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Author has written 4 stories for Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who.

-Stories In Progress-

Ranger Tales (Title May Change)

My name is Tammy, my cousin calls me T sometimes, you can too. Other nicknames include stupid(only my cousin can call me that), TamTam, Tamberlyn, Ren(preferred), and so on and so forth, I could do this all day...

Interesting Facts about me...

I can speak in a very good British accent, even though I've never stepped foot in the country and I want to.

I'm the youngest in my house and the second tallest, my dad being the first.

Probably the quietest person you'll ever meet, but you get me with my cousin then I'm the loudest.

I like psychology

I have a very active imagination.

Its hard for me to stay on one topic because my mind wanders so much(part of the reason I can never finish writing a fanfiction)

I have a phobia about my hands being clean, it's not the dirt part, I'm fine with dirt. Use to make mud pies when I was a kid. Its the germs that FREAK me out. Oh and spiders, deathly afraid of spiders.

I get sick often, to often for me.

I can communicate with horses... No lie! Not actually speak to them, but more along the lines of body language. It's really cool!

It's hard for me to finish writing a fanfiction. The plot bunnies come then once I get halfway through it they hop off and leave little bunny surprises left for me to clean up.

My favorite quotes:

"Lions don't rape people, people rape people,"-- The Prophet...

"Shes safe, just like I promised. And shes going to marry Norrington, just like she promised, and your going to die for her, just like you promised, so we're all men of our word really. Except for Elizabeth, who is in fact a woman..." Cpt. Jack Sparrow...

"POTATOES! Boil'em, mash'em, stick'em in a stew!" Sam Gamgee...LOTRs..

"FANTASTIC!" -The Doctor

"There's a banana grove there now, I like bananas," - The Doctor. From (I think) the oldest sci-fi show, Doctor Who.

"Pete's world, hey we should call it that," - The Doctor

"That's screw drive'a!" - The Doctor

"Who's going to hold his hand now?" - Rose. From Doctor Who.

"Wow, somebody's been keeping score," - Col. Jack O'Niell (now general)

"R2, I need you to turn off the auto-pilot," - Lt. Col. John Sheppard.

"Brains are over rated," Joe Flanigan.

"You feel anything?" Daniel, looks from Prior to Cameron. "No you?" Cameron. "No," Daniel. "little thirsty." "That doesn't count," Cameron. "No, it doesn't," Daniel.

"How many minutes Rodney? Five? Ten?" John Sheppard. "I don't know!" Rodney.

"Lose it, means go crazy. Nuts. Insane. Bonzo. The loss of possession of one's faculties. Three fries short of a happy meal. WACKO!" Jack O'Niell.

"Yeah, we don't want this to turn into another vice-presidential shooting..." Cameron.

"Stop talking to it Merry, don't encourage it!" Pippen, after he and Merry get swooped up by the Ent and start talking to it.

"But I don't want to be a pie. I don't like gravy!" Babs, from Chicken Run.

"What do they eat when they can't get hobbit?!" Merry slapping sqeetors as they trek through Midgewater.

These I made up, some might possible be in some stories-

Noooo, that was the monkey's excuse, whats yours?

Never underestimate the power of stupid people with spoons.

I have a brain cell.

Could you just jump off the face of the Earth now?

I have fun insulting you.

I like being mad at myself, it makes people stare.

Stupid people have feelings too, they just don't know it.

That's right, go insane.

Can I hide in my head now?

And to think I created you.

Craziness doesn't describe it.

Don't bother me, I'm trying to die!

Killing you will be the high light of my day.

Why can't you realize your just not smarter then me?

Don't insult the Apes just because they're smarter then you.

Wishers wish they could stop wishing.

"Hollowed are the Or- HOLY CHIT THAT'S A HUGE FREAKING SPIDER!" Me and my cousin iming each other when I saw a spider crawl across my floor. Needless to say my feet were placed on the computer desk.

"Is it just me, or does it seem like Chris read some of Tolkin's books?" Me while watching Eragon.

"I am going to scream if they say his armor is made from mithril!" Me while watching Eragon.

I'm going to need therapy after this.

"Awe man! I got behind the slow one!" Me talking to my sister in the car while driving to my brother's house. There were bicyclist on the road, and wouldn't you know I pass them all and end up behind probably the slowest one, lol.

Favorite Movies..

Pirates of the Caribbean(CotBP/DMC/AWE)...Star Wars(all episodes)...Van Helsin.. Lord of the Rings...Seabiscuit...Hidalgo...Finding Nemo...Robots...The Lion King(seen it like over 100 times)...hmm...X-men(all three)...uh...racking my brain...can't think of another...well I think thats it. Oh, Cold Mountain, I cryed, sniff sniff...Under World(both movies)... Black Beauty(made me cry when I bought the DVD even though I had seen as much as the Lion King)... Pitch Black/Cronicals of Riddick...Eragon...

I saw Narnia and I was like LIAM NEESON PLAYS ASLAN! Me and my cousin started thinking of all the movies that were some how related to Star Wars... Lets see, Liam Neeson plays Aslan, he also plays in Deseptions with Viggo who plays in Hidalgo and the LOTRs with Christphor Lee who also plays in SW as Count Dooku. Ewan Mcgregor plays in the Island and in SW, there isn't really a link there but.. Oh the guy that plays Borimir, whats-his-name, I can't remember, he plays in the LOTRs too! There is a link! Hm... what else. The guy that plays Mufasa in the Lion King, plays Darth Vader in epis 4-6. Van Helsing with the guy that plays Carl played in the LOTRs also. Also the guy that played Denethor played in an episode of Stargate SG-1 which directly linked LotRs to SG-1. This is so crazy...

For a while I've been telling my cousin, who isn't a Doctor Who fan, that I was going to find a link between Stargate(SG-1 and Atlantis). Well I have!!

Brendan Gleeson plays in Troy, yeah, well Orlando Bloom plays in it which links it to LotRs which links it to Stargate. Well Brendan also plays in 28 Days Later which Christopher Eccleston plays in, he played the Doctor in season one. Brendan also played in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, David Tennant plays in that one!!

We have come up with so many links. Star Wars is linked to LOTRs, which is linked to Van Helsing and to Stargate SG-1, which is linked to Atlantis of course, which is linked to The X-Files, which is linked to Cronicals of Riddick. Van Helsing is linked to the X-Men, which is linked to The Ringer, which is linked to Walking Tall, which is linked to The Rundown, which is linked to Evolution, which in turn is linked to The X-Files. ITS ONE BIG LOOP! Wow I really have no life...

Another intresting link between the actors in Star Wars...Robots, starring Ewan Mcgregor,

The little blue robot gets a voice box and sounds like Darth Vader and refers to the Force...

Favorite TV Shows

Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Ghost Hunters, CSI, Reba, Firefly, and The X-Files.

Favorite Books

Anything Tolkin. Eragon(wasn't crazy over the movie even though I saw it first, but still like both). Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace. Anything Terri Farley (to my knowledge she is not kin to Walter Farley)

Here are some of my favorite links!


A (really bad) picture I drew for Into the Unknown- Mavrick

J.W's LOTR Fansite


Babble Fish

Translater(really cool)

Fun With Dew

A must read for SGA fans. Its stupid and insane.

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