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Author has written 12 stories for Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Codename: Kids Next Door, and Loud House.

Hello people, just an aspiring writer here trying to come up with some things to write about. Currently I have several stories down but more are planned for the future. Here is a list of what has been written and what will be written as well as what might be written.

Has been written:

1. Monster love AU: the universe where Moon and Toffee from 'Star vs The Forces of Evil' became a married couple and the impacts it had on Mewni. That's right, I'm running alongside the Avengers for an extended universe.

A. "A Tale of Moon and Monsters": If a pebble is placed right it can change the course of even the mightiest of rivers. What could have happened has happened; but not in the way you might think. When Moon proves to be unable to use magic properly due to her rambunctious nature her mother and father send their best adviser to teach Moon proper restraint and courtly etiquette so she might learn proper control; this adviser being a Monster named Toffee. After a rocky start Moon learns to trust a Monster and in the process learns more about the plight of Monsters and feels a growing desire to help them as well as another growing feeling for the Monster Toffee himself that may be reciprocated. Eventually her parents find out and Moon is forced to make a choice, be the princess they want her to be or stand up for the Monsters when no one else will. This is my first fanfic and story I have ever written so expert mistakes to be riddled throughout.

B. "The Moon and Monsters Night" "Soothing Aches": Rated M for lemons, these one shots show Moon and Toffee's acts as a couple, be warned Toffee is in fact a lizard so it will be disturbing if you think too much about it.

C. "Star the Monster Princess": A "sequel" to "A Tale of Moon and Monsters" this follows Star Butterfly the half Monster girl as she has fun and learns more about how to be a queen. After Star proves inept at her magical abilities and with a crippling anti-social anxiety complex due to her being half-Monster her parents send her to earth in an attempt to find a relaxing environment as well as get her to make friends among the humans. After making friends with Marco Diaz, with some mishaps along the way, the two go on random fun adventures so Marco can show Star more about his world and Star can show him about hers.

D. "Birth of The Star" "The Full Moon Wedding" "The Waxing Moon" "Parent's Day" "First Words" "A MonStar's Birthday": Cute little oneshots of MoonxToffee and MonStar with good humor and maybe some plot points worth noting.

Will be written:

1. "The twin celestials (formerly The Lizard and The Queen)": There was a fanfic called 'Moon and Star vs the Forces of Evil' that had great potential but it was limping, and then the author went on hiatus, then they disappeared completely. Well because they are gone and deleted the story I can take the idea and use it now so HAH! (sorry, just happy I get to use this concept) Anyways, Moon and Star are twin sisters set to inherit the wand of Mewni on their 16th birthday but trouble is brewing, and because of this they must go to earth in order to study Magic. Lot's of comedy, romance, and action as the twin princesses push forward learning about life.

2. "Mad Marco, The Cult of the T": Just a story about when Marco was in Heckapoo's Dimension but done in an unusual fashion honestly. Marco is moving about hunting down Heckapoo copies but in this instance gets sidetracked into helping a group of slaves escape a religious dictator as he was captured and taken prisoner to be harvested for his body.

Might Be Written:

1. "The Dragon King and The Fey Queen": A How to train your dragon and Brave crossover with Hiccup and Merida getting together. Be warned, this is gonna get dark fast and in an unforgiving manner after the set up.

2. "The Bad End Friends": Fight for existence: After multiple different story characters have bad endings; including Dipper from Gravity Falls, Mort from Over the garden Wall, and Finn from Adventure Time; some force decides to eliminate the realities that have had unsavory finishes in the process wiping out hundreds of thousands of different realities. With the balance of the Cosmos itself at stake this group of unfortunate souls will have to pull being heroes against all odds when they have failed in the past or they themselves will cease to exist.

3. "Disney Descendants: The Nothing": Disney blew any chance they had with descendants of their characters, so I'm gonna do it the right way for them. A cross over of every Disney group that I want to, some will be cut out for various reasons so if you want a descendant from characters you love in the story you might want to convince me to include them.

4. "Reversal of roles": After the introduction of the super crown, Bowser took it for himself thinking he could use it to fool Mario into helping the wrong side... a strange plan yes but still better then his past options. However everything changes when Bowser doesn't change back and she now becomes Bowsette and becomes almost reborn as a better person. This does not sit well with Peach who takes the super crown and is somehow able to turn into Bowser kidnapping Bowsette in an attempt to control the land. Now it's up to Mario and Bowser Junior to rescue Bowsette and save Peach if that is even possible now.

5. "Pokemon: The tale of James": Description pending.

6. "The vision of a squirrel": Here's one I haven't seen before, what if Arthur from the Disney film 'Sword in the Stone' had kept the squirrel who fell in love with him. Upon receiving a vision from the future, similar to how Merlin does so in the legends, he decides to bring the friendly squirrel with him and somehow she changes into a human. How does this work out... only time will tell.

7. "Scooby Doo: Mystery Ultimatum": I've noticed that there are A LOT of good Scooby Doo films and even bad films with good ideas. My thought process, why not take all those good ideas and, using some magic, mix them all up into a single fantastic story. Scooby Doo and gang head up north into the New England region chasing mysteries as per usual. However as they delve deeper into the mysteries they find that there are some questions not being answered, too many connections between the various 'standalone' mysteries, and there are some disturbing connections with the gang themselves. They solve the mystery, no duh, but for once that is just the beginning of the story.

Note: If you post requests I will get to them unless if I explicitly say I will not get to them but it could take MONTHS to get to them as I have other priorities in life and writing. Sorry to disappoint you but I do have a life outside of writing.

Favorite quotes:

"Do not sacrifice 1,000 lives for one." Star wars the Clone wars.

"No parent should have to bury their child." Lord of the Rings: The two towers, Theoden.

"What is better, to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort." Skyrim, Paarthurnax.

"I can't just sit here and do nothing, that's all I've ever done." Wall-E, Admiral.

"Do or do not, there is no try." Star wars the Empire strikes back, Yoda.

"All my life you told me the world was a dark cruel place; only now do I realize the only dark and cruel things are people like you." Quasimodo, Disney's The Hunchback of Notradame.

"A wise king never seeks out war, but he must always be ready for it." Odin, Marvel's Thor

"If you start singing I'm gonna throw up." Moana, Maui.

Oh yeah, a bit about myself.

I am a 26 year old male from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United States. I work a full time job at a pet store as the animal caretaker and bird handler, I love animals soooo much. :3 I am also a volunteer firefighter and might push to become a full time firefighter if my fortunes are right even though I will miss the pets. :( I like playing Dungeons and Dragons, I am also a proficient Dungeon Master, in addition to writing for stuff I do in my spare time.

And... I'll add stuff on as I think about it.

Well TTFN, Ta Ta For Now. (laughs like Tigger and bounces off into the sunset)

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