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Well, the name's Brandon Rice; as my panname clearly states. Though that's not my own name. Most of my older fanfics can be found on my old name.

Anyway, that's old news. The old me. This name is mostly for projects that peak my interest. Who knows if any of these fics will ever get finished. Some of them might, but most won't. It depends on my mood.

And right now my mood says "CHRONO TRIGGER". You know, the masterful video game launched by Square AGES ago that is still super kick ass today? After finally beating Lavos and reading some really awesome fanfics by Yuffie-Girl and Imania I've decided to write my own Chrono Trigger story. It's called "Love, Cannibals and Evil Cats" and will be avaliable for your reading very soon. So read it, okay?

Also coming as soon as I get a plot line will be a Detective Conan Epic Fanfic that'll probably last WAY too long. Look below for a list of my current projects, and brainstorming ideas.

Current Projects

1. "Love, Cannibals and Evil Cats"
Lucca the Inventor and Magus the Evil Wizard. Countless fanfics have been told about their love, but never quite like this. The duo ends up Crashing Epoch in 12,022 B.C. while looking for the Stolen Sun Stone. They soon learn that to fix Epoch they need to head North. A city was built from the wreckage of the Blackbird. A city full of high-tech weapons, Zeal-like magic, and Cannibals. Yes, Cannibals. And Dalton's the biggest people eater of them all. Adding to the horrors are the evil kittens of Magus's childhood pet, Alfadore. Of course Alfadore isn't really a cat, he just looks like one. And did I mention they all get drunk? Oh yeah, talk about fun. But what's this about time travelers coming from 2400 A.D. to kill Lucca? And why does it seem like everytime they get close to falling in love, something evil has to try to kill/eat/destroy them? Well, find out, in this romance story that's full of dark humor.

2. "Chrono Trigger: The Comedy"
It's another novelization of Chrono Trigger with a twist. Nobody takes their work seriously. Crono dreams of being a mime, Marle's looser than a fat man's belt after thanksgiving dinner, Lucca's plotting everyone's murders, Magus is way too into hair care products, and Lavos is pissed off because he was the original villain of Final Fantasy VII before being replaced by Sephiroth. Weirded out, I bet you are.

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