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Author has written 24 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, D N Angel, La Corda D'Oro, and Kuroshitsuji.

WARNING: What you are about to read contains series of literary stupidity and may be highly contagious enough to destroy your mind. In any case, I suggest you prepare cookies.











Greetings! You have decided to enter my world even for the shortest of all times. I think you've already read the 'Warning'-sht up there, and now that you've gone this far... I demand my cookies.











No cookies? Damn.

Never mind, I wouldn't like to imagine you handing out a plate of brownish-green, fungi covered pastries that's way pass its expiration date through the monitor... just to please my unpleasant self. Though the idea of food poisoning that would lead to my impending death sound amusing in some point, I might not be able to give you the horrible chance of letting you know more about me, and that would be sad because I let your wasted 10 seconds of reading be in vain. So yeah.

So I guess you should know my "name" by now, since you had to click it to get to my profile. However, for the benefit of those who enjoy skipping to read the names of the authors, I'll say it again just once: I am Safire Lupe, understand? Safire Lupe. Don't forget it, I said I'll only mention it once. SAFIRE LUPE. Good, my pseudonym is finally imprinted in the deep crevices of your mind. Be happy about that.

My imaginary empire lies in some place in the Philippine Archielago, were I sit and do minimal things that eventually tires me out. I'm currently a veterinary medical student in some University in a far away land. The fact that I'm still a student explains my 'un-updated-ness', and the piles of school work mixed together with all the dramas of a med-student’s torturous life and being diagnose of insomnia contributes to the brain degeneration which cause me to sound and write good when in fact I have a bit of problems in grammar and have no intention of wanting to fix them. Heh. Hope that excuse is understandable for some of you 'grammar-is-important' people.

If I don’t consider studying a hobby, then writing and drawing would suffice. Recently I tend to draw some scenes of what I wrote, and when allowed cover photos I’ve began creating them. I’m quite good with Photoshop, so it serves its purpose with my drawings. I have a Deviant Art account (under the username Safirefate) you can visit to check out my works.

Anyway, in regards to

I've been a author for as long as I can recall. I started out writing when I was an elementary student, and my lack of intellect in both plotting and grammar can be seen if you were crazy enough to read one of my oldest fictions. Gradually, with the helping read of other more advanced authors, my writings are fairly improving...but the grammar part, I'm not sure exactly. My writing styles, as mentioned by some other authors and readers whose names I can't remember or do not wish to recall anyway, are said to be straight forward (really?), full of cloudy expression (wha?), simple but deep (eh?), a mixture of meanings and logic (seriously?), original (for sure?), and fluffy-romance-dark-drama-comedy that makes it too good for a read (Hell yea!). At times my stories end up confusing, flawfull, or unoriginal and sketch-tish, but readers still always seem to find it, as they say, "emotionally good"...I have no idea what that's supposed to mean either.

I stopped writing some time around 2010, because I was starting college. The stress and the work was too much, as well as the busy schedule, and I had so little time with writing and drawing. By 2012, I’ve felt the need have an outlet to the stress, and had started the school year with mountains of sketches along with the many thick books and study handouts. Then I began plotting out a summary for a fanfic after finishing the whole two seasons of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). And thus, I have returned! In the long hiatus I noticed a change in my style, in both writing and drawing, and found the need to bring more depth to my stories.

Genres of my line differ, and mostly depend on my imagination. Back at high school, I enjoy writing the kind of romances that are uberly fluffy-humorous ones - Bright hearts and joys and never-ending crap of xoxo which all sounds so far away from my insomniatically-insane personality. While my stories bring joy and happiness in readers’ hearts, I'll be in a corner...barfing, gagging, or laughing maniatically at my own horrible work of genius. After my absence in the site, I was suddenly going angst and drama, genres which I was never really good at writing before. Though I still write romance, it’s no longer the puppy love-turn-true love kind, but the romance you read in various slight-supernatural or normal novels. I guess an author’s writing style matures with age as well.

So that's probably about it for now. I'm not the one who likes to really share myself to someone who’s reading this behind a monitor somewhere. This enough information may have gave you a little peace in your life or disturbed your already disturbed self. I wouldn't know. But I'm lazy and it tires me to think about the terrible truth about myself... or even edit this profile, so just shut up about the errors in it.

You know what? Make yourself useful. Scroll down to my list, read my stories, review them, then live out the rest of your life... and I'll be here, maybe waiting for the day when I get to meet you and rip off your face with a spoon, or give you one, big, happily-sarcastic smile. I'll be waiting for my cookies too.













