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Hello there! I am the person behind the RWBY: Ruby Discovers Futa story, and soon to be series of Ruby x Futa!Harem stories! Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide to the cast, in order of who screwed whom first.

Ruby Rose

(Appears in Chapter 1: Ladybug)

Gender: Female

Futa? N/A

Equipment Specifications: While Ruby does not ((yet)) possesses a member like the other girls mentioned in RDF, Ruby does have a very tight, but also incredibly flexible sex. She can easily take large insertions into herself without much pain or damage, and can withstand fast pounding like it's merely basic foreplay. Her weakness are slow, deep, thrusts and breastplay, as she isn't able to adjust to the sensations in time.

Enjoys: Sex. Sex, sex, and especially Futa!sex.

Gives best: Depending on who you would ask, Ruby performs excellent at nearly any form of sex. Except oral. Her gag reflex still needs some work.

Fantasizes: Ruby, after being with Blake, wants to experience what it's like to be a Futa. However, there isn't a clinic in Vale that can provide the operation, so Ruby has to resort to Plan B: Absorb as much futa!seed as possible through her Aura, and ride out the change if her body accepts it's newfound addition.


As a result of Ruby Discovers Futa's popularity, there are now bonus chapters to unlock! I mean, write. I

-1- An Awkward First Start: With only fifteen minutes and two uneasy teammates, how did Yang, Blake, a and Weiss pull off a threesome while Ruby was away baking cookies?

-2- A Ring of Fire: If you take Yang, a obvious futa sex machine, and pair her with Cinder, a rough, calculating, pyrokinetic, futa, how long until the pair of them can cook popcorn by screwing next to uncooked popcorn kernels?

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