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Author has written 12 stories for Buffy X-overs, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon X-overs, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Twilight, Star Wars, and Trigun.

Location: One of the northern states.

Sex: Female-- Married

Age: Old enough to confuse people.

Children: a son

What am I reading: Jasper/Bella. I am trying to figure out how they would fit together for my own fanfiction.

I have been reading too many Twillight fanfics. So, I decided to write one. Work of Art. Mostly, it is about Bella.

My stories do not go where everyone thinks that they are going. Most can not guess ... so I am going to tell everyone that it will be a Bella/Jasper story, eventually.

I am not an anti-Bella fan. The story is not about punishing Bella. I want to give her a little more backbone. Also, she was not as emotional as the Bella from the books. That should be changed to fit her into the story.

Scorching Sun does stand alone even though it is a sequel.

My story Scorching Sun was abandoned in 2006 but recently. Someone wants Kagome/Legato. I will have to watch Trigun one more time to make that pairing.

This will take some time. I have never seen Legato move his lips. "Mmmm...," might be what he has to say .. or maybe he talks without moving is lips.

I am going to make the chapters of this story longer than I normally would.

Update: I tried to write a chapter but I am not uploading it because it is far too HOT for fanfiction. I will write something else.

Ok, on with the important stuff:

I was watching some anime and there were those strange monsters with tentacles.

Fear not! I will tell you right now how to avoid them.

1) Avoid Tropical or Subtropical Areas and Japan. These are the areas where they call home. Who knows one day you could be walking near one of these areas better to stay away.

2) Always lock your doors when you are inside. They can open doors but they don't have your key or thumb print.

3) Never stay in one place for long. If they have seen you there once they can find you, again. It might be best to change where you go after school or work.

4) Change jobs or move to a new school. That will confuse them.

5) Avoid restaurants that serve clam, lobster, or shelled food. When they steal money they will be going there right away.

6) Stop fighting evil near rivers or streams. This is a mistake that most novices to tentancle monsters will make.

7) Make sure that no one in your party is wearing a short skirt.

8) Keep your hair down. Never expose your neck to these creatures.

9) Don't swim around them.

10) Don't carry large amounts of money. Who knows they may only want you for your money.

11) Stay away from back alleys. Not sure why they frequent those places.

12) Don't let them get you alone.

13) Never let them take you to a second location.

14) Use your most powerful ninja moves first on its head.

15) Use a fire attack. Sharp weapons may work, as well.

16) Look ugly. They don't like that. Extra body hair might scare them off, too.

17) Change out of your school uniform right after school.

18) Wear clothes that make you look older.

19) Avoid high heels. You will want to wear some very good running shoes.

20) Never be the last one to leave the room. There might be safety in numbers.

21) Look like a boy. Most will want to abduct a girl.

22) Make sure you have total magical control over monster before getting close to it.

23) Don't let your ego rule you. Are very tricky they will use any means to get to you.

24) If you co-workers get attacked by this monster ... odds are your next. Quit.

25) If you see a co-worker with an extra hand ... odds are that co-worker could be a monster. Quit, now.

26) Never try to make friends with the monster.

27) Never feed the monster.

28) Don't go fishing near where the monster is known to attack.

29) Remember: No matter how close someone is to you they can not save you from this monster.

Fanfics I normally read:

Most time travel fanfics



Bleach charecters

Sailor Moon: U/M Or S/D

Any fanfics with Xander in them.

Trigun: Knives.

Twillight: Jasper/Bella.

Pairing -- Chapters for the fallowing stories:

Legato/Kagome --Scorching Sun -- Chapter 3

Mamoru/Usagi --Sailor Moon in Hiding --Chapter 18

Jasper/Bella--Work of Art--Chapter 24 (Update Sept. 2012)

Anakin/Padme--Up to Something--Done.

I was not planning to post again until I finish another project.

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