Wait. The profile's not exactly over yet. Below are some things and facts about my horrible self which I added for the sake of having a long profile. I am not in the authority to stop you from ignoring this. I die now.

My Top Ten Favorite Anime/Manga (As of 2012): (1) Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, (2) Claymore, (3) D.N.Angel, (4) Highschool of the Dead, (5) Witch Hunter Robin, (6) Wolf’s Rain, (7) Goth, (8) La Corda d’Oro, (9) Le Chevalier d’Eon, (10) Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny

I’m a picky anime-lover. I only watch/read what I deem sounds nice to me. I’m a fan of sweet but deep romances and dark-themes, Victorian set or historical, a little sci-fi and the occational ecchi. I’m not really fond of the cute-school-kids setting (except for a few). When it comes to couples/pairings, I do not support Yaoi or Yuri.

Top Five Favorite Books/Comic Books: (1) The Harry Potter series – J.K. Rowling, (2) “After Dark” – Haruki Murakame, (3) “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” – David Sedaris, (4) “Johnny, the Homicidal Maniac” – Jhonen Vasquez, (5) “Wolf Totem” – Jiang Rong

And many more. Hehe.

To my fellow fanfic authors, here's something to read...

The Ten Commandments

as told by God unto his prophet B. Cavis

In the beginning, there was canon. And God saw that the canon was lame, and God said “This canon is lame.”

The Lord took a handful of clay from all corners of the Earth and created a figure and imbued it with imagination and skill and knowledge of html code. And the Lord called this figure “Fanfiction author” and blew the breath of life into it that it might live and be able to squee.

And the Lord saw that the creation was good and the Lord said “This author is good.”

The Lord took the author up onto the mountain and spoke unto him, saying “You are a fic author, and you are My creation. These are My commandments. Follow them or flames shall reign down upon you and fill your email accounts.”

And the author was much afraid, and said unto the Lord “…okay…”

And these were the commandments the Lord lay down for the author, ten in number. And the number of the commandments was ten, and they numbered ten. There were ten commandments.

Thou Shalt Write

The Lord spoke unto the author and said “Lo, the canon is bad, for the writers have become corrupted and revel in wickedness. They stretch UST on for years, they hurt and horribly abuse the characters, and lo, this does not please Me. Mac should giveth up on Harm and buy a vibrator, and Mulder and Scully will never have onscreen sex. And lo, this does not please Me. You were created to fix it, and fix it you shall. Canon shall not limit you, and you shall not be limited by canon.”

And the fic author rejoiced, for he thought canon was sucky, and he was a Mac/Webb shipper.

Thou Shalt Join Together

“Look,” said the Lord, “for I have created for you the Con. It is a tool of great power and you shall use it for good to meet up with fellow authors and you shall spread goodness and eat pie. For pie is good. Much love to the pie.”

And the author said “But Lord, forgive me, I am poor and have no moneys. I can not afford a Con. Though you are right, pie is good. I like cherry.”

And the Lord said “Pumpkin is better.” And the Lord thought for a time and declared “Then thou shalt join Yahoo!groups and use Live Journals and start dialogues about ten second scenes that last for many days and many nights. For there is strength in numbers, and the oldest among you shall govern wisely when you all herd together like sheep.”

And the author rejoiced, and there was pie.

Thou Shalt Be Wary of OC’s

“There is a great evil lurking plaguing the land,” saideth the Lord. “Known as an Original Character. Thou shalt not write them if thou art a bad author. For Original Characters can be too perfect and too clean and too sweet, and this displeases Me, for this is not the nature of a true character.”

And the author said “O Lord, how will I know if I am able to write an OC?”

And the Lord said unto the author “You shall know for if you are not ready, I will send unto you many replies with bad grammar and lines of “11!!11!!” and then I shall smote you and there shall be no more pie.”

And the author was much afraid, and the Original Characters because a right earned by few alone, as was decreed.

Thou Shalt Kill Mary Sues

The Lord proclaimed “Thou shalt not suffer a Mary Sue to thrive among you, for they are an abomination.” And the author was forbidden by the Lord to create characters with too many powers, abilities, and skills, oddly colored hair of abnormal length, and names that consist of meteorological terms. And the Lord decreed it so, for it was an abomination, and it was so ordered.

And the author asked “O Lord, is this not very much like your last commandment?”

