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Hello to visitors, after reading a fair bit of fanfiction over the years; I decided to write a story of my own. It's a Percy Jackson based story, using quite a few OCs and quite a few returning from the original cast. I'll do my best to write them accurately and authentically. I am currently working on Son of Poseidon: and the Call of the Wild which centers around a new character named Alex. In any case, I hope you like my work and if you do, leave me review or a comment if you please. It's great hearing from people. And if there are any glaring mistakes also let me know, it would be great help to improve. Many thanks, SB.

A shout out for the people who have reviewed so far: Fluffypuff554, TheLittleDeformedOne, StorySupporter and Prometheus666. Thank you so much for leaving a review. It's greatly appreciated. And the favorites and follows are much welcomed too.

P.S. In true Rick Riordan style, I've tried to give each chapter a funny or good name that matches it. If you like, you can send me a name you think would go with it better. If I like it, I'll change the name of the chapter and put an author note at the end of the chapter crediting the person.

I have also been trying to put these chapters out soon after I write them. However now that I have started student teaching, I might have to slow down my updates a bit to the weekends. If I have time to write during the week I'll post. But more likely I'll only have time on the weekends.

I am sorry I have been a bit late with updating, but the good news is I have outlined my book all the way to the end. Now it's just a matter of sitting down and writing the chapters. I'm actually really happy I managed to get through four weeks of chapters in such a short period of time.

So much for finishing this by the end of this weekend. Panacea kind of ended up being a bit more complex than I planned on writing her. Fingers crossed, I'll finish this over Thanksgiving Weekend. In any case, there's still quite a bit of the story to go. (You guys have to figure out who's trying to kill off the Camps and see what happens to our new cast of characters) Hopefully you guys are liking how this story's played out so far. Try and guess how the prophecy's played out so far. Maybe you guys can guess what will happen later on? :)

The Prophecy: Call of the Wild

“The world, destined to be torn asunder, unless given soothing.

Seek the Shark, born on land, undying

In steps of the Satyr, Son of Sea shall tread.

A Lady of Doves walks the shores with dread.

The youngest of the Archer, shall soothe with a lyre

While the Son of Ares, sets passions afire.

Only by a kiss, graced by myrtle,

Will the monster, like a frog, come full circle…”

Update: I am pleased to announce that Son of Poseidon: Call of the Wild is finally finished! I am really happy that I managed to get through and finish this without running out of too much steam. But with the last month of student teaching, I wouldn't have much time to work on this. As far as this story is concerned, I will still be reviewing it and making corrections, but the overall plot is set in stone, unless Calliope comes along with some earthshaking inspiration. With that said, as there are three journals, I would love to write three books all together to make a series. Which means if you like the characters, they'll be making a comeback. If there's a character you wished you could have seen more of, or less of let me know. Writers write for their pleasure and at times for their readers. Heck I might even try writing from another character's perspective. Although, I like Alex's truth be told.

6/7/17 Update: After taking a break from working on this book, and its sequel, I finally have some time on my hands. I also decided to reread The Hidden Oracle in preparation for the Dark Prophecy. After reading both, I discovered I had a couple of plot conflicts that I'll need to address to make my works fit better with canon. As a result, I will be reworking some of the finer details in the story and trying to remove other grammatical issues. The overall plot shouldn't be affected...

8/27/17 Update: Well I have finally broken ground on the sequel for the Son of Poseidon. Figures I would get inspired right before I'm going to get busy with work. In any case, I'll focus on working SOP: the Snake, the Vain, and the Pyre, comments and critique is much appreciated.

Disclaimer* I do not own Percy Jackson, the cast of characters with him or his universe. Just a couple of OC's who I've developed. This was written with the sole intention to have fun writing in Rick Riordan's world and decompress from the student teaching experience.

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