Megan/Adrian: (laughing about something)

Me: (here's an announcement) shhh! Oo, the buses are here!

Other three: yeah that's about right.

Me: making my way to my locker, balacing my World history and Geometry books and binders, while holding my viola case in my other hand, and while my back pack is slipping oof of my shoulders must not drop books, must not drop books. gets to locker and deposits books, begins decent downstairs humming a little tune. Gets outside and sees Megan and Brooke in the commons. Hey Silver, Shade!

Brooke: You just missed the bus.

Me: comes out far enough to see that the busses are leaving Are you kidding me?!?

(NOTE: on every Wednesday, we get out an hour early, but the buses don't get there until our regular release time because it conflicts with pickingup the elementry school kids. So, alot of the bus students hang around school. My friends and I hang around in the library and do homework and talk)

(On the same wednesday after noon, on the side walk next to the parking lot.)

all of us are making calls and such. Finally we deciede that Adrian's mom will come and pick us up and drop me off with dhade and then I'll get a ride from there

Brooke: Hey, do you guys wanna play pitch?

Adrian/Megan: groans no shade

Brooke: Ooo! Ooo! We could play mau!

Adrian/Megan: Ooo! Mau!

Me: What's Mau?

Brooke: You have to play to learn. The only rule that we can tell you is that you have to be quiet. And when we say POI (point of intermission) you have to say it to.

Me: maybe I'll just watch.

Adrian: Nope you have to play!

Megan: C'mon Rika! (my group nickname)

Me: Allright, I'll play.

(we play mau untill Andrain's mom arrives. In the car)

Brooke: If I could pick any of the United states to lay claim to, it would be Nebraska and maybe montana.

Adrain: I want Oregan and Hawaii

Megan: I want New England and California.

Me: I claim Colorado!

Adrian: In that case...

(we go into a huge conversation about claiming parts of the world for when we will one day rule it. i got Colorado, Germany, Russia, Japan and I think a part of South America. I also claimed the white tiger as my animal and white gold and bronze as my medals. At Brooke's house, we are on the couch doing homework)

Me: (spots a copy of To kill a mockingbird lying face down on the coffee table along with a practically distroyed version of Edith Hamilton's Mytholodgy) You know, you shouldn't leave books face down like that, it ruins the binding.

Brooke: Only if you leave it for really long amonts of time.

Me: (points to EH's Mytholodgy) then how do you explain that?

Brooke: Oh, when I was reading it over the summer, I got board with the first couple of chapters and decieded to go read Persues. Then I left it for like a month and then I found out that we had to read the first third and went back to reading that. Then I got board and left it. Then it was all bent out of shape, so I though that if I dipped it in some water that it would go back, but then it got all ruined, so I put it under the couch cusions.

Me: You put it under your matress and then sleep on it!

Brooke: shrugs

(end of the really eventful afternoon)

(one morning in the library)

Megan: You know brooke you make the oddest noises

Brooke: Yeah, you know I'm gonna make up a language and teach it to my kids.

Me: I pity those kids when they go into school. People will have no idea what they're talking about

Brooke: yeah, they're trying to say cat and they're all, "it's a naayaa!" and everyone else is like, "What the heck?"

(another morning in the library)

Brooke: You know, I'm gonna teach my kids a completely obsucre language. Screw English.

Me: (laughs) that'll be great, we go over for a visit and all we hear are shrieks

Megan: Yeah all of the sudden we hear: NeeYAA!

Adrian: I'm gonna keep my kid from rebelling. He can go to school, then he eats, I chain him to his bed, he can do his homework and then go to sleep.

Me: You can't keep them from rebelling, it's a natural part of life.

Adrian: Oh yes I can. I think up really good punishments (imitating kid) last time you chained me to my bed...and then the time before that you made me read the Sight, 48 times...out loud to you!

Megan: I'm gonna teach my kids to read.

Brooke: You're kids will be trained librians by the time they're two!

Megan: imatating kids: stamps and imaginary book here you go, it's do back in two weeks, don't damage it or bring it back late or else we'll hunt you down.

Me: I kinda wonder what my kid's'll be like, Megan's'll be librians, Brooke's will screech and feel the need to endanger themselves, and Adrian's'll have no lives. Man I pity the guys that marry us!

Adrian: I pity the guy that dates me! If he marries me, he knows what he's gotten himself into.

