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Hey. I'm Moo. I'm 20 years old and female. I used to write HP, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and DN Angel fanfics, but they were mostly OC-infested so I decided to take them down when I went back to fanfic writing. I also used to rolepaly, but I've retired and now I'm back to just fanfic and original writing. My fanfics are mostly Death Note, as you can see, but I have a crossover and some Hetalia fics in the works, and I've been challenged to a Pokémon fic as well (and must accept the challenge on principal). The best place to see updates in my fanfics would probably be my LJ, since I usually update it first.

Other than writing...well, I love music, and I play the piano. I also love to do backstage theater work and build sets. I'm employed in my school's set shop, which is really fun ^.^ I am generally an anime fan- I love cosplay and cons, I dabble into all sorts of anime, I'm addicted to webcomics, and I think nerd humor is the best kind of humor there is. I also love old things, particularly old rusty things. House museums are my favorite places (next to graveyards), and I currently work in an Archives and Special Collections, though I intend to become a curator or director of a house museum one day. I'm majoring in antropology, my one true intellectual love ^.^


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Author's Notes
Instead of putting notes at the beginning and ending of chapters, I decided that I'd put them here instead so they won't disrupt the flow of my writing.
Please check here for updates!

All chapter fanfics are currently on hold, with the exception of Dear Orra, a Harry Potter fanfic that will be going up soon, and Denial, which I have decided to cancel. I can't bring myself to take it down, but I won't be writing any more. I've been in a funk with writing for a while now, and I just don't think I'll be doing much more fanfic writing from what I have, but I will try to get back into it. I feel like it's not fair to myself or to any readers, though, to cancel Days before the end, and Nights comes so easily from Days that there's no point in stopping it if Days will still go on.

Denial (Cancelled)
This was going to fill in Mello's story starting when he left Wammy's House and ending when he died. Unfortunately, I've lost my ideas for it, so now it has been canceled. I can't bring myself to take it down, though, so I'll leave it here.

I owe you readers an explanation for this fic, don't I? You may or may not have heard of the poem about the days of the week. Because my life seems to revolve around Death Note, I looked up the manga birthdates of various characters: Matt, Mello, L, Naomi Misora, Light, Misa, Matsuda, Near, and Gevanni, to be exact. According to my research, Light and Misa were born on Mondays; Mello, L, Naomi, and Gevanni are Wednesday's children; Matt and Matsuda were born on Thursdays; and Near was born on a Saturday. So, what does all of this have to do with what you're about to read? Well, this was inspired on my research combined with that poem. You'll find each of them somehow combine with their day of the week. By the way, this has absolutely nothing to do with the plot of Death Note (hence the use of the word 'crackfic' in the summary). I just thought I'd clarify that. It's just the characters. I hope you enjoy it!

This is the companion fic to Days! It put things into Mello's perspective, and there should be a little more romance to it- or rather, one-sided angst. You kind of need to at least get the basic gist of Days to understand this fic, but seeing as it's pretty much crack anyways, I don't know if it matters much.

Little Sister
Meiyl gave some of us a five-word story prompt a while ago- 'iron, egg, braid, green, snake'- and I decided that Marcinda and I should write Death Note fanfics for it. I was thinking of writing a crack pairing fic, but instead this beautiful idea bloomed in my head. It took me a while to actually get to write and the last line took a painfully long time to come up with evne though it's not that super ultra fantastic, but I hope you enjoy it anyway ^.^

This one was inspired by the song Animal by Neon Trees. It's just a little one-shot I whipped up one night. I'm sorry that I didn't properly mark it as 'Complete' before.

Live Without
Another song-inspired oneshot. This one was inspired by One-Eighty By Summer by Taking Back Sunday. I'm told that If I Die Tomorrow by Motley Crew fits really well too...
I am in endless amounts of debt to my content beta, Artillery, and my two structure betas, Meiyl and Marcinda. They put up with an enormous amount of crap as I lost my lime virginity.

Tales of a Forgotten Time
Aka ToaFT. This is more a collection of oneshots than a chapter fic, but with similar characters and themes, and eventually there will be some ongoing plotlines as well. For more information on the characters I will use and other things, please visit my Livejournal.

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These are the tales of Wammy's House before the destruction began, before Kira. A growing collection of anecdotes focusing on various Wammy's House characters including Mello, Matt, Near, Linda, and Roger. No pairings involved.
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The biggest tragedy is not to die. No, it is to go on living, to persevere; to laugh, to smile, when you know that a piece of your soul has been lost forever.
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