And the Lord said “Coveting thy neighbor’s wife and adultery are similar as well, and I have the lightening bolts. Does thou wisheth to become dirt at the four corners of the Earth again? For I can make it happen, bucko.”

And the author shut up, for God had the power to turn him into dirt, and he was afraid.

Thou Shalt Write Crossovers

The Lord spoke unto the author saying “There will come a day when you shall wonder what Teal’c would look like hugging a My Little Pony, and you shall indulge in that curiosity, for it is good in the eyes of the Lord.”

And the author was much incensed with the Lord and said “I’ll never wonder that!”

And the Lord smote him, and replaced him with another author, who looked down unto the smoking remnants of her predecessor and was much more agreeable when presented with the idea. “I shall wonder that, O great and powerful God.”

And the Lord was happy, because He had always wanted to watch Daniel talk with Merry Weather pony, and had not been hugged enough in His youth.

Thou Shalt Not Become Fan Girls

The new author spoke unto the Lord and asked “And what if I am to become overcome with joy and geekiness and turn to darkness?”

And the Lord said “Then thou art a fan girl, and a tool of evil.”

And the author pouted.

“However,” the Lord said “I shall give unto you the ability to squee, so that your fan girlishness shall be seen and forgiven by all as endearing. For you shalt turn insane over new Harry Potter books and season finales, and this is forgivable for I still can not believe she had Lupin and Tonks get together, omg.”

And the author rejoiced, and squeeing became prominent throughout the land.

Thou Shalt Try New Pairings

The Lord said unto the author “Canon is bad and so are the pairings it presents. For this reason, you shall have OTPs, and they shall become your most treasured of possessions, and you shall create icons and stories that revel in their greatness.”

And the author said “But what if I like the major pairing on the show, o great and fierce God who smote the guy before me?”

“You will not like them for long, for the show writers will make them corrupt and irritating after season three, and lo, you shall look unto an OTP for salvation.” And the Lord was happy for He had come up with a way to validate His shipping of Krychek/Mulder, and the author was happy for she had not been turned into dirt.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thou Shalt Not Write Self-Insertion Fics

And the author presented a work to the Lord featuring herself frolicking with the characters of Battlestar Galactica, and the Lord was much incensed with the work.

“This is an evil,” He said unto the author. “And it is an abomination unto Mine eyes.”

“But I get to play with clones,” the author replied. “And there are My Little Ponies. Does this not please you, my Lord?”

And God was pissed and said “No, biotch, it doesn’t.” And he explained unto the author that self-insertion stories were a great plight upon the world, and that Self-Insertion Fics, not tobacco, were the actual cause of cancer.

And the author was saddened, and smoked a cigarette to soothe her nerves.

Thou Shalt Write Smut

The Lord spoke unto the author and said unto her “There is much fun that can be had with boy parts and girl parts when used together. Your OTPs will never be shown having sex. Sam and Jack will never be shown beating each other with sausages, and Weir will never bend over and let Sheppard pull out her butt plug. And this displeases me.”

And the author said “May I write this to please you, o Lord who is so very big and scary?”

And the Lord thought about it for a moment and said “Yes. Thou shall write smut. For sex pleases Me.”

“Sex pleases us all,” the author agreed, and it was decreed that sex was pleasing, and lo, it was so.

Thou Shalt Send Feedback

And the Lord commanded to the author on top of the mountain that she would write to those who had done good to express her appreciation. And the author asked the Lord “What if I have no time?”

And the Lord said “Then you will get leprosy.”

And the author was much bummed out about this, for she liked her legs, and agreed. And feedback became prominent, and the land flourished under the rules the Lord had given.


Feed me. It stops the voices and soothes the hunger. Really... Okay, not really. But it helps.

Feedback to B. Cavis



“Wingless” (Kuroshitsuji)

Complete; one shot; Rated T; Angst/Supernatural (slight romance); Sebastian M./ OC

This one shot is actually a side story to “Demons Fall First”, and focuses on the concept of demons still retaining wings, and how they fall (as in, into Fallen Demons) and lose them. The story is good enough on its own, and even if my OC Viessa is in the story, I added enough detail so that a reader who haven’t read DFF could understand the situation. I had a lot of fun and wrote that story with my whole heart and I really loved the way it turned out.

