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Okay, long story short i made this profile to have some place to keep my ideas so others would pick them up. Thing is it's been six years since i made it and yet I've only had 5 people(give or take) show any interest in them. Only two of them actually did, and even then only one of them used the actual challenge. Given that at one point i had over 20 challenges on here(of varying quality, but still), did actively try to find people, and the before mentioned success rate I've decided to put this to bed. I'm not going to delete anything, but I'm not going to work on them either. The challenges themselves and any notes on these i have that may or may not be unfinished and/or rough will stay that way, just FYI if you do come around.
The only thing i ask is if, in the off chance, someone does want to use an idea here just PM so i can see what you made and if it's something I'll like, and give credit to any of the other writers who inspired some of these challenges, who are listed in their respective challenges.

- This is here to let you know that i have a few idea's that, despite my best efforts, can't be written down in their own challenges due to either they would need to be as long as a short story to be coherent, or they're too general in nature in someway to actually be a proper challenge. What's written here is usually just a general summary. For the specifics please contact me and I'll give them to you.

1. Shirou Emiya from the Prisma Illya version of Fate(the one with Illya as the little sister, not Miyu) becomes the Master of the Bible Of Silver Cross(from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha). Chrono gets stranded on earth. Him and Shirou form "buddy buddy cop show" team. The Book Of The Silver Cross gets an overhaul that takes it from "game breaking" to "doable", for Mages of the Aces level, even when they were kids.
2. A Fate Stay Night/Psyren crossover. Shirou Emiya is an unassuming, if unusual, individual. He helps people out at school, works part time, studies and trains. All in all everyone who looks sees a normal guy. Which is why everyone was shocked when he not only leapt at a Servant without fear, but held his own using powers none have seen before. Powers he gained from traversing a future where humanity is extinct. A bleak future called Psyren.
3. Naruto gets banished from Kanoha, gets new abilities separate from Jutsu/Chakra as the Elemental Nations knows it, and ends up running his own country on the other side of the world. He's banished because the villagers have been more ore less put under a "spell". They act like the "irrational haters" you see in most Banishment fics. However this fic will show how destructive that would really be.
4. An RWBY fic that's at it's core a overhaul of certain mechanics. Which way and how come in two different ways. You can mix the two, but only in little ways. They are:
A. In that Aura use basically becomes Naruto Chakra use without the use of Hand Seals. What it looks like is similar to the abilities from the unOrdinary web-comic, minus some of the more abstract effects.
B. Basically the main way the characters use Aura will almost always involve their Semblances, which are more powerful. In canon Semblances can range from amazing to lackluster, and are either combative or non-combative in nature with, and rarely, little to no middle ground. The new ones will be more "even"; they will always be above lackluster and more flexible, if only just.

- A Tsukihime/Fate Stay Night crossover where Hisui and Kohaku, after fleeing the Tohno estate, comes to stay with Shirou. Now:

1. The Twins should have started staying with Shirou when he was a kid; long enough for them to have been together for more then a 5 years.
2. You should "revamp" everything as much as possible while still keeping it the "Fifth Holy Grail War". What this means is you use the same Servants from the canon War, but they have different Classes(Medusa's her Avenger self, Lancer is now a Caster). Or one or two of the Servants are from one of the other Fate series. Or you add in more Servant Classes(I've remade some of the canon Extra Classes to be like if they were a natural part of the War). Things like that.
(This is one of the challenges based on another author's work. They are Hubikoshi and Nanya and a few Hisui/Kohaku snippets they made. Hubikoshi said you just have to give credit where it's due. Nanya never got back to me.)

- A Fate Stay Night/Psyren crossover. Ayako, Shinji and Issei are trying to live peacefully now they are no longer obligated to fight in the Future. However the HGW breaks their peace. Now they are forced to team up with Masters in hopes they will survive a whole new war. Will they? Or will they fall like so many others have in Psyren? Now:

1. The sides are: Ayako and Shirou. Shinji and Sakura. Issei and Caster.
2. Like i said before Ayako, Shinji and Issei should have finished their time in the Bad Future. Whether if it's because they ran out of points or the Future was fixed is up to you.
(This was the original plan for Born Of Prayers fic Calling Card. I have their permission to use it. I have a potential overhaul for the Psi mechanics. It's pretty straight forward and merely alters the canon rules somewhat)

