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Author has written 3 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, Gundam Wing/AC, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

("Mew-Mew Style...
Mew-Mew Grace...
Mew-Mew Power in your Face...)

Unknown: "How's it hangin' all yinz crazy anime guys and chicas! I'm Toboe!"

Unknown: "Well helllloooo and how are, you hosers! I'm Chibi!"

Both: "And, together we are the Mew Mew Actresses!"

Toboe: "Penn-Trafford's own finest example of hyperactive, anime lovin', chorus freaks!"

Chibi: "Woot! Go Warriors!" holds up sign that says 'Go Knights!'

Toboe: eyetwitch "That's Norwin's team, baka-chan!"

Chibi: "Well, I guess we're just going to have to go on a fieldtrip!" throws aside sign "Oh, boy! Fieldtrip!" begins to 'power-walk' away

Tobe: shaking head "You're goin' to have to excuse my friend, she forgot to open a window when she was building all those Gundam models!'

Chibi: pops up beside Toboe at the mention of 'Gundam', with 'Quatre goggles' on her head "QUATRE'S HOTT!"

Tobe: sighs "Movin' on... We're just your average pair of anime junkie, best buds who just happen to find themselves in the weirdest situations."

Chibi: jumping up and down "Yeah, like there was this one time when Kaiba and Yugi-"

Toboe: covering Chibi's mouth "Shut up! You wanna give away all the suprises!"

Chibi: licks Toboe's hand

Toboe: wipes Chibi spittle off on her jeans "Anyway, please read and review!"

("Mew-Mew Style...
Mew-Mew Grace...
Mew-Mew Power in your Face...)

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