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Name: Don't remember? thinks Damn still cant remember gets hit on the head by friend Oh I remember now. It's Liz, but call me Lizzy-chan.

Age: Does it really matter? Seriously does it? But if you really want to know i'm 15! (yes i finally turned it! whoohoo


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Okies people i have just uploaded Chapter two of Pereverted Love and i realy hope ya'll like it. I have alot of ideas for chapter three so all I want to do i write. Hahahahahah Vee your not getting them this week hahahahaha.( just kidding)

Hello people whats happening sorry for not updating yet but I'll have it posted before the 10th of octber. i know thats a long ass time but bare with me, i can only be on the computer for one or two hours a day (That's not enough time to get anything finished). The third chapter of Peverted love is going to be in two parts (hopefully thats okay with y'all)Vee i know your gonna laugh and hate me for this. And Keitaro if your there your ass better review. You wanted a lemon so you got one. and for those who want Miroku to score..He will but not in the 3rd chapter maybe in the 4th or 5th. He will score in one of those i promise. and Sessho Maru, shippo, kirara, Rin,and Jaken will appear soon. Ja Ne

sugar,sugar,sugar! Need sugar, must have sugar! Okies N-E-Ways i'm still writing the thrid and i have writter block. but no need to worry alittle sugar okiies sratch that a shitload of sugar and i should be in the writting mode

Suck sux school blows in here right now

okies sorry about that people i seriously wonder what the hell was on when i was at school. i have really bad news!
my sister deleted my third and fourth chapter of PERVERTED LOVE she claims that it was an accident but i think she did it on purpose. but not to fear i still have the copy somewear in my damn room. Hopefully i can find it


Hello people! i know its been a while but i will have to say this: Until my internet is back and running i will postchapter 3and 4of perverted love. hey mabye i'll even post chapter 5. sorry for the long time of not updating i promise that i will post one of then when i get my internet back


Hey fellow reviewers! I have good news! I'm got internet ! Yay i can finally unpdate chapter 3 of PL. bad thing is my sister is going to connect it in two days. I want it now!Um I reviewed chapter 4 and i saw ashit load of mistakes. Update reall soon -Lizzie -chan


Happy Cinco De Mayo to anyone who is mexican or latin. neways i have finnally updated chapter 3 of pl. i hope you enjoy it.

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