- A Prisma Illya/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force crossover. Shirou Emiya has stopped the Ainsworth and saved his sister. Now what is he to do after have abandoned his purpose in life to save his sister, the only family left with him, only to send her away to keep her safe? Simple. Let Fate grant you another purpose all while showing you what was thought lost was only really misplaced. Now:

1. As you may have guessed one part of the plot is Shirou finding blood relatives. Specifically he's the little brother of Miyuki.
2. Shirou should stumble upon one of the Nanoha cast fighting an Eclipse Infected and aid them in the fight. Whoever he helped should bring him back to the TSAB.
2A. Due to his Noble Phantasms/how Nasuverse mechanics work he should be able of dealing with the Eclipse Infected's Magic Negation no issue.
2B. For the natural advantages that come with Nanoha-verse magic simply give Shirou an Intelligent Device. They are more then able of generating and maintaining a Barrier Jacket, Flight spell, and any other basics Shirou would need to fight on their terms.
3. As stated above any/all issues with the Ainsworth should be settled. Miyu safe in another world, Julian dead, his dolls gone, etc, etc. Issue tied to it can pop up, but nothing that should lead to the canon third season.

- Risou no Himo Seikatsu(The Ideal Sponger Life)/Zero no Tsukaima(The Familiar Of Zero)/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure crossover. A member of Tristain nobility transported themselves to Earth to elope with their lover, a member of foreign royalty. Henrietta, needing to take a husband of noble blood but wanting to choose her own and have someone she can trust, decided to try to find out if the legend is true and found Saito, the (great-great) great-grandson of the former Nobility and a Stand User trying to live his life. She makes him an offer: be her husband but let her run the Kingdom, and in return he's free do what he wants. He agrees. Now:

1. You should not only remake Halkeginia's Magic System in general, but add in that each Royal Family has their own special branch of Magic only used by them.
2. Saito's Stand should have the ability to store information. He should use this to bring modern knowledge over to Halkeginia. It should have no true combat abilities; no barriers or shooting lasers or the like.
3. You can give Saito the Ripple, or the Spin, or even some altered version of the two, or even Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaibanote(Demon Destroyer/Devastation Blade) Breathing Techniques. Or some altered or mix of the before three.

- A BLEACH/Neon Genesis Evangelion Campus Apocalypse(Neon Genesis Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku) crossover. In this Yui and/or Gendo Ikari survived a hollow attack before Shinji's birth, contaminating Shinji's body with Hollow energy. However Shinji's Soul was also contaminated by the failed experiment of RanTao. Now:

1. Shinji should be a Bount/Hollow hybrid. The cliff notes version of his biology is he eats Hollows instead of human souls, and he has the normal physical abilities associated with Arrancar(Hierro, high-speed regeneration and Pesquisa). Feel free to make your own specifics for his biology, or come to me for my ideas.
2. Instead of the canon plot the Angels and the EVA-users should be going to school in (relative) peace.

- A Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou(Daily Life With Monster Girl, Everyday Life with Monster Girls) fic. Having just graduated high-school Kimihito needed a job. As luck would have it there was a job offer as a live in cook for a far off community who make their living providing a good only they can make. Seeing they would pay him enough to actually make a real life for himself, he accepted the job without a second thought. However in his excitement he didn't fully read the job offer. The "community" he's going to stay with was a group only recently made public, having been in hiding for a long time. A group of Liminals who's physiology produces a good that is in high demand. Now:

1. Who the group is is up to you. You just have to keep the group small; no more then 20 people at absolute most.
1A. You can AU a group to use them. For example have a group of Arachne similar to the Lamia in culture who sell their silk for money. Or alter the Lamia to better fit the challenge.
1B. Obviously you'd have to alter the canon laws to allow the selling of their goods. You should also alter the "no sex" laws as not only are there Liminals who need outside males, it just makes the plot a lot harder then it needs to be(not to mention they got rid of it like 10 chapters in, so what was the point of even having it(it being a thing Exchange Programs do not withstanding) a part of the story?).
2. You shouldn't have the canon girls live with Kimihito, unless they are the community he's living with.
3. Kimihito should eventually become a husband to the girls he lives with.
4. You shouldn't use real-life animal explanations for the Liminals physiology. You can still use scientific explanations to explain how their bodies work, even if they are found in an animal from our world. But you shouldn't do the like of using a snake encyclopedia to make up the vast majority, let alone all, of Mia's biology like she's a fusion of several species of snake.
5. You can use Monster Girl Report and/or Monster Girl Encyclopedia, in part or full, in this.

