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A Profile Thingy Thing Of Some Sort...


Welcome, welcome, welcome to my wonderfully literate profile. This is my most recent update on this profile too, considering my older attempt of one was quite short-spoken, racial, and slightly sadistic. I don't think many of you would mind such a thing as sadism, but I feel personally that isn't my place in life.

My Reason Of Style...

However, that does NOT mean I don't like writing S&D scenes into my fictions. I, personally, love the eroticness of sadomasochism (informal mix of the words sadistic and masochism); for one, it's easy to write about, and for another my stories do finely revolve around the game which I write about. That does not mean my personal life includes S&D, or does this mean you are allowed to ask me questions about it, because I won't answer them. I'm still studying for future one-shots and other chapter stories.

Besides the point, I have no shame in writing about organs purging from a human or animal body, surgical addictive disorder (feeling pleasure from cutting oneself open with a sharp object and sewing oneself back up again), other kinds of masochism, possibly bondage, homosexuality scenes (mild scenes), numerous types of blood sports either done for pain or pleasure, and I might start writing about more S&D scenes (submissive and Dominant, Master/Mistress and slave), without any of that weird animal nonesense, such as making the slave act like a dog or some odd creature...

That's just ridiculous.

Comments, My Little Harlots?

Other than that, I am very open to comments, compliments, and constructive critisism. It is my duty as a fanfiction writer to make my stories enjoyable for the young adult public, either for a adrenaline rush, or for intense expressive meaningful reading. I already have two stories out, obviously...

Hallowed Be Thy Name...

Hallowed Be Thy Name was originally a one-shot, but since people have been wondering and wanting me to make it into a chapter story, I have thought about it, and will make it processional for other chapters in the future. To be honest, I wrote the story because I had a Writer's Block for my first processional chapter story, so I decided to put in a special extra.

To those who don't understand what the meaning of the fiction is, I shall gladly explain it to you. Before I do, however, I want to let every hardcore Alice In Wonderland fanatic out there toknow this one fact about my fictions: My stories are based from the game, and the game ONLY. I realize that the game is slightly inacurate to the books, so I ask in the highest respect to not correct me and my storyline; blame those errors upon the makers of the game. Please understand as well that I have no desire whatsoever to send/recieve flame via email or reviews from and to anyone, since I leave my address open to anyone who wishes to write to me, including welcomed anonymous viewers.

If you decide to not to take my simple requests to mind, that is perfectly fine, because I will personally let you know if I feel you did critisize me wrongfully, and simply ask why you decided to do it as well. No problem, I assume? Of course I can...

Now, my once-was-a-one-shot-story is a scene between the presently know mad Queen of Hearts and the dying King of Hearts. If you have read my The Suits Sisters fiction, this one-shot will make sense easily. For those who haven't, the Queen of Hearts in this story has begun her regin over the four parts of Wonderland. She has turned to madness, mostly because of jealousy towards her sisters, more so the Queen of Spades and Diamonds. Because of this, the Queen of Hearts' sisters become worried, and begged that the Queen of Spades pay her a counseling visit. Alas, failure was the outcome of the anyway tragic visit. The Queen of Spades had about given up on her insane sister, HOWEVER (you say, "Ah, the plot thickens..." for my sake), the King of Hearts counsels the somber queen.

Naturally, the Queen of Hearts is not pleased with the little scenario, thus proclaims the King of Hearts insane in the membrane and sends him to his last decaying breath in an isolated, opaque, padded room, which she had built right outside of her bed chambers...just for him. The Queen of Hearts afterwards convinces herself (or talks to herself, whatever suits your fantasies of insanity) that she is thetrue victim of adultry, and it would only seem fair to get even...She does. The queen sends a summons to the King of The Spades for him to see his brother, shamelessly seduces him to bed, and kills him good ol' japanese suicide-style (one would take a dagger and slice across the naval, from one side of the abdomen to the other, then slice from above to below the naval; very painful, but honorable at the same time).

