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Yo, I'm CheshireSphinx. If you read my story, Enro Matsudai, you'll understand my name. that and I like those felines.

Nicknames: Ritsu(from furuba. I act like him so much it's scary!), Sanji(when i'm dressed like him -_-;), Lee of Naruto, Esther(this will be explained later), Wrath(Fullmatal alchemist anime...Kawaii!!!), BB(short for Beast Boy... but i'm a girl) and ObakaCheshire! Highly considering to rename myself this... But I'll still be CS when referring to myself in certain stories.

Favorite Manga/Anime: One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, DNAngel, Hamtaro, Avatar the last airbender, Teen Titans, Tenchi Muyo, Zatch bell, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Azumanga Daioh and Trigun.

Favorite Bishonen: Sanji(drools One piece), Rock Lee(Naruto), Brago(Zatch Bell), Sokka...(I think he's kawaii! ATLA), Koga(Inuyasha), Ryoga(Ranma 1/2), Beast Boy(Teen Titans), Roy Mustang(FMA), And Vash the Stampede(Trigun).

Favorite Bishojo: Kaya(One Piece), Nami(One Piece), Robin(One Piece again), Kairi(Kingdom Hearts), Naminé(KH2), Katara(ATLA) Toph(ATLA), Washu(Tenchi Muyo), Ryoko(Tenchi also)...Hehe...mostly the shonen are my favorites

Favorite parings; UsoxKaya. KAWAII!!! VashxMeryl, SoraxKairi if ever, maybe a SoraxNaminé, Sanjixoc Depends on the writers oc.

Disliked parings...; ZoxSan, ZoxLu, SanxUso, UsoxLu...I'm not a yaoi fangirl!!! I'm sorry!!!

Crazy Parings; HanaXSuna(aka RobinxCrocodile) PrinceXSuna(Shudders Sanji with Crocodile...)

Video Games: DDR Extreme, Zatch Bell; Mamodo Battles, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Beyond good and evil, NamcoMuseum, Eye toy Groove, (I may play) Shadow of the colossus (But i'm still thinkin'. game play looks good, button config looks confusing), Naruto; Ultimate ninja, And One Piece; Grand Adventure.

Youtube Amv that most depict's me?

My 'profile pic' I may use this image when I'm a manga ka...I hope that will happen...

Music: Utada Hikaru (I LOVE HER!)

Sports: Would DDR Count? Oh! Tennis

Hobbies: Writing, reading manga, watching anime, Drawing Manga, and Cosplaying

Quotes: "SANDY!!! SANDY-MAN!!! SAND..SANDY!!!"~Cheese in Grilled Cheese SANDwich

"What is this...Yellow...Baby...whiny...THIS THING?!?!"~Sunawani in Grilled Cheese SANDwich

"What a father figure. Who would think Sir Crocodile would adopt?"~Innocent bystander in Grilled Cheese SANDwich

"I love Chickens, Double D!"~Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy

"When does this torment stop? It was in the palm of my hand... WHO INVENTED BIRDS ANYWAY? What Good Are They?"~Eddy from Ed, Ed, and Eddy

"It's OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"~ American dubbed Vegeta (Although I don't like DBZ)

The beeping sounds Mr Game and Watch makes...-_-; heheh...

Good Advice: "If you See a cosplayer, Yah, yah, yah...Take pics and glomp. But please, if you're in Shinkiro's position and they're not cosplaying, that's a negative..."-CheshireSphinx

Current stories

Enro Matsudai(In progress; Hiatus): A sixteen year old American/Asian girl wakes up one day to find out that she's a heroine destined to save the anime universe. (An Anime twist on Kingdom Hearts...) Yes, Clichéd.

Nakama, Takara, Katsumi (A One Piece one shot. Ver 2.0 in progress...; Hiatus): I'll quote the introduction. The crappy Version won in first place in my school's anime club's writing contest with another first place winner! I'll put both Versions up then...All was quiet on the island of Karika. Karika was a peaceful island with a few small villages. The main one we’ll be focusing on is Chupara village. The village consisted of a corner store grocery called Namoh’s, three clothes stores, one shoe store, two bars, two restaurants, one orphanage, and many little houses around the area. Only one stood out from most of them though. Most of the houses were a light blue or brown. The odd one out was an aquamarine color with a pair of rose bushes out front. It was very decent looking and quaint. May I mention that the village was not to far from a naval base? This explained the many wanted posters through the Ville. Only on a few building were wanted posters of the wanted Kaizoku. Many of the posters were torn, or still intact. Only a few had our Mugiwara wearing Pirate on them and his bounty. We’ll get to him later though. Our main focus is on another wanted poster. Only for 50,000 Beli, was a blindfolded person. Their name was Risu. I'm sorry about the way the first one ends...

Grilled Cheese SANDwich(In progress): well, Cheese from Foster's home for imaginary friends meets Sir Crocodile of One Piece...Need I say more?

Esther's cat tale. (My first story to be written and finished!!! but not on here...): a fourteen year old, cheshire cat girl Runs across the teen titans and dreams of joining them. Written as if written by the OC.

Uzume; Flaming beauty: a ATLA FanFic...started but not finished...I can't think of a good summary...

Current ideas(stories that I might make...don't steal my ideas! If you DO...I Will hunt you down and anhiliate you down to your every last cell...)

Mermaid tail(an american dragon fanfic): I'm not so sure myself...A mermaid teams up with Jake, falls for him only to be crushed when he goes on a date with rose and she gets hurt when she really needs him.

Days with Homunculi (FMA One shot after another) : I, The writer, run across some of our favorite homunculi and houses them until the madness gets the better of me. I'm thinkin' Wrath...from the anime...Envy, Gluttony... Thought of while drinking a marble drink and watching FMA...

A series of One piece song fics: Just drabbles of songs from the nightmare before christmas put into a style telling what would happen and what I would do In the OP universe. Uh-oh...slightly kinky thoughts Not Yaoi...sorry! XP

Usopp In Wonderland (Highly considering! Yay!): Yes, Clichéd, I know... But me being a fan of One Piece and Alice in wonderland, it has to be done at some point! Why Usopp-san? well If it was nami, vivi or robin, that would be Clichéd because they're all female...what with me and the word, Clichéd?!?! all asides, Usopp-san would be funny if he was there!

Smoked Cheese: Take a wild Guess... XD

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Yes, our favorite superhero, the one, the only, the cute and cuddly, CHOPPERMAN! I DO NOT ONE PIECE; EIICHIRO ODA DOES!
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Grilled Cheese SANDwich reviews
I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK! Haha! Attention grabber! Well, what happens when Cheese from Fosters meets Sir Crocodile of One piece? One Hell of a Mess! Read about the madness in here! T for mild language.
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CheshireSphinx's Boast reviews
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All was quiet on the island of Karika. Karika was a peaceful island with a few small villages. The main one we’ll be focusing on is Chupara village. Things almost always seem astir at night with a Theif named Risu... Flame me, review me, I don't care....
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