- A Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou(Daily Life With Monster Girl, Everyday Life with Monster Girls) fic based on chapter 65 of the manga. Kimito takes the place of the three new guys from chapter 65 who went to the Yuki No Yado/Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort to find Home-stay girlfriends. Also like the guys he finds Liminals who want to live with him. Unlike the original three he finds more then one girl. Now:

1. Who the girl's are is up to you; the girls that live with him from canon, side characters, even OCs. Your call.
2. Keep the number of girls low. No more then five girls, even if you use his canon home-stays.
3. You can take aspects of the above Monster Musume Challenge and add them to this, or vise versa. Such as Kimihito is actually hired to work at a Hot-spring Resort as a cook, and several of the girls visiting joins the Resort to work alongside him. Or Kimihito and his girls open a business using whatever good their physiology produces. Your call.
4. You shouldn't use real-life animal explanations for the Liminals physiology. You can still use scientific explanations to explain how their bodies work, even if they are found in an animal from our world. But you shouldn't do the like of using a snake encyclopedia to make up the vast majority, let alone all, of Mia's biology like she's a fusion of several species of snake.
5. You can use Monster Girl Report and/or Monster Girl Encyclopedia, in part or full, in this.

-A Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou(Daily Life With Monster Girl, Everyday Life with Monster Girls) AU fic. In this instead of (all) the canon girls Kimito instead gets a group of mono-gendered Liminals like Mia as home-stays. The reason they join the Program is like Mia they want/have to work with the new laws, but also they want to make their own "family"; it was decided some of the girls should go start their own new hometowns/tribes/villages using the Cultural Exchange to kick-start it. Now:

1. Who the girl's are is up to you. Though they should have at least one character from canon; such as the Lamia must have Mia.
2. You should alter the laws to both allow the selling of their goods and get rid of the "no sex" rule, for obvious reasons.
3 Kimihito and his girls can open a business using whatever good their physiology produces, or just open one in general, and build their new town/tribe/etc around that.
4. You shouldn't use real-life animal explanations for the Liminals physiology. You can still use scientific explanations to explain how their bodies work, even if they are found in an animal from our world. But you shouldn't do the like of using a snake encyclopedia to make up the vast majority, let alone all, of Mia's biology like she's a fusion of several species of snake.
5. You can use Monster Girl Report and/or Monster Girl Encyclopedia, in part or full, in this.

-A Konosuba(God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!/Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku O!) fic. This just boils down to Kazuma actually deciding on something other then Aqua as his Cheat Power, with the stories "tone" being built around that. Such as Kazuma getting a weapon based Skill will make his time their more action packed; basically he'd be in an action movie now. There's also a rough idea to make this not run on RPG mechanics, but that's been impossible for me to put that into any meaningful explanation other then it's similar in looks to Yu Yu Hakusho and Shaman King. Now:

1) You can still make the fic like the series; a deconstruction of the tropes that make up this genre. You can even keep it as a comedy(...or comedy like).
2) You can use things outside of the below list. Just make sure they are not truly "game breaking", like Kazuma can now remake the world as he sees fit.
3) Kazuma's "Class" can more or less be what you want it to be. It just has to work with his Cheat Ability in someway. Such as he can have a Healing Cheat Ability but be a front line fighter as "how can he heal people if he himself is hurt".

Cheat Ability And Their "Tone":
1) High School Dxd's Sword Birth and/or Blade Blacksmith. This should have Kazuma be far more "aggressive"; going on more adventures with fighting, even to the point he meets Mitsurugi far earlier then in canon. So basically the fic is an action movie.
2) High School Dxd's Twilight Healing. Kazuma takes a more..."doctor" role. He basically does the equivalent of opening up a clinic. He can go on adventures and even have a Class meant for fighting. But he should mostly be known as the "healer of Axel".
3) He has the ability to place little pieces of his "soul" into things. This grants him some level of control over the thing, depending on what it is. For an animal it allows him to essentially become that animal, granting him full control of it's body and senses. For another person it just allows him to see/hear/etc what the other guy sees, maybe influence their minds a bit. For an inanimate object it just allows him to "see"/"hear"/etc what's going on around the object. This Kazuma is more about "subterfuge"; he sets up something of a spy network, learns secrets, etc.

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