Afterwards, she of course gets a little mess on herself, and takes a nice blood-filled but purifying bath from the body of the King of Spades. The queen also drinks his blood ina sort of ritual-like state as well. This the meaning of the story, bar none. From there, the story starts.

Suits Sisters...

This was the first processional chapter fiction, originally about how the world would be if the other card suits were exsisting. It was very much successful, but getting to update has been a real problem in my part. I have two chapters, and I am proud of both, and their names (took me a while to name them, that's why). The third chapter is definately coming up, and it has an interesting twist to it. Please be open-minded to it...

In this story, Alice is just begining her visists back to Wonderland. I have involved Alice communicating to the infamous Doctor Heironymous about the Queen of Hearts before her evil regin and of the lives of the other suit kings and queens, and where they stand now in Wonderland. Alice throughout the story encounters not the Queen of Hearts, but the delicate Queen of Spades. Naturally, I made her the strongest, considering the spades are the strongest suit in a deck. Ever since the Queen of Hearts' reign though, she has become increasingly weak and more vulnerable of losing her kingdom and throne to her sister.

Alice befriends the Queen of Spades, promising she will not only save Wonderland, but make it so that she will rule her kingdom peacefully with her other sisters and their kings peacefully in their kingdoms, with the Queen of Hearts or not. I will warn that there is slight sexual tension throughout this fiction, so if you feel you must absolutely refuse to read tht sort of content, or don't have the mindset, then I wouldn't reccomend any chapters...possibly after the third.

May my sincere apologies be known...

What? What of the King of Hearts you ask? Well, good question. He either dies or lives, I'm not sure yet myself, but please do keep up with updates after the third chapter, because I plan to keep him especially involved, along with the King of Spades.

.look for upcoming chapters for both stories.

About Me...

I currently live in Washington State, and am a senior in high school. I love writing, obviously, along with drawing, singing (currently in my concert choir for a second year), reading a variety of books (Kusiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, Kushiel's Avatar, Harry Potter all five so far, House Of Leaves strange but addicting book to read over and over again, Catswold Portal, Gathering Blue, TheAlleluia Files, The Sliver Kiss, Blood And Chocolate, Daughters Of The Moon Series my current addiction, Tale OfThe Body Thief, and many more to come...

In addition, I like to be brutally honest. Well, not necessarily like; I am a blunt person, and I say things that might upset people which would never be my intention in the first place. Sometimes I will tell be brutal, and harsh but only to those whoask for it in their actions. Other than that, I consider myself along with others to be a polite, kind, and literal young woman.

Like every other young woman, I do have my hobby of collecting picture of potentially gorgeous males of the same species. An example is Gerard Butler. Gerard played a number of roles; a recent is the Phantom from the movie The Phantom Of The Opera. He also played a role in Dracula 2000, of course as the first vampire who in fact was Judas who hanged himself because of his betrayal over Jesus, and in return God cursed him to only wander the nights and feed off blood. Yet another role was in Reign Of Fire, in which he played the friend of the main character...I don't remeber specific names, because I only watched the movie once or twice.

So yes, I find him incredibly gorgeous, and so far no one else has impressed me; I suppose the slightly heavy scottish accent does it for me. I am not obsessed or attracted to Johnny Depp, just because not only is he old enough to be my father, but he has intentionally made himself look horribly ill and anorexic in the upcoming movie Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, also in recent actor awards. He hasn't been the same looking since his younger years. If he were younger and if he did look like he did twenty years ago, I would be obsessed with him too. Also in a way, I feel sorry for him, considering he moved to France because he hates all the little fangirls and whoever else whorshipping his feet like a god.

I don't think Depp is too hot about cradle robbing or sagatory rape. Sorry girls under eighteen in the north western and north eastern areas of America, he doesn't want any ofyou. It's just brutally true.

That's about it for now. Maybe later on in the future I'll find some other excuse to wirte more in my profile, but until now this is all I can think of. Enjoy my stories and feel free to email me or leave reviews. Thanks much.

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