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Does it matter, really? I mean, technically my writings speak for myself. Is it necessary to know any more than that about the writer of a couple of game-related stories and two TSCC fanfics?

Just in case it does matter, and it is necessary, I'm from the Philippines, and I love video games. I was recently converted over to the Browncoat demographic, having just watched the Firefly DVD set a month ago. This series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Heroes are the exact three series that I pine after, and while the latter two will be reinstated on Sept 8. and Sept. 22 respectively, I feel horrible that glorious Firefly may be gone forever. :(

Watching both TSCC and Firefly with such little time between the two has led me to become an epic Summer Glau fan. Maybe this is why I liked writing The New Savior and The Path of the Savior? :o Epic transformation of her character into a humanity-saving hero. sigh

My current PC setup is a Q6600 2.4GHz + 4GB DDR2-800 + HD 4850 512MB. I'm HAPPY!

I like computers in general too, not just video games. I'm taking CompSci in college!

Among my works, Convergence is a very epic work with much potential - but as you can see, none of that potential may ever be made use of. I have the whole damn plot scribbled out in my head - as I've had it for the past two years - but I can never seem to get down to writing it.

I have very rarely played Final Fantasy VII; certainly not enough to know the story well. I simply know it by virtue of wondrous Wiki. So my fic, Recovery, isn't much thick in storyline, as all can see.

I wrote the third chapter of "Hell March" a long time ago, but I felt that it was a silly story and didn't want to continue it anymore. For all those who want to know the ending: James Garrison blows up his BFG while being chased by demons. He puts himself in a time-locked cryogenic stasis capsule in the cargo bay so that his lifesigns will not be readable by demons, but accidentally sets it to open in one year. When Player Character defeats the Cyberdemon, and people come back to recover stuff from the Mars base, Garrison's capsule is recovered. It cannot be opened so it is kept in storage. Meanwhile, the events of Doom 2 occur, and demons rampage all over Earth. He wakes up after a year, finds himself in a war-torn Earth etc, and picks up a fallen soldier's plasma rifle and begins another Hell March. _ Silly story.

Dreamdawn had no story end in mind to speak of. This is why I might have the second chapter written, but I'm not posting it anymore. _ Silly story.

The New Savior was written when I realized how much a Summer Glau/"River Tameron" fan I was. I liked her character enough that I wanted her to save the world. The Path of the Savior was written when response to the former story was good and people pushed for a sequel. This story is getting pretty good, in my opinion! I've hit writer's block on it though...

Traveler is a time travel epic that is nothing but Cameron's suffering...I AM a Cameron fan, okay! This is intended to emphasize her humanity...somehow...

I Could Have Been More is my light piece. John and Cam hooking up as a pair of weird kids? How cute is that, right? And Cam builds a house, etc. :D

The Swordsman and the Huntress is a mixed work. It's alternately a darkly humorous piece where two cold characters do a lot of very bad things with no morality plays whatsoever, and a light piece where the possibility of an awkward camaraderie between Derek and Cameron is explored. Hope it turns out okay!

Basic Psychology is inspired by devra's Caught in the Undertow. Cameron forms up John's strength of character by pulling out the rage in him, similar to how the T-800 in Terminator 3 grabbed John by the neck in order to retrieve his anger, saying "Basic psychology is among my subroutines."

The Penance of Andy Goode is a reflection piece. Andy Goode makes amends for his sin!

The Conversion of TOK715 is based on my idea that Cameron, being very different from other Terminator models, was not reprogrammed by John, but rather talked out of killing John. This would possibly explain why she seems to turn bad in Season 2.

Does it matter, really? I mean, technically my writings speak for myself. Is it necessary to know any more than that about the writer of a couple of game-related stories and a bunch of TSCC stories?

Well, based on what was written above, I'm not sure if it really mattered, but anyway, this profile was Just In Case.

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