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You can call me Moo.

I don't really know how to talk about myself in a non-sarcastic/cryptic way. But I'll try anyway.

Music is a big thing to me. No seriously, like if my house was on fire, I'd be like, "Bye bye expensive TV/family photos/precious jewelry/mementos/cat/husband/important documentation/wii-U/clothes/deodorant/anything valuable in the least." *grabs iPod, sound bar, and laptop and runs to safety* *forgets chargers* *weeps profusely*

It's kind of funny, considering I have the worst taste in music ever. ACCORDING TO EVERYONE THAT SUPPOSEDLY LOVES ME. Seriously Mom? You can't sit still for a thirty minute drive with my music playing? What is so bad about big band jazz followed by Japanese rap? Huh? Tell me. Bet you can't name a single thing wrong with it.

Not even kidding. Go ahead and name a genre of music and I most likely have a song that falls into the category. If not, I'm gonna find one. No seriously. I'm up to the challenge. Bring it.

Special talents include lyric memorization, profuse amounts of self confidence, crippling anxiety, ignoring phone calls, drawing Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra characters over my snapchats, incredible selfies, horrific and yet somehow bewitching ugly faces, eating, snacking, lying to authority, not caring, caring a shit ton, laughing, listening to the same song for three hours straight and not get tired of it, trying anything, spelling, pretending to be smart, actually being a little bit smart, being interested in boring things and watching long drawn out documentaries about said boring things on youtube, making people feel good about themselves, putting myself down and not believing it because I am obviously a goddess, making cats hate me, making dogs love me, dancing surprisingly well, making myself laugh, liking myself, respecting others, knowing if someone is a good person after a first impression, bathing semi-regularly.

Completely necessary information about me:

Always finishes the entire stick of chapstick without losing it.

Buys a new stick of Burt's Bees chapstick every time I shop.

Usually never misspells words, but don't really mind when I do.

Weirdly graceful on my feet.

Weirdly clumsy with my hands.

Nearly impossible to publicly humiliate.

Has a sister that tries on a daily basis.

Understands half of the terms used in American football.

Can sometimes beat really good Super Smash Bros. players.

Can usually beat really good Just Dance players.

Complains excessively about any kind of physical exercise but still somehow manages to not die halfway through. (you know... so far)

Ridiculous amount of knowledge about black holes.

No desire to meet any celebrity ever.

Hates apologies.

Says sorry way more than necessary.

There is not a single word or phrase that offends me.

Comfortable with every curse word in the history of curse words.

Yeah, even cunt.

Says 'fuck' way more than necessary.

High tolerance for pain.

Extremely low tolerance for heat.

Hates visiting the doctor/hospital and therefore needs to be dragged by force by someone stronger than me.

Has good sense of style.

Blatantly ignores good sense of style on a daily basis.

Can make you think I'm cute and lovable whilst being the complete opposite.

Hates most people.

Loves everyone.

Doesn't mind a dirty house.

Can't diet.

Won't diet.

Loves Cheetos.

Has had several pet cows.

Named one Captain Falcon.

Natural affinity for naming things.

Has had a YA novel published.

Was displeased with Publisher.

Hates being touched but doesn't hesitate to hug.

Hates fruit flavored candy.

Hates fruit scented candles.

Affectionately refers to all jumping spiders I see as "Eugene."

Has trained family and friends to also refer to every jumping spider that they see as "Eugene."

Can make Dad agree to every name I've given to every single one of his vehicles.

Hates wearing shoes.

Owns over ten pairs of shoes.

Can and does guess all Christmas presents before opening them.

Repeatedly pisses off family every Christmas by guessing present before opening it.

Can easily make people cry.


And I guess I'm kind of good at writing.

So if you've made it through that ridiculous amount of useless information, you shall be graced with the map to the treasure.

Just kidding. I'm poor.

But I would like everyone to know that I love talking and listening and if you have absolutely anything you want to say, you can PM me and I will always reply. You can talk to me about anything. It's fine. Had a good day? Let me share in your excitement. Accomplish something awesome? Let me congratulate you and be genuinely elated about your success. Feeling sad? Dude... let me try to cheer you up. Need to vent? I will read your entire complaint and have a mature response. Want to banter? Bring it on bruh. Want to talk about my story, Her Strength? Hey, I kinda know a little bit about it, so lay it on me! Need advice about anything whatsoever? I'm supposedly really good at that kind of thing. Call me Dear Abby.

Especially this.

If you are feeling depressed and need anyone, even a random, weird, anonymous fanfic writer calling herself Moo, to talk to... I will listen with all of my heart. I may not be able to fix any of your problems but I will try my hardest to prove how important you are to me. Because you are. Every single one of you is so important and wonderful and I am always here, day/night/rain/shine. I won't ignore you. I won't judge you. I'm a click away and will always be willing and happy to help or just listen. So please, come to me. Put your trust in a weirdo like me.

Remember: Moo if you're a cow. Bark if you're a dog. Stay true to yourself and never be ashamed of what you are.


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