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Author has written 4 stories for Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, Fate/stay night, RWBY, and Homestuck.

I write for fun. And to seek the validation of others.

Current fics I have plans to regularly update:

A Hollow Remnant:

Basic storyline is planned out up to the end of RWBY vol 3, with major plot points thereafter - including the ending, thank God - set in stone. As a result, not too sifficult to update, barring my shit writing.


I'm not writing that whole name. Too much effort. In any case, I have NO CLUE where this one's going, and have pretty much nothing post Volume One planned. Probably just gonna wing it and see what happens.

Fic that is currently on hiatus:

Salvatus est in Patre:

I wound up taking an unannounced year long break from this one, and feel embarrassed about getting on Beast's Lair and necroing the thread, even if it was one with content. That aside, a lot of the planning for it was a mess so I'd need to sort it out a bit first.

Vague ideas that may one day see the light of day:

Obligatory Fate/Stay Night mass crossover:

A story featuring characters like Kumagawa Misogi, Kamijou Touma, and Kaneki Ken. Primarily stopped by my hesitance to write a grail war (Inexperienced with fight scenes) and the fact that the tradition of these things is to do Fate/Zero first

and, uh

I didn't like Fate/Zero. (Hides from booing and hissing)

Fate/Bites The Dust

Yoshikage Kira is summoned by Ryuunosuke in the 4th grail war.

Naturally, he flees the city, running away to go live his quiet life. This, understandably, causes some problems.

Some clever title involving ghouls and Re:Zero

Kaneki Ken is pulled to Lugenica instead of Natsuki Subaru. Takes place pre-ghoul surgery.

Also the archbishops are Tokyo Ghoul characters.

A Certain Adopted Brother

Accelerator is adopted into the Kamijou Family at a young age.

Shenanigans ensue.

Kawajiri Hayato's Bizarre Adventure

I want to write a story featuring Hayato all growed up as an MC. He was a pretty cool character in part 4 of jojo but was never really used again. Which is a shame, because I could totally see him getting a stand.

Komaeda and Naegi Save the World

A one-shot in which Komaeda Nagito and Makoto Naegi accidentally kill Junko on the first day of school.


We shall never speak of this:

A Certain Grumpy Troll:

This is not a fic that exists. Really.

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