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An Introduction

Gotta catch 'em all! But all they do is fight.

Fell in love with the series early, and now I have to defend its irrationalities. Kind of like a drug habit you just can't kick. One...more...episode...You know it's wrong but it's so, so right.

I'm lying though. For me it was the games, in which you do catch a lot of monsters. Started with Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, which were a lot of fun until level sixty or so. And then it's just a grind. Unless you're serious about the game, which case it's all bleak from start to finish. Fun times.


People tell me there's a lack of serious reviews on this site. My own experience is obviously limited, given how little time I've been here, but I think the review system is very valuable. It lets writers experiment while receiving timely feedback on what's improved and what could be done better. To that end, I'm happy to review any story you feel could benefit from some perspective. I've read Harry Potter and obviously I'm a fan of the Pokemon franchise, so my input will likely be more valuable with respect to those fandoms. Just let me know if you've got a story you'd like to get some fresh eyes on.

In Recent News

Currently reading: Never Let Me Go, by Ishiguro Kazuo.

Currently watching: The Daily Show (RIP).

Creative Struggles

Too many.

A few days ago I read some articles about machine-learning, and then some stuff about computational analysis of literary work. Call unique words types, and each instance of the word a token and you've got the basis of your analysis. Mostly you get calculations based on the density/variability of vocabulary, length of sentences, sentence structures, number of unique names (counting how many characters are in the story) and then you compare across novels. Or across authors.

Faulkner vs. Rowling. Hemingway vs. King.

Then you go big, compare across periods. That's really the point of a computer-based approached, that you can analyze enormous amounts of data. Take the whole English canon from the romantic period and compare to the victorian, or modern, or postmodern. Or you compare across genres, or 'schools'. The programming's pretty simple since you're just dealing with text and basic math functions. If you want to get complicated you could use tags (xml probably) for things like mood or tone, but that would require people to actually tag in the text, and that introduces a lot of subjectivity. But anyway, interesting stuff.

Maybe I'm just sick of close-reading. Can't avoid those core requirements though.

Some Things I've Learned

It's possible to tell a good story badly, and a bad story well.

Plot should illuminate character. Don't shovel characterization.

Unpack sensation.

Don't filter the physical.

Hurt your characters. Bleed them. Torture them. Ruin their lives.

Subject yourself to your old work. Hope that you cringe.

When nobody wants anything, the story's over.

Put some blood in the gutters: white space is a valuable tool.

Introducing variety in your prose for the sake of variety clutters your writing.

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