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Author has written 4 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, and Ronin Warriors.

Hello! Just updating you all on what is going on with me. I am still rewriting Melancholy of Flowers, but the process is slow. I'm gathering ideas and the only thing I need to do is apply them somewhere. I deleted Requiem of Summer because a lot is going to change because of the revision of Melancholy of Flowers. I just thought it was best to take that story out. Thank you all for being patient.


New Stories/Sequels:

Requiem for Summer:

Progress: Chapter Four *hiatus and recently deleted on this site*

Rating: M

Pairings: Cye/ Hana (OC), Ryo/Natsumi (OC)

Natsumi confronts her dad and her dad wants her back; so he confines to evil. Does that make sense even? XD That's what I have so far and I will update when I get further into what I am doing. LOL! XD

Tainted Hearts:

Progress: Chapter One

Rating: T

Pairings: Duo/Casey (OC)

My first Gundam Wing fic. Casey Martin is a 17 year old who attends Barker High School. She has problems with men and tends to stay to herself, that is, until she meets Duo Maxwell. Conflicts arise between her and what happened in her past. An enemy is on the loose and plans to take over the colonies (?) and Casey is stuck in the mix.

Stories That Need to be Rewritten:

A Rose in the Wind: Another REALLY short story and I will be rewriting it to make it longer. Kurama/Rose (OC).

Melancholy of Flowers: I am stripping the entire story and rewriting it.It's going to be called Melancholy of Flowers V2.

Stories That Are Being Revised:

Melancholy of Flowers V2:

Progress: Chapter 11

Rating: M

Pairings: Cye/Hana (OC)

The sequel to Evil Torrent. It's been a year since the battle with Akui. Hana returns to Cye and a happy reunion is formed, but it doesn't last. Someone has a crush on Cye and a new evil is at work, willing to crush Hana to pieces.

Upcoming Fanfics:

Flowers of a New Generation: This is the conclusion of the Rose Arch. It basically takes place nine years into the future. Kurama and Rose's three children: Sakura, Hogosha, and Himawari are nine years old and embarking on their own adventures. Kurama and Rose aren't in the story that much because I will be focusing on Sakura, Hogosha, and Himawari.

Troubled Youth: This is going to be a story about Hana before she met Cye. Hana was a troubled adolescent in her final years of middle school. Some said she was delinquent because she always skipped classes and cause trouble for those who didn't seek it. Others said that she was just going through a phase. At this time, Shijisha makes herself known and Hana is forced to join Akui.

I don't know the title yet, but this is another Yu Yu Hakusho story. Sakura, Hogosha and Himawari are both 16 years old. Yusuke's daughter is the new spirit detective. There is a new villian who wants to exterminate all the half-demons. That's what I have so far. Might get to it, might not. We will see.

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FAKE First Year Together: Justice June by Brit Columbia reviews
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Melancholy of Flowers V2 reviews
A year has gone by since Evil Torrent, now the Ronins are in college. A new face appears and has a crush on Cye. Hana returns to Cye and a happy reunion is formed, but it doesn't last. A new villain is at work and the new plan shreds Hana to pieces.
Ronin Warriors - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 36,716 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 3/4 - Published: 5/28/2009 - Ryo S., Cye M., OC
Evil Torrent reviews
Cye meets a girl named Hana who has a deep dark secret about her. Cye then realizes her secret and is brought to the dark side with the goal of destroying the other Ronins. Can Ryo and the others rescue him before it's too late? *Revised and completed*
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