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"Abandon every hope, ye who enter here... for Prynesque is certifiably mad and insanity is catching!"

Well, hello, hello...welcome to all of you unlucky enough to have stumbled across this pathetic excuse for a bio. Please note now that what follows is a jumbled mess of ramblings and randomness that only serves to prove that Prynesque exists somewhere in the realm of the ridiculous. But never fear, the weather is quite nice there and she's always looking for companions.

Random facts that you did not need to know about Prynesque but will be told anyway:

1. Prynesque is Australian and proud of it. Although that said,she does have a passionate hatred for the current Australian government and is seriously considering running for Prime Minister herself on the grounds that even a ranting, Arts student with no qualifications and an unhealthy dependancy on coffee (amongst other things) must be better than the little rat currently running the country.

2. Prynesque is pro a bunch of things. She is Pro-choice, Pro-refugees, Pro-reconciliation, Pro-gay&lesbian rights and Pro-unions (perhaps she just likes the word 'pro'). But she would like to state for the record that she is anti-war, anti-Bush and most definitely anti-Howard (and the rest of his Liberal lackeys). Please feel free to argue with her over any of the above issues (she likes arguing and believes throwing things makes your argument more valid).

3. Prynesque loves cats. She loves all cats with the possible exception of the cat currently sharing her abode (for that cat is evil and twisted and thinks that torturing poor little Prynesque should be made an official sport). Prynesque hates dogs - it is a deep seated hatred that stems from a rather traumatic childhood incident that we will not dwell on (if only to preserve what little sanity Prynesque has left).

4. Prynesque loves to read and will read anything within reaching distance. Even the back of the cereal box is not safe from her voracious appetite (by the way, HealthWise is a rich source of antioxidants and calcium, and is low in fat...) To date, "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie", "Pride and Prejudice" and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" are her favourite books.
She also loves music of every genre and will pretty much listen to anything (though sometimes she does have to draw the line at nonsensical, teenybopper, bubble-gum pop).

5. Prynesque is in love with the following people (if you are one of the people on this list, please contact Prynesque immediately so that you can run away with her - she understands that this might be difficult for those who find themselves already deceased): The Beatles, Oscar Wilde, Cate Blanchett, Debussy, Betty Friedan (if you don't know who she is, you just set the course of Feminism back a good few years and Prynesque will now come and beat you over the head with her well-worn copy of the Feminine Mystique), Nelson Mandela, Sinead O'Connor, her History Tutor, the woman in the pink leotard at her gym, and Peter J. Casey- there are more people on this list, but Prynesque does not wish to embarrass herself further by revealing their identities.

6. If Prynesque could, she would live entirely on a diet of Fairy Bread, mashed potato, Pina Coladas, Bread and Butter Pudding, coffee, Chai and ANZAC biscuits (she is nothing if not patriotic after all). Unfortunately Prynesque lives with a health freak who will not let her. If you are interested in carefully disposing of Prynesque's housemate, please email her with the subject line 'assassin for hire'.

7. Prynesque has a very long list of pet peeves which include but are not limited to: cockroaches, Clint Eastwood, mushrooms, people who are ideologically opposed to what Prynesque stands for, stairs, hot weather, incorrect grammar (though she reserves the right to make the odd mistake herself, for although she is generally perfect, everyone slips up now and again), and the dog next-door.

8. Prynesque worships Draco Malfoy above all things. He is a snarky, spoiled little bastard and she adores him and would keep him in her wardrobe for special occasions if she could.

9. Prynesque loves slash. If that makes her a pornish pervert then she wears her label with pride. Prynesque considers slash to be the most important invention since the wheel... no wait, the most important invention ever. She is an unabashed Harry/Draco fan. If there is one thing she loves and drools over more than Draco, it's Draco with Harry doing wickedly naughty things to each other.

10. Prynesque has (not-so) recently plunged headfirst into the Gundam Wing fandom and now likes to alternate her H/D fantasies with dreams of 1x2.

Here endeth the random facts about Prynesque. She thanks you for reading and is impressed with the select few that managed to make it through the whole list without keeling over from bordom.

Prynesque loves meeting like-minded individuals (and can generally be relied upon not to bite - unless you ask nicely). If you would like to join her in the realm of the ridiculous to discuss whatever it is that crazy people discuss, please feel free to look her up on MSN ( and have a chat. She would like to take the opportunity to apologise now for anything she might say.

Prynesque will now shuffle off to read porn, drink too much wine and fall asleep watching re-runs of MASH. Prynesque will thank you not to laugh at her as she never claimed to have a life and is quite content with the state of her existance.

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