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My profile has thus been reduced to this and shout outs A) becuase I'm slightly lazy, B) because I hate laptops, and C) because I should be working right now. And no, the shout outs haven't changed for a while. Because of the first three reasons. Boyscout camp! I'm busy being on of the five girls in a staff of thirty and trying not to A)do anything to make my boyfriend hate me or B) encourage anybody else from attempting something that would have the same result as A.


Thanks for those anom. reviews, eh? Yeah, so, "I'm gonna flame you so bad! And you'll never know who I am." It's SOOO constructive. And I can't even see what you like, so whatever.

And wonderful grammar. The latest one? "I would kick you're" ... very... threatening? Please learn to use grammar and spelling!

So, yeah, I guess that you don't log in because either A) you're afraid of a bad review to your own crappy stories (not that mine aren't, it's just that I rather like them, and apparently others do too... there's no point to a pity review, unless you do them, and then you should go die. review with constructive critisims or because you really liked something. GAD.) B) you already flamed it logged in or anom and you'd only be able to do it once logged in or C) you're one of the aboves' friend. Or something. Or I flamed your fic and so you flame mine, even if you did rather like it.

Ahh, the wonders of people. Yes, I sure that if your flame my story enough, it will degrade in quality. Or something like that. And just so you know? This story was written (way back when) we just found out that Akito was a girl. She wasn't going out with anyone. And no, I haven't read that books in a while. However, the story was written back when I did. So SUCK IT UP. And shut up, please? FERME YOUR F-ing BOUSHE!

Fav Story: There was one I read that one time, but I, being a horrible reader (in a sense) do not remember the title, author, or plot. Just a generalness of something... And being told that you're wrong is always very annoying. Word should have an option to hit the little helper thing sometimes, you know, when it's being really annoying and tapping on the glass, and trying to show you how horribly off you are. It's war, little man, it's war.


To: Nemesis' Arrow (/DB/Dumbbrunette)... ESBEE: Um... Review my stories? And help me think of something to write...

To: Audley: I was supposed to reply to a shout out you put in your profile and I'm not sure I ever did, but it's not there anymore...

To: The amazing people who reviewed my stories: Thanks! Now, if you haven't read my stories yet, don't read this next bit, alright? Go read them and come back. I promise I won't change this bit for a while... The Worst of Friends is from Fox and the Hound, because I was inspired by the more-than-slightly amazing 1-800-SOMAH stories. I don't think that it's that great, but whatever. I may write more later. And I probably will un-make it slanty but I can't remember what that's called right now. MOAROS is "Mother of all run-on Sentences" Sentances? Whatever. I was writing a sequel, but I've seemed to have lost it... SAHM is amusing. I have part of the second chapter that I started writing way back when. I promise I will write more. Eventually. Kayla, I think you're amazing. That's for the review. Log on and I'll review your stories! I love penguins. Thanks AishiExcel!!!

SolitaireAikanaro: I think my friend has dibs on Aaya.

Trunksgurl05: Perhaps I shall.

To "person" who recently reviewed Adoration: Umm... thanks for the flame, I guess? It was... totally constructive. And stop using Botox, eh? Oh, sorry. Right. Insults are bad. Guess I shouldn't say that then. I mean... Whatever. So, of course, I'm sorry, you're amazing, I probably pissed you off at somepoint in time by flaming either your fic or your friends and you didn't want to be logged in and flame and the same time 'cause, oh wait, you're amazing at life, right? I was probably going to say something that actually made sense at some point in time, but I think I'm just going to go sleep now... Because, you know, I have no talent... I suppose I would be witty, if, you know, I was at all... Sorry everybody, I deleted this person's review. They said that

Now the meaning seems quite lost... That's wherefore goeth I dost.

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