“Demons Fall First” (Kuroshitsuji)

Ongoing; grand story; Rated T & above; Romance/Angst; Sebastian M./ OC

After years of silence, Demons Fall First is my 2012 come back fanfiction, and my current grand story. Set following the two seasons of the anime, this story is what I suspect to have happened in the in-betweens of the show, and gives a larger insight about demons and the other kinds in my Kuroshitsuji world. In the story, Sebastian Michaelis meets an old demon acquaintance last named Viessa Heatherworth (my OC), who has changed into a different kind of demon known as a Fallen Demon, which is a demon banished from hell due to breaking their principles/aesthetics, and in the process attains free will and their appetite for souls nullified, albeit with a small price – to maintain order between contracted demons. It’s a tale of dark adventure, sacrifice, humanity and morality, and the understanding that even the most evil heart can be soothed.

“Beginnings” (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated K; Friendship/Romance; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is a one shot I really enjoyed writing, experimenting with the ‘what if’ idea of two babies in the same nursery to end up together in the future. With this story, I had to think up the attitudes and personalities of the Harada twins’ mother, who very occasionally pop out from in the manga; and that of the mysterious Rio Hikari, the late mother of Satoshi who is only pictured in slight glimpses. It was fun writing this down, and I’m glad a lot enjoyed reading it.

"The Things I Really" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated T; Drama/Hurt/Comfort; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is my comeback story, after being on hiatus for a year due to college. The story is based from Yiruma's piano composition with the same title. Mainly, the whole point of the story is about how one moves on, which is one of Satoshi's weaknesses. The story is set 10 years after Dark and Krad were sealed and is set in Satoshi's point of view. Daisuke and Riku met an accident that took both their lives, therefore, breaking apart the bonds of a new family and leaving behind Satoshi and Risa (who underwent a state of depression due to their deaths). Here, Satoshi will learn to grieve and accept the fact that life should go on. This is a one shot, but the 1st chapter is an overview of the story, and also include my pathetic excuse for my hiatus. I suggest reading this while listening to the said song, why? read the overview. Words of warning: bits of bad grammar ahead!

"The Effects of Alcohol" (DNAngel)

Hiatus; Rated T & above; Romance; Satoshi H./Risa H.

My on-going fanfic about alcohol, weddings, mixed feelings, one night stands, and a whole lot of series of events that brings Satoshi and Risa closer than ever. This story was originally a oneshot...a very long one actually... at the start, i was able to write it all down in 19 pages and isn't even done yet, so i diveded it into parts, posting each part in due time while i continue of with where i end in the whole story. So watch out couse It'll probably be my longest fanfic now.

"It's Over" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated T; Romance/Drama; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is a sad little Satoshi X Risa oneshot about leaving everything you hold dear with unknown reasons. Inspired from Cinema Bizarre's lovely song, "It's Over". This is one story of mine that I didn't add a THE END on the ending, which also means that it is open ended, thus there may or may not be a sequel. So stay tuned.

"Dark Chocolate" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated T; Romance/Humor; Satoshi H./Risa H.

A Valentine's day oneshot. It's about sweet fluff between Satoshi and Risa, and my obsession with chocolates. In this fic i kind of gave a meaning of the bitter-sweet dark chocolate and gave it a significance in the lives of Satoshi and Risa. This was suppose to have a sequel, that was suppose to be posted on St. White's day, but at that time I was busy with the finals and graduation practices. I posted a letter of apology to the readers in one chapter regarding this matter.

"Playing Nurse" (La Corda D'oro)

complete; one shot; Rated K; Romance/Humor; Len T./Hino K.

My first La Corda fanfic. It's basically about Len getting hurt and Kahoko tending his wounds, followed by a lot of cute fluff and kisses. A lot of La Corda fan like this story i guess, since this is my story with the second highest reviews and faves.

"A NeverEnding Story" (DNAngel)

complete; 6 chapters; Rated K; Angst

I was listening to a song by Within Temptation, entitled "Never Ending Story" and i used it as the inspiration for the tamers and the angels of DNAngel. Base on the story of the Hikaris and Niwas, and the battle of Dark and Krad, I see them in a cycle of a never-ending battle. In the story i portrayed each character by my own point of view. I didn't get a lot of reviews on this one though, but at least some of them say its a good read.

"When He Was Happy" (DNAngel)

discontinued; 4 chapters; Rated T; Angst/Hurt/Comfort; Satoshi H./Risa H.

Once a discontinued Satoshi x Risa fic, now I'm planning to continue it during my free time in college. It's about going back time, when Satoshi was still with his mother, in order to find out how Rio Hikari really ended her life.