(On the bus)

(Josh and I were blowing bubbles that we got in orchestra as bribes because we were voting for orchestra coucil members)

Caitalin; what's with the bubbles?

Me: We got them in Orchestra.

Mike: Aren't you suppose to be playing instruments?

(in German Class)

Claus: We need to have a German Fight Club. Wouldn't that be great Frau, you could just get out all your agressions on us.

Frau Bronson-Sheehan (aka Frau): (pretend punches Claus) No, we couldn't have a fight club, i would go to prison if I beat you all up.

Me: Rule number one:

(Dominic joins in)

Me/Dominic: Don't talk about fight club. Rule Number two: don't talk about fight club. Rule number three: don't talk about fight club.

Me: Yup that's just about all I know about fight club. Except that it was a bunch of guys kicked the crap out of each other.

Dominic: Well, they hit each other too.

(In german class another day)

(the boys are having a conversation about action movies)

Dominic: Yeah, Four Brother's was pretty good.

Me: I never saw that. Though I heard that Garrett Hedlund was completely naked in it. (the boys all stair at me) I'm a fangirl, what more do you want?

Dominic: (shrugs) not much, actually.


Books: Harry Potter, Pendragon, Oran Trilodgy, Tamora Pierce, The Inheiritance Trilodgy (Eragon, Eldest) Speak, Catalyst, Prom, Avalon High, The Chronicles of Narnia, anything about king Arthur, the Fantasy Encyclopedia, True Colors Series, The Farie Reel (and anthology), many more

Movies: For right now, a lot of Disney Movies, Aeon Flux, Ultra Violet, Merlin, more that I can think about right now.

Food: CHOCOLATE! German food, chinese food, Mexican food, Italian, Sea food

Anime/Manga: Newer Stuff: Naruto (believe it! cough cough nevermind), Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha (it's still on TV and producing new episodes), Fruits Basket (new to me, not sure about the rest of the world) Some other stuff that I may watch but I forget the names of easily

Older Stuff: Rurouni Kenshin, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball (DBZ kinda crashed after Goten was born and the androids were defeated, the first part of it was ok, but Dragonball was much better), Trigun, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura


Oc love: I do support this, as long as it's not terriable written.

X-over couples: I support a lot of these.

Naruto: NaruHina, NaruIno, NaruTema, SasuSaku, SasuHina, ShinoHina, ShinoOC, KibaHina, KibaTema, Kibaoc, ShikaIno, ShikaTema, GenAnko, AsuKure, GaaOC, KankOC

FMA: EdWin, EdRose, EdOC, AlWin, AlRose, RoyRiza, MaesGracia, HavocRoss, HavocSheska, FurySheska, BroshRoss, ScarRose,

Fruba: Kyome, KyoRu, KyoKag, YukiRu, HaruKag, HaruRin, KyoUo, HaruUo, AkitoHana

Inu: InuKag, InuOC, MirokuSango, Sesswhoever (depends on what kind of a mood I'm in)

RK: KenKau, SanoMegu, AoshiMisou

YYH: YusKei, KuwaYuki, other stuff too, but those are the two most generic.

Harry Potter: HarryGinny, RonHermione, HarryHerm, RonLuna, DracoGin

Pendragon: BobbyCourtney, BobbyLoor, BobbyAja, SpaderLoor, SpaderAja, SpaderCourtney, MarkAja, MarkCourtney, PatrickAja

Oran Trilogy: WyerJobber, DagarJobber, DagarLirreal, EneasShedwyn, AlwirTayleb

Tamora Pierce: GA, JA, AlyNawat, DaineNumair, KelWhomevertheauthorchoosestopairherwith

The Inheiritance Trilogy: EragonArya, MurtaghNasuada, ThornSaphira, OromisIslanzadi, RoranKatrina

(Such interests I used to have...)


SaW:tSoL: Well, it's been two years or more...one day, yes one day I shall update it and it will be comepleted. Maybe for JuNoWriMo?

WSIIL: Still ongoing, just when I get the new chapter up.

SotW: Er well I wrote more to it the other day, but don't hold your breath.

WiB: I might revise this at some point, but once again don't hold your breath.

MR: One-shot. Complete.

It occurs to me that this account it dead. Actually, it might have swung back around and started being undead, and then just got sucked into the Pit of Voles...that, and I definitely did not know how to spell "trilogy," when I was 13.

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