"Silent Night" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated K; Romance/Hurt/Comfort; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is my latest x-mas ficcie, and what i love of this story is because it's sweet originality, people, and according to reviews, they agree. hahaha.

"When We Met" (DNAngel) - complete; one shot; Rated K; Friendship/Hurt/Comfort; Satoshi H./Risa H.

It's a little one shot about an event where Satoshi and Risa first met. It's unoriginal, quick, erroneous, and cliche, but I only like it because it's sweet and i was feeling sad that time when i wrote it. It's only something to keep me warmed up.

"Red Ribbon of Fate" (DNAngel) - complete; one shot; Romance; Satoshi H./Risa H.

I just love Raizna's title for her Satoshi x Risa drabbles fic, so dedicating this to her, I made a story version out of it. It's simply about God, who i believe is the ultimate matchmaker, using a lost red ribbon to bring Satoshi and Risa together and make them realize their feelings for each other. I just love this fic, it makes me laugh a lot.

"Pitch Black" (DNAngel) - complete; one shot; Rated M; Romance; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is my first M fic, and I blushed more than anyone could have read it. It's not that all graphic, but still, it took a lot of reading other M fics for me to be able to even do a plot. The end, however, ended up making me laugh like a moron.

"Rain" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated T; Romance/Angst; Satoshi H./Risa H.

My favorite angst/romance fic with fave couples, Risa/Satoshi. This fic features an excerpt of my 10 paged poem, "Rain". The story is very light, but i made sure that how i wrote it will also give it a dark atmosphere.

"How to Convince Satoshi Hiwatari" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated T & above; Romance/Humor; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is a funny little fluffy fic regarding Risa's attempts to convince Satoshi, written in 1st person by Risa except the last part. Basically, she listed this like a note-to-self note. The ending is a glimpse after Risa's final note...which also why i implied it that ratings may go up.

"To Protect is to Suffer" (DNAngel)

complete; 5 chapters; Rated T; Romance/Drama; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is an old Satoshi x Risa fic that seemed to be my most popular one because it has the most reviews and the most faves in my story list. It's simply about them getting kidnapped and finding ways to escape while they admit their feelings for each other.

"Melody" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated T; Romance; Satoshi H./Risa H.

A Satoshi X Risa oneshot that involves fate and a piano. It's simple and cute, and their is nothing else I can say.

"Far Away" (DNAngel)

complete; one shot; Rated T; Romance; Satoshi H./Risa H.

The song is about longing for love and finally be in love, thus what the story is about. This is one of my favorite Satoshi X Risa fic, mainly because it's one of my older posts that actually made sense to me...hehe...and a lot of reader and friends like it.

"Blue Feathers in a Snowy Eve" (DNAngel)

complete; 2 chapters; Rated T; Romance; Satoshi H./Risa H.

This is my first DNAngel fic, written right after I finished the anime, where i first fell in love with my favorite couple, Satoshi Hiwatari and Risa Harada. It's two chapters of amateur fluff writing, and it was written in my freshman year in highschool. What i didn't know was that this story was just the start of my future stories on this couple.

"Till Fear Ends Your Life 2" (YuGiOh!)

complete; 4 chapters; Rated T; Suspense/Mystery; Yami Yugi

The sequel of TFEYL1, in this part, it's the final conclusion of Yami Yugi's fate after everything that happened between him and the ultimate fear.

"Till Fear Ends Your Life 1" (YuGiOh!)

complete; 4 chapters; Rated T; Suspense/Mystery; Yami Yugi

My old AU Yugioh! fic about facing your fears or else you die trying. This fic was done when i was in 5th grade so it's not that good.


"Demons Fall First" (Kuroshitsuji) -Next Chapter = Chapter XVII: "The Fallen, Attends a Ball" = to be publish on January, 2013


"Paradise Falling" (Kuroshitsuji)[title not finalized yet]

Rated T/M ; Romance/Supernatural ; Sebastian Michealis x OC

Summary: To be announced...

Note: The possible sequel to "Demons Fall First" and the probability of it being written will depend on me and/or by popular demand, once the first story is complete.

Possible Spoilers: The rise of a new, and unexpected couple/pairings. hmmmmm...hehehehe.

Publish date: Most likely March, 2013

Safire Lupe is not just a writer, but is also one hell of an artist. Visit her in Deviant Art:

Until then, Pleasant something world! :)

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Kuroshitsuji - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Tragedy - Chapters: 21 - Words: 61,428 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 5/8/2013 - Published: 8/14/2012 - Sebastian M